Posted by Bob Sandercock on Mar 18, 2020
This is a presentation our son Jim (Dr. J.R. Sandercock) did for NAIT
   Many of us are in the highly susceptible age so take all precautions!!
He is a PHD in micro biology Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.  
Hi Everyone,
I don’t post to these groups too often – I sort of smushed a few of them together into a single mail list.
Recently I did a safety moment for our school and then re-recorded a version of it for people who were absent.  You might find this helpful: this disease is definitely something we should be vigilant about, and fortunately there are some logical and simple steps we can take to minimize the impacts on ourselves and our society. 
You can watch the talk at Some of the animations were not captured, but you can reproduce these at the Washington Post at this link:
Stay well!
Jim Sandercock