The Rotary Canada Flag Program

The Rotary Canada Flag Program


The Edmonton Strathcona Rotary Club has commenced a new fund raising project called the


 Rotary Canada Flag Project.


Club Contact:


Vincent Campbell

p: (780) 780-239-3199



New Subscribers can make out cheques made out to 'Rotary Club of Edmonton Strathcona' and mail to:


Rotary Club of Edmonton Strathcona



Or, you can sign up and pay for the subscription online by opening this link:


We are unable to issue offcial tax receipts due to CRA policies.


The purpose of the project is to promote the demonstration of Patriotism for Canada by the subscribers and at the same time raise funds for charitable use and use in the community by The Rotary Club.


The project follows the precedent of similar successful flag projects by Rotary Clubs in the United States.


Under the project, Edmonton Strathcona Rotarians will visit homeowners and occupants of residences, and will obtain "Subscriptions" to the annual flag project.

The Rotary Club will provide "plantings" of  a Canada Flag on the front lawn of subscribers three times per year in exchange for the subscription.  The plantings will take place on the three summer holidays weekends (Victoria Day)  (Canada Day) and (Labor Day)   After the holiday is over the Rotary Club will pick up the flag and store it for future use.


The subscription price is $50.00 per year and the subscriber is only required to show the general location of where the flag should be planted.   Planting takes place by placing a metal stand in the ground on a spike, and is removed after the weekend is over with no damage to the lawn.  Continuing subscriptions will be sought.  Preparation of the flags, poles and spikes will be done  by Club members by way of  work parties.