The Rotary Club of
Edmonton Strathcona
Chartered 1974
May 25, 2018
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Edmonton Strathcona
"The Friendly Club"
We meet Tuesdays at 12:15 PM
German Canadian Cultural Assoc.
8310 Roper Road NW
Edmonton, AB  T6E 6E3
(780) 466-5566
(780) 665-7011
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Upcoming Events and Volunteer Opportunities
Canada Flag Program Online Sign-up and Payment
May 01, 2015 – Dec 31, 2018
YESS Volunteer Opportunity
Caesars BINGO, West Edmonton Mall
Apr 01, 2018 – Nov 25, 2018
Visit to the Zoo
Edmonton Valley Zoo
May 29, 2018 12:00 PM
Planting Trees with Roots for Trees
May 31, 2018
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
GoGlobal Volunteer Opportunity in Ukraine
Jun 02, 2018 – Aug 12, 2018
Rotating Wheel Dinner, 2017. MARK THE DATE
Ellerslie Rugby Park
Jul 03, 2018 6:00 PM
Arch Casino
Casino Edmonton Argyll
Jul 04, 2018 9:30 AM –
Jul 05, 2018
Hans Granholm, Classification Refresher
This past Tuesday we had the pleasure of hearing an update from Hans Granholm, a charter member of our club. Hans was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1943 and grew up in a suburb of Hellerup. His father died in 1945 when Hans was just eighteen months old and his mother raised both him and his older brother Peter, who was six at the time, on her own, with help from family.
The baby boom that had occurred during the war in Denmark, combined with the effects of the war itself, meant that he country’s resources were strained, and school systems were overburdened. Hans never really liked school much, but wanted to be an engineer. He loved working with his hands and finding out how things worked. He once took apart an alarm clock, gears an all, much to his mother’s dismay, but also managed to get it back together and it still worked.   He chose to become a tradesman and maybe then go on to take engineering. He completed a four year apprenticeship as an auto mechanic in a Volkswagen dealership, and graduated with an award for excellence in 1964. He also received the King’s Silver medal for the highest trade ranking in Denmark that year.
A friend of his had recently emigrated to Canada and encouraged Hans to join him, so Hans moved to Vancouver in the fall of 1964, to work as a mechanic for a Volvo dealership there. His friend then moved to a Toyota dealer and Hans followed and learned to repair Toyotas and also heavy-duty trucks, becoming a heavy duty mechanic. He then was asked to go to northern BC to work on the heavy-duty logging trucks the company had near the WAC Bennet Dam project. While there he became interested in, and then qualified as, a millwright in 1967. He then returned to Vancouver and the Volvo dealership. His friend had moved on to Edmonton, where he was now the General Manager at another Volvo dealership, Capilano Motors, and offered Hans a position as service manager. Hans moved to Edmonton in 1968 to accept the position. It was there that he met his wife Linda, who worked as a Girl Friday at the dealership. She is the daughter of long time Rotarian Gordon Meneely. In 1970, he was asked to join Volvo Canada as the service manager for all of BC, so they moved back to Vancouver. This job involved a lot of traveling and he was rarely home for long.
In 1972 the service manager for the prairies, Alberta and Saskatchewan, was transferred to Toronto and Hans assumed the prairies as his new territory and moved back to Edmonton. He was now driving about eighty-five thousand miles a year and was gone from home for three weeks out of four. They were now expecting their first child and they decided that he needed to find another line of work where he would be home more often. He resigned from Volvo and went to work for a small company owned by Linda’s father that specialized in infra-red heating, A.I. Distributors. He is still doing this today and is now the owner/manager of the company.
While in Edmonton he joined the Scandinavian Businessmen’s club and remained a member for over twenty-five years. He has served on the board of directors and was president of the club in 1979-80. In 1974 he got together with two business associates, Morley MacCalder and Johnny Germain along with twenty-two other people (Hugh Lehman being one of them), and chartered the Edmonton Strathcona Rotary Club.  It was the fifth club in the greater Edmonton area. (There are now over twenty in metro Edmonton) Coincidentally, their son Eric, was born the same day as the club was chartered, 13 June 1974.  We were sponsored by the Edmonton South Club, and have in turn sponsored two clubs, Nisku Leduc and Edmonton Avenue of Nations. Hans was president of the club in 1979-80 and the highlight of his year was the completion by our club of the bandstand in Old Strathcona. It was dedicated to the citizens of Edmonton in commemoration of Rotary’s 75th anniversary on Canada Day 1980.
Hans has received the well deserved ‘Rotarian of the Year’ award several times and has a perfect attendance record. Hans has many more memories of his years in Rotary and we hope that he will be able to share more of these with us in the near future.
Visit the Zoo on May 29th

Our regular noon meeting at the German Club will convene at the Edmonton Valley Zoo. MAP  Details are as follows:

Visit to the Zoo  - Tuesday May 29, 2018; 12 noon
Join us in the Otter Room for a Greek lunch and presentation by the Zoo to be followed by a tour if you wish.

Cost is $25.00 and cash or checks can be given to Audrey by May 8.
Audrey Martyn
Strathcona Rotary


Scotch Lovers loved it!
Thank you to Don Henry, Heather de Kok and Eric Solash for arranging the much anticipated Scotch Tasting on May 16. 
Fourteen eager tasters met at Wine and Beyond on Mullen Way.
You can open and watch the photo album curtesy of Carin HERE
Happy Flag recipients
One of many happy flag customers in Blackburn
This is Is Kin Leung and two sons. Lives at 1313 McAllister Way SW. He is a friend of the fellow that purchased Bruce Flesher's house in Blackburn.
Letter of apppreciation from ELEPAP
Αγαπητέ κύριε Παπανικόλα καλησπέρα,
            Εύχομαι να είστε καλά!
Σας ζητώ συγνώμη που καθυστέρησα να σας γράψω, αλλά μας καθυστέρησαν πολύ στην παράδοση των παραγγελιών. Σας στέλνω σήμερα τα εξοφλημένα τιμολόγια, μαζί με φωτογραφίες του γυμναστηρίου. Ελπίζω ως την άλλη Δευτέρα να παραλάβουμε και τα είδη του νηπιαγωγείου, ώστε να σας στείλουμε και άλλες φωτογραφίες.
Θέλω να γνωρίζετε ότι και στις δύο αίθουσες, ως ελάχιστο δείγμα των ευχαριστιών μας,  έχουμε αναρτήσει πινακίδες με την δωρεά του Ομίλου σας.
Και πάλι σας ευχαριστούμε πάρα-πάρα πολύ και σας περιμένουμε να τα χαρείτε μαζί μας.
Να είστε πάντα καλά!
Με εκτίμηση
Βασιλική Μάστακα
We apologize that it took us so long to get back to you but there was some delay with the delivery. We hope that by this coming week we will receive the kindergarten living room set-up, and photographs will be forwarded.
We would like to inform you that for both rooms were they will be installed, as a minimum gesture of our recognition we will place plaques recognizing your Club.
We thank you again and look forward to seeing you for you to share with us our gratitude to your Club.
Wishing you all, good health.
Yours respectfully.
Vassiliki Matakas
Planting trees with Roots For Trees
The Rotary Club of Edmonton West is asking us to join them to plant air purifiers (read: trees) and at the same time comply with the RI president Ian Riseley's challenge and the City of Edmonton's goal to Go Green.
Guided Planting Event Confirmation
Dear Annie,
Thank you for participating in the Root for Trees program! We hope that you are looking forward to your Guided Planting Event! Please read and review all of the following details:
Planting Date: Thursday, May 31, 2018, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Location: Hamptons Lake
Directions & Parking: Hamptons Lake can be accessed from 62nd Avenue, close to the Anthony Henday. From 62nd Avenue, turn onto 205th Street. There is ample parking available along the residential streets surrounding the lake. Your Program Leaders will arrange a meeting location with you.
This is an outdoor event, so please dress accordingly. Working in a natural area, it is possible that you may encounter thistles, sticks, or garbage and it is important to protect yourself. Consider dressing in layers, long pants, and a hat. It is important that you wear sturdy, closed-toed shoes. Volunteers will not be allowed to participate in the event of wearing inappropriate footwear such as sandals, flip-flops, or high heel shoes.
Remember to bring a water bottle and snacks, as planting trees can be a very physical activity! Please bring sunscreen, bug spray, and anything else that may make your planting event an enjoyable experience. We will supply you with shovels, gloves, and planting material.
A Program Leader will contact you at least 4 days prior to your planting event to confirm any last minute details and to answer any questions that you may have. It is important to alert a Program Leader of any special concerns, severe allergies, or medical conditions. We want to ensure that everyone has a safe planting experience.
Program Leaders:
Alexander Fraser        780-910-7578
Evan Klein                   780-686-2461
Mike Otto                    587-588-5104
Jordan Veinot              780-446-3035
Thank you and happy planting!
Jennifer Walsh, Greening Programs Supervisor
Root for Trees
City of Edmonton
Rotating Wheel Dinner 2018

We are celebrating the annual Rotating Wheel Dinner at the Ellerslie Rugby Park on Tuesday, July 3, 2018

President Vince will report on a successful 2016-17 and introduce the team for next year.

Date:  Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Place:  Ellerslie Rugby Park

             11004 Ellerslie Road SW, Edmonton  MAP


Time:  6:00 – Cocktails  (Cash Bar)

           7:00 – dinner

Dress:  Professional Dress

Cost:  $50/ea

​Deadline for registration: June 27rd, 1800 MDT

Registration: on-line   or by cash or cheque to Rose Marie Basaraba / Graham Gilchrist

YESS volunteer opportunities
A number of volunteer opportunities exists with YESS. The bingo events are listed below. Check also the one day event, YESS 2018 Gala for Youth at THIS LINK.  
Hello,  We are in search of volunteers to help work at a Caesars BINGO  in West Edmonton Mall.   YESS has been selected as one of the charities of choice.  They require at least 2 volunteers at any of the following dates:
Sunday April 1st – Evening Shift
Friday May 25th  - Evening Shift
Saturday September 8th – Afternoon Shift
Thursday October 4th – Evening Shift
Sunday November 25th – Evening Shift
Please let me know if you or anyone you know would be willing to volunteer a shift in support of YESS at the Caesars BINGO hall in West Edmonton Mall.   Thanks you so much.
YESS—Youth Empowerment & Support Services
T 780-468-7070 Ext. 234  |  780-466-1374
4-Way Test
RI link: 4-Way Test
Add text here
   President 2017-18
Vince Campbell
member photo
Bulletin Editor
Vi Hughes
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May 29, 2018
Check out our Zebra!!!
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