Club President's Home Page

Carin Jansen van Vuuren (Stephan)
Thank you so much for the honor you have bestowed on me to be your President for 2021-22. Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta’s theme for this year is – SERVE TO CHANGE LIVES.
Research have shown a strong correlation between those who serve and those who enjoy good health, longevity, have more productive lives, friendship, and happiness. The 4-way test was part of my life before I even really knew it was Rotary’s motto to live by. We have an incredible team, and I am looking forward to serving with them - and I plan on having FUN WHILE SERVING.
I would like to encourage every member to go out and SERVE. 
Be a Rotarian, never just a badge wearer.
Yours in Rotary
Carin Jansen van Vuuren
President 2021-22
Of the things you think, say and do:
*  Is it the truth
*  Is it fair to all concerned
*  Will it create goodwill and better friendships
*  Will it be beneficial to all concerned