Posted by Vi Hughes on May 23, 2019

This past Tuesday we heard from the members of our newest Interact club at W. P. Wagner. President Ore reported that they have had a very good year, with a few first-year bumps along the way.

WP Wagner Interact Club. 

L to R. Anya Wolfe, Hannah Key, Ore Osinboyejo, Dree Beaudry and Jim Peddie. 

Their Roses for Valentines fundraiser raised four hundred and forty dollars for their club. They also hosted an Open Mike Nite. Some of their members attended the RYLA and RYLY camps and they said that they learned a lot about how to solve problems that affect their Interact group. They also received an Emerald grant this year and plant to use it to clean up the yard behind the school. They are really looking forward to next year.