Posted by Vi Hughes on Nov 12, 2019
This past Tuesday we were pleased to welcome Tracey Vavrek, our current District Governor, to our meeting.
She spoke to us using the new Rotary logo of multiple colored ribbons as representative of the many different people that make up both Rotary and the people we endeavor to help through service above self. She said that since taking office in July she has travelled over twenty-nine thousand kilometers throughout Alberta in her trusty and colorfully beribboned vehicle named Amelia and has met an amazing group of Rotarians. She also said that both she and her husband Vince have met many different people around the world over the years as members of Rotary.
The Rotary logo or wheel is a recognizable symbol to many around the world and helps to connect people with like minded values. It also serves to provide a sense of connection and fellowship within the Rotarian community. Tracey emphasized that we never truly know the impact we are making through the projects we support in that  they often act as seeds in the minds and hearts of others that grow and multiply in many unforeseen ways. A small act of kindness to someone can have a very big impact on both them and others later in their lives. We show others through the change that we create, that they too can have opportunities they may never have dreamed of.
She said that sometimes we may get disheartened and tired, especially when we forget that we have others around us to encourage and support us in our efforts. After all, this is one of the reasons that we joined Rotary.  
People today have an endless list of causes that they can join, so why choose Rotary? Rotary is unique in that it can provide fellowship, friendship, and the opportunity to serve any sector of the community that we choose through it’s six avenues of service. Our wheel of rotary, the four way test and the well known objects of Rotary all combine to give us an instantly recognizable international reputation that results in trust from communities, charities and governments. This trust is invaluable in enabling us to carry out our projects and contributes to the power of Rotary. The number of volunteer hours alone, put in by Rotarians, saves our communities many millions of dollars. We need to continue to keep changing and listening to our communities and clients in order to remain relevant in the world. Rotary also keeps changing to accommodate what their members would like and will continue to do so.
She then presented our President Donna Hutton with a certificate in thanks for our club’s contributions to Polio Plus. She closed with a quote stating: ‘The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service’.