Posted by Vi Hughes on May 24, 2022
This week we heard from Timothy Massawe, Past President of the Rotary Club of Hai Kilimanjaro, Tanzania about his foundation that works to empower poor children in Tanzania by finding sponsors to support their educational goals. The foundation identifies candidates with academic potential and connects them with Rotarians willing to sponsor their education. He told us that they are not an NGO so that one hundred percent of the money donated goes towards the student’s tuition and school supplies. He also said that sponsors are allowed to visit their sponsor children if they wish. He said that they also try to instill the values of Rotary in the children by encouraging them to give back to others when they graduate. Many of their former sponsored children join Rotary later in life.
The foundation has been operational now for over twelve years and they have quite a few success stories about their students. Lecton, whose family are Masai tribe herdsmen that do not value education for their children, was able to continue his schooling and university education so that he could become a doctor. Neema, who was an orphan, was able to continue her education and is now a nurse. Oscar, whose father could not find work, was able to become a high school teacher. Eva, whose family was also Masai tribe, had been promised in marriage at a young age, was able to avoid marriage, continue her education and is now a pharmacist.
Most of their sponsors are individual Rotarians, some are groups or clubs, most of which are Canadian. One of their sponsors is our incoming RI President. We would like to thank Timothy for his interesting presentation on this sponsorship opportunity.