Posted by Vi Hughes on Nov 24, 2020
This week we heard from Tim Schilds, our Rotary District Foundation Chair. Time lives in Dawson Creek and made his presentation to us on Zoom.  Tim said that the Foundation is how we can get to be part of a premium community that can help us to do whatever needs to be done, both in our own community and around the world. Our Rotary Foundation was voted the number one of the tem best charities by Charity Navigator as ninety two percent of the funds donated go towards programs.
There are several fund choices within the Foundation that e can contribute towards. The Annual Fund provides micro loans to small businesses in other countries. The areas of focus are peace building, disease prevention, water sanitation and hygiene, maternal and child services, basic education and community economic development. About fifty percent of all funds go towards disease prevention. He said that next year they will be adding one more category for environment.
Global Grants help to support large long term projects like the school in South Africa that our club supports. The programs must have measurable and sustainable outcomes, they must align with the Rotary areas of focus and a common assessment is required. Sustainability is of particular importance, local people must be involved so that whatever is provided can be maintained locally.
District Grants are another category. These include local efforts such as our support of the Be Brave Ranch, or the Dawson Creek club partnering with the Dolly Parton Imagination Library to provide books to children in small, isolated communities. They also provide scholarships that we give out. The goals are the projects must be small and short term, less than two years. They can be local or international and they are awarded yearly. They must adhere to stewardship guidelines and must demonstrate cultural sensitivity.
The Annual Fund Share program will invest whatever you contribute for three years, before the money starts to come back out. Fifty percent of the mone goes towards local districts to be used for District Grants. The remainder is used for Global Grants.
Our club’s average donation per member last year was one hundred and thirty dollars. Each time we make a donation to an eligible fund we gain points that are applicable towards a Paul Harris Fellowship. Once we have given one thousand dollars (American) we are awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship. We can also donate our points to other people.
The End Polio Now Campaign is also an important part of our Rotary giving. In 1985, when it began there were one hundred countries in the world where polio was endemic. Now, thanks to our efforts and those of others, there are only two countries left with endemic Polio. Afghanistan and Pakistan had one hundred thirty five cases last year. We are almost there in eradicating this terrible disease, we must keep on giving until it is gone completely. In our present COVID times, an added benefit of the Polio eradication effort has been that we have raised awareness of viral diseases worldwide, and we have trained people all over the world who are able to give vaccinations.
Rotary makes giving easy, through the MyRotary website. You have many different options to choose from. Please consider giving.