Posted by Ken Germain on Jul 03, 2024
Fifty one of fifty two cards were chosen by twenty five ‘weekly winners’ before the Ace of Spades was aligned with fate.
More than 16 months past and nearly the full deck of cards went by without a lucky draw prior to this week. Laura Brown and Vi Hughes had a 6 card Draw Off to finish the fun Fundraiser! Their single numbers were chosen from the 118 tickets sold. A weekly record.
They flipped one at a time ……. Tension built! Another; and then, another card was tentatively turned! Two cards remaining! One is the Ace of Spades.
50% of the $2,036.00 raised will be won or lost with Laura’s final pick. Just like game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, we need a winner between 2 winners. Laura chose right and is $1,080.00 richer (less some Happy Bucks). The consolation prize for Vi was the greatest BarBQ set I’ve ever seen.
This was an entertaining and successful fundraiser that highlights the daily generosity of our members. Thanks to Patrick Gibson for starting this up. Cheers, and remember that gambling doesn’t pay! Unless your name is Laura Brown!