Posted by Donna Hutton on Mar 18, 2020
Edmonton Strathcona Rotary Club Members, please find attached the results of our most recent member satisfaction survey which many of you completed in February of this year. 
Please note that Dimitri has done an outstanding job of analyzing the results and providing us with a report format which clearly demonstrates the progress we have made related to the issues identified last year. The information on the right of the chart indicates the responses from last year and the table on the left are the results from this year. 
As you can see, the issues from last year regarding the meeting venue and meals are no longer issues thanks to Woodvale and its staff!!! We appear to have strong support for fellowship meetings, so we will be reviewing how these might be  incorporated into our weekly schedule on an ongoing basis.  Thirdly, we still need to focus on how we might increase opportunities to have members invite family, colleagues and friends to our meetings.
Lastly, we need to address our annual fees.  If you have any questions about these results please email or call me.

In the coming weeks, while we do not have our meetings, I will communicate each Tuesday with you by email through the very helpful assistance of Hans...  thank you Hans..  so stay tuned to more information each week.