Posted by Vi Hughes on Jun 19, 2019
On Tuesday this week we heard from Stefan Cherwoniak, the Executive VP for Junior Chamber International (JCI) Canada. JCI is a worldwide organisation with over two hundred thousand members and forty-six hundred local groups in one hundred and twenty countries.  It was founded in 1918 with similar goals to Rotary and is focused on the age group of eighteen to forty. There is one local group in Alberta, based in Edmonton, with thirty-five members.
JCI aims to connect and develop young people, to create positive change in themselves and their community. They provide leadership workshops, public speaking training and mentorship training opportunities and encourage their members to dream big, get involved and be active. JCI gives young people opportunities through volunteer work and through partnering with other organisations to take on larger projects than they could do alone. Their goal is to create measurable, sustainable change. They look for projects in areas affecting health and wellness, education and resources to help others in need.
The JCI group in Edmonton is looking to partner with a local Rotary group so that we can pool our talents and work together on some local projects to create some small lasting change in our community.