Posted on Mar 18, 2020
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USE for all EMAIL
As trusted partners in disaster relief I want to give you an update on the measures ShelterBox is taking regarding Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) as well the possible impacts on ShelterBox and our work.
ShelterBox is taking the spread of COVID-19 very seriously. We are implementing precautions and measures to protect our staff and volunteers as well as the communities we work with. We are working hard to prevent the transfer of the virus through our work and to reduce any potential disruption of our support for families after disaster.
It is not yet clear what the extent of the impact the virus will have on our supply chain but we have a significant quantity of aid stored in prepositions warehouses if needed. Our team is also working closely with our travel and security provides, and we are committed to following the advice of local health authorities and the World Health Organization.
While things feel very uncertain at the moment, I know that as people of action we are keen to lead and support our communities through this challenging time.
As more and more clubs are looking to continue their fellowship and meetings online, ShelterBox is offering virtual presentations to engage members. We are available for live virtual presentations or we have a pre-recorded 20th anniversary presentation here:
Even while the true impacts of COVID-19 remain unclear we know that disasters are unpredictable and it is a possibility that a disaster will occur in the coming months. We will continue to work hard to prevent the transfer of the virus through our work and to reduce any potential disruption of our support of families after disaster.
It is through your previous and continued generosity that we are able to provide safe emergency shelter, light for families on the darkest nights, clean drinking water to promote hand washing and prevent the spread of other diseases and ultimately the ability for families to recover. Thank you.
Please stay safe during these times and we will keep you updated if anything changes.
Yours in Service,
Tess Widdifield
Acting Executive Director
Member, The Rotary Club of Toronto Twilight
Please note, the ShelterBox Canada office is currently working remotely. You can still reach our office between 9am - 5pm EDT or you can reach me directly with any questions or concerns at (519) 318-0886.