Posted on Sep 06, 2021
Hello, good morning, dear members of the Rotary Club of Edmonton Strathcona, I introduce myself, my name is Lety and I am part of Project Amigo.
I am getting in touch with you to inform you that unfortunately your goddaughter from Project Amigo, Yosselin Méndez Ramírez, is leaving the scholarship program, since she did not manage to be accepted at the University of Colima where she took the admission exam, she did not remain in the career in the which did the paperwork, which was Architecture and since it was not, she was insisting both at the University of Colima and at the Technological University of Colima, both schools are the only public schools that offer the Architecture degree, but it was not accepted either, so decides to study in a private school, which is called Vizcaya University, Yosselin is aware that Project Amigo cannot support her to study in private schools, she is determined to study in this private university and to pay for the expenses, she will work and her parents will also they will be helping to cover expenses.
Yosselin will contact you shortly to thank you for all the time you have been supporting her with her generous sponsorship.
Thank you for the trust placed in Project Amigo, thank you for helping to change the lives of children and young people.
For any clarification, please direct your questions to Mr. Kirk Dretzka, General Manager and Mr. Jorge Torres, Director of Student Services.
I bid you farewell with gratitude and respect.
Lety Valle
Dear Rotary Club Edmonton Strathcona sponsors!
Hello, dear sponsors, how are you?
It is a pleasure for me to be able to greet you through this letter, but I also feel sad since I will stop being a fellow at Proyecto Amigo, due to complications that I had at the school I wanted to enter since I was not accepted, that is why I decided that I am going to study Architecture at another school that does not qualify for the Proyecto Amigo scholarship.
I assure you that even if I no longer continue in the Scholarship Program, I will always continue to strive to achieve my goals and be able to finish a professional career, just as I have always told you.
During this time that I was a fellow at Proyecto Amigo I felt very good, I learned many things and was always supported, I met great people and always learned from them, I keep many good things and many experiences.
I thank you with all my heart and I will always be grateful for all the support you gave me during these 3 years, I feel very happy to have shared so many things with you, but above all for knowing that there are people like you with a good heart and very generous who they are always ready to support others. My family and I are very grateful to you for all the financial support you gave me for my school expenses, as I told you at the beginning, even if I do not continue with the scholarship, I will always strive to meet my goals and be able to finish a professional career and be a great professional.
I say goodbye to you, wishing you have an excellent day, that you always have good health and that you are always very lucky in the work you do every day, I will always remember you and carry you on my mind and in my heart. My family and I send you a big hug.
Thank you for everything, I will be eternally grateful, I love you.
With much affection, love and gratitude,
Yosselin Méndez Ramírez.