Posted by Vi Hughes on Mar 20, 2019
This past Tuesday we heard from one of our newest members, Roberto Alas and one of his business associates, and a possible future Rotarian, Richard Leafloor, of Monarquest VIP Medical Tourism. Roberto is originally from El Salvador and has been involved in many different types of business relations for many years. His company, Alas International Business Relations Inc., specialises in corporate training, marketing, business consulting and business development. He also assists companies in making connections with other businesses in Central and South America.
Roberto introduced us to Richard Leafloor, who gave a presentation on his business, Monarquest VIP Medical Tourism. Richard was born in Ottawa into a diplomatic family and he travelled a lot as a child, learning several other languages along the way. A few years ago, he and his wife looked into an alternative treatment for her that was offered in Mexico.  In the end it turned out to be a very expensive and stressful experience for them for several reasons. On their return to Canada they decided that this did not have to be the way things went for others and decided to set up their own company to help others who would like to travel outside Canada or the US for medical treatment.
Their company, Monarquest VIP Medical Tourism, offers Stem Cell Treatments provided by carefully vetted doctors and medical clinics in Central and South America. About one year ago he overheard Roberto having a phone conversation in a local Costco store and struck up a conversation with him. They have been collaborating on this business ever since.  Stem cells are naturally present in the body and they help to combat disease and injuries. There are several ways that they can be isolated, activated and then injected into the body where they can do the most good.  The clinic in El Salvador that they recommend, isolates them from the patient’s own fat cells, purifies and activates them overnight and then injects them back into the same patient the next day. The procedure when done this way is quick and low risk. The company makes all arrangements for airfare, accommodations, treatment and even some tourist activities while in the country, providing a bridge to make the whole process less stressful.
Roberto is involved with other companies as well, helping them to grow their businesses, to develop their expertise and to make new connections with other businesses. We look forward to getting to know more about him and his company in the future.