Dear Rotary Club Edmonton Strathcona sponsors!
Hello dear godparents, how are you?
I hope you are very well, especially your health, I hope you are having an excellent day, I send you this letter that I wrote with much affection, love and gratitude to you, because I want to thank you once more for all the effort they make every day to continue supporting me with my studies and thus be able to fulfill one of my greatest goals, which is to finish a professional career.
It is a pleasure for me to greet you once again and through this letter to be able to share a little more of my life, first of all I want to thank you for the pantry that was given to us this month in Proyecto Amigo, it is serving us a lot to me and my family, since they are things that we need every day in our house. I also want to thank you for the money, with which you supported me this month for my school expenses, because although we are in online classes there are things that we have to pay for such as the internet, since it is the way in which we communicate with our teachers to continue studying.
I tell you that my last semester of high school is about to finish, I am very happy to have finished, but at the same time a little nervous since I am waiting for my results to enter the university, and although I studied a lot for the entrance exam I do not leave to worry, I just hope I can enter the faculty of architecture.
This month has been very good for me, but at the same time very difficult, full of many new things, I had to prepare for my entrance exam and this past Thursday I presented it, on the other hand I am doing very well at school, it is very tired and sometimes difficult but I'm trying hard to get good grades.
In this vacation I want to do many things, I will prepare more for when I enter classes, I will continue to exercise and I want to spend more time with my family, especially with my grandparents, since I have not visited them for a long time.
And how have you and your families been? What have they done during this time? I hope you are very well and that you have had a nice month.
I say goodbye to you, wishing you have an excellent day, a beautiful month, that you have good luck in the work you do every day, but above all, that you are full of good health.
With much affection, love and gratitude,
Yosselin Mendez Ramirez,
Project Amigo Scholar