Posted by Trina Vandermeer
Members of the Edmonton Strathcona Rotary Club and guests rolled two activities into one for their June 29th event, when they Participacted in the second of four planned summer walks and then attended a Blanket Teaching under the trees at the INIW Indigenous Artwalk located within Queen Elizabeth Park.
Sixteen members and guests strolled the parkway and then met in a sharing circle where they shared a meal of soup and bannock provided by Indigenous operated company Cree Subs delivered personally by owner Kyle Peacock.
Following the meal, a Smudge and Blanket Teaching was led by Michelle Nieviadomy of ISKWEW Health and Wellness, where members and guests were able to experience Canadian/Turtle Island history through the traditional Oral style and perspective of our First Nations peoples.
Members and guests were invited to participate by asking questions and sharing some of their own perceptions of the relationship between the two Nations, and the challenges faced by both.
Rotary Members Richard and Loida share a meal of soup and bannock provided by Cree Subs during Tuesday’s Participaction/Blanket Teaching event.
Ivan Docker, in bright orange shirt—a nod of support to our Indigenous Peoples at Tuesday’s event.
Beef Barley soup and Bannock “made from Kokum’s recipe” was provided by Cree Subs owner Kyle Peacock, and was “ a real surprise at how good soup was on a HOT day!” according to incoming President Carin Jansen van Vuuren
Newest club member, Amy Stewart, sharing soup and shade with outgoing club president Jim Peddie who referred to the event as “ very, very interesting and something we should be doing more of”.
Past President Donna Hutton, just back from knee surgery, chats with Ivan Docker prior to the Smudge and Blanket Teaching.
Speaker Michelle Nieviadomy of ISKWEW Healing and Wellness presented a condensed version of a Blanket Training at INEW Park located within Queen Elizabeth Park.
Event organizer and Community Chair, Trina Vandermeer joined outgoing President Jim Peddie in thanking speaker Michelle Nieviadomy of ISKWEW Health and Wellness during Tuesday’s PARTICIPACTION/Indigenous Blanket Teaching combined event.  The PARTICIPACTION walk fulfills the $250 grant requirement obtained by Membership lead Richard Karlsson and Trina Vandermeer, from PARTICIPACTION Canada, and the Blanket Teaching is part of the new “Indigenous Relations” learning identified by District Rotary and recently requested within the Community Portfolio by Trina Vandermeer.