Posted by Bob Sandercock
The Foundation is Rotary's fund raising charitable arm to" Do Good in the World".
Donations can be to the Annual Fund, Polio Plus Fund, endowment fund, bequest fund or as a benefactor.
Your donation to the funds will be given a tax receipt so you will get a reduction on your taxes by the government.
The focus areas of the foundation are:
1. Promoting peace and conflict resolution.
2. Fighting disease
3. Providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene
4. Supporting education
5. Growing local economies
6. Supporting the environment
The aim of the foundation is to have "Every Rotarian Every Year" donate at least $25 US toward the above areas of focus. That is only about $1 per day Canadian $ for one month or 10 cents per day for a year.
Please research the Foundation by going to My Rotary web site.
There is extensive information there.
Means of donating:
1. Rotary Direct which is an automatic donation via credit card monthly, quarterly or annually.
2. Phone direct at toll free 1 866 976-8279 to The Rotary Foundation Canada
3. By mailing a cheque to the foundation or the foundation chair
4. On line at
Donations will be credited to your account and a Paul Harris recognition will be given to you for every $1,000 US
that you donate over one or several years.
Don't put it off or I will be contacting you every month!!!
Our club is one of the highest contributors per member to the Foundation. Lets keep that up this Rotary year also.
Thank you in advance for all your generosity to Rotary.
Bob Sandercock