Posted by Sam Lilly on Feb 08, 2019
It was a great success. We fed around 200 people a hot meal of ravioli pasta, salad, buns, and baked goods for dessert. 
It was around -22 degrees celcius outside and some of the folks who came to the old converted church were shivering so bad they had difficulty steadying their plates. 
We met some real characters. I cracked up when one of the fellas (who sounded like he was from the maritimes) said jovially with a smile, “Sorry miss, I don’t eat that rabbit food” as he came up for seconds. He skipped the salad and made a B-line for a second helping of pasta and dessert. He wore a dangly trapper hat with a big grey beard and kept people laughing at his table; a real comedian!
Another fella’s glasses had a layer of frozen condensation on them and when asked to choose the dessert he wanted he said, “Oh, I have no idea, I can’t see them. Just surprise me!”
A young mom with three young kids came up and after modeling a pronounced “please and thank you” for the kiddos the oldest came up 3 more times to display his “please and thank you” just for the dessert station! 
The whole of the group was well mannered and the high spirits folks had was inspiring. I heard “please”, “thank you”, “god bless you” several times. Some of the folks humbly kept their heads down too. Not everyone was able to muster good spirits. You saw the various stages of poverty in our community and the toll winter was taking on them.
After leaving the event to go home I felt a sense of sadness for I didn’t know what many of the people we just met would be going to after they left the building. 
Our situations are more fragile than we think and many people in our society are only a pay cheque away from homelessness. What Rotary does makes a difference and we know there is much more to do. 
A huge thanks to our super volunteers:
Vince Campbell
Donna Hutton
Dennis Hutton
Louise McNeil
Matisse Nikolopoulos
Dimitri Papanicolas
Anna Syrianou
Couldn’t have done it without them... and a big shout out to Anna’s 12 year old grand daughter Matisse, her home made sugar cookies were a hit.
Publ.: Sam, Thanks for organizing.