Posted by Vi Hughes on Feb 13, 2020

This week, when our scheduled speaker could not make it on short notice, Karen and Jim Peddie downloaded a TEDx/Purdue University talk for us to view that was given in March of 2017 by Jennifer Jones, a past Vice President of Rotary International. It was an excellent overview of the fight against polio and the impact that the elimination of this dreaded disease will have throughout the world. It emphasized that we are not done yet, but we are very close and we need to keep up the fight. It also noted that the public health systems that have been put in place worldwide as part of the fight against polio are now being used to fight other infectious diseases and have allowed us to respond to several other potentially deadly infectious diseases. The implication is that our legacy will live on, in another form, well beyond polio and into the future. For those interested in viewing it, the video can be viewed on YouTube by looking for End Polio Now Jennifer Jones TEDxPurdueU.