Posted by RID Jeffry Cadorette on Sep 02, 2019


Hi everyone,
This morning (Monday) I texted with Past President Barry. While Nassau was spared the full force of Dorian, and he and Esther are fine, other parts of his country are devastated having been dealt a blow with Dorian’s full fury. Dorian is now headed toward the US and other parts of our neighboring  Zones 33 & 34.
Whether you want to help Barry’s District, the Bahamas, or one of the states in the southern part of the US that are awaiting Dorian, the link below will give you information on how to do that.
At the bottom of the link is a form telling you additional ways you can donate. The Rotary Foundation Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is set up in North Carolina and is able to make international donations. You can designate where you would like the funds to be directed in the memo portion of the check you write. A representative from each district in Zone 33 &34 will determine where to allocate the funds. They have experience with this DAF and process having had multiple hurricanes last year. Share this link on social media wherever you deem appropriate