Posted by Vi Hughes on Jan 29, 2019
This Tuesday we heard from long time member Heather de Kok, who spoke about her life’s passion of flowers and floral art design. Heather has been a rotarian for eighteen years and a florist for many years more.
She bought her florist shop from her father at age twenty-one and has never looked back. She is very passionate about showcasing floral art and either sponsors or takes part in many different competitions and displays. She is a member of the American Institute of Floral Designers, which is an elite group of designers who must pass a rigorous competition to become a member.
In the past few years she has had the opportunity to spend a week designing flowers at the White House for a visit from the Chinese president and more recently, to travel to Brazil to take part in an International competition as a representative for Canada, where she came in third. More recently Heather helped to put together two floats for the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California. Part of this entailed working non-stop for thirty-six hours straight, with one float having forty one thousand roses that each needed to be placed in a water pic.  One of the two floats she worked on won the Sweepstakes Award.   Last year she was honored to be invited by the Hawaiian government to help promote the use of their flowers, especially orchids, in Canada.
Heather also has two more competitions coming up in the near future. She is sponsoring the Canadian Maple Leaf Cup of Floral design, which will take place on April 5 at the Ice Arena in west Edmonton Mall. It is a cross Canada competition where twenty to twenty-five designers will each compete when given the same materials and theme. She has also been asked to be a technical advisor for the FTD World Cup of Flowers, to take place in Philadelphia at the end of February. It is an International Expo with hundreds of booths and there will be twenty-five floral designers from around the world competing.  
Heather is always looking for ways to pass along her passion for floral design and is starting work on a pilot for a television program to be called The Flower Seekers to be aired on NetFlix.  It was inspiring to hear from Heather about her most recent achievements and her plans for the future.