This past Tuesday we had a presentation from Ellen Weber, our membership director at large, on how a small part of our brain (the amygdala) is responsible for our responses towards other people, and how we can hone our responses to be healthy, balanced, good and kind.

Ellen said that this part of our brain stores our emotional responses, be they good or bad, and the responses we use most often then become our automatic go to responses when we need to respond quickly or are under stress. She spoke about some of the different types of ‘intelligences’ that each of us has, intrapersonal (are we moral, ethical, confident, humble), interpersonal (are we willing to listen to and learn from others) and how these can impact our influence within our club and our community.

Ellen also let us know that our club is now allowing corporate memberships as a prototype for two years and spoke a little bit about how these would work.

She then had us pair off and talk to another person about what initially drew us to this Rotary club and what currently keeps us coming back. It was very interesting hearing other people’s responses to these questions. Everyone in our club has different reasons for belonging. Some of the responses said that it was this diversity of members and our commitment to service that drew them in and keeps them there.