Posted by Pradeep Dass on Oct 09, 2020
Pradeep is working on a unique ventilator to be provided to governments in the quest to support Covid -19 patients.  He advises that the prototype will be made public on May 6 and has shared the specifications with us. As well I have attached the presentation regarding the ventilator for all of us to see.  As a former ICU nurse and Instructor, I truly see the value of an artificial intelligence component which would monitor and manage a patient's ventilatory status without human intervention... Way to go Pradeep... We are all amazed at what you do!!!!
Below is the information Pradeep shared with me and now you...  The reference to the pages relates to the attached presentation.
Basic design attached refer page 6/7. It is a simple operator proof design and yet the most sophisticated ventilator available in the market if it goes to the market at all. It uses aerospace components and none of the medical components used by others.
The 1st prototype video will be out on May 6th for the world to see.  I hope I make it by this time.
A video of our first prototype will be out on or before May 6th.   Additional features included.
Just some extra information why our Ventilator will be very unique compared to even the largest manufacturers of ventilators in the world.
  1. It can be adapted to feed one and 20 + patients. Independently controlled for each patient.
  2. Medical personnel does not need to be close to the patient once hooked up as it can be operated remotely once hooked up.
  3. Screens are made large for quick visual and controls with remotely operated systems too.
  4. Specialists can dial in to the ventilator from anywhere in the world and operate it if required while supported by general hospital medical personnel at location.
  5. It can be hooked up in the hospital or in any field area set up to treat as it has its own oxygen and mixture device too. Assembled in module formats as required.
  6. Can be hooked up on the patient’s bed so that unhooking the ventilator while moving the patient may be avoided.
  7. Build in AI where you don’t need a highly trained nurse or respiratory specialist or a trained doctor as it will synchronize with the patient and make recommendations or continue to operate as required manually. Aerospace and Space Technology implemented. “Operator proof” is the plan by introducing AI features in the system. You enter data from around the world and see recommendations in real time for specific patients.
  8. Aerospace, Space and some Oil & Gas equipment parts are mainly used in the entire system with oxygen cleaned and certified as we will not run out of standard ventilator parts used by others.
Will go to certification by any interested manufacturer under Covid-19 expedited certifications initially if all goes well.
“There is many a slip between the cup and the sip” but we are learning quickly and used various medical consultants from the US and UK.