Posted by Rose Marie Basaraba on Oct 11, 2022

Chelsea Leech proved herself to be a delightful and knowledgeable speaker in her presentation to the Club on Tuesday, October 11, 2022.

Chelsea shared her recent experience in a visit, along with other youth, to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg. A personable presenter, Chelsea made us feel as though we were right there with her as she described her experience.

Upon arrival following only 6 hours sleep, her first need for a strong cup of coffee went unfulfilled as the Museum Coffee shop was closed for the Holiday. Her surprise in being greeted by Tamara Larson, Rotary Youth Coordinator, soon erased that experience. Board games brought out the competitive nature of all. As an upstander vs. bystander she felt she had a lot to learn.

Day 2 saw a visit to the Refugee Centre which focused on homework, languages, jobs, and social atmosphere. She particularly noted the extreme politeness of a Somalian refugee family, a mother and 6 children. Hot dogs for the homeless were the menu of the day and although offered more than one hot dog, they all responded with a polite ‘no thank you, one is enough’.

Day 3 focused on the Rwandan genocide, The Holocaust and Surviving Residential Schools. The Holocaust Museum was particularly memorable with haunting music, sounds of broken glass and crying children. She felt that Canada did not come away unscathed as history shows Canada pushing the Jews out of the country and of course, the history of the Residential Schools.

Day 4 brought with it discussion on how to use their talents to change the world, made more emphatic in the words of the song by Buffy Saint Marie. Later in the day they were given free reign of the Winnipeg Zoo and being witness to the polar bear baths.

Day 5 involved a debate about having a grandfather in a Residential School, a last look at the Gallery before running for their buses across the square in a torrential downpour.

Chelsea emphasized that it was a great trip all around and she hopes to return to relearn her experience. She loves to write and her takeaway from the weekend was in learning how to change the world using other people as a reference