Posted by Eric Germain on Nov 16, 2019
Our Rotary Exchange Student from Denmark, Celina, went her first hockey game ever. It was the Edmonton Oilers against the St. Louis Blues, the defending Stanley Cup Champions on Wednesday November 6th . She was the guest of yours truly, Eric Germain.
In her words, “It was an awesome night. I love hockey” . Celina had her photo taken by the Wayne Gretzky statue, and she tried her hand stick handling before the game at the Connor McDavid interactive display. First time holding a hockey stick and deciding she shoots right not left. It was amazing to watch her innocence, and appreciation regarding ice hockey, our great Canadian traditional game.
Celina was impressed with the new Rogers Place arena. Apparently there are 17,000 people in her home town in Denmark, so they would all fit in the arena.
She picked up the rules of the game quickly, and was impressed at how fast the players “run” on their skates, and how hard they hit and shoot the puck. She liked how fast and fluid the game was compared to the Eskimo football game she recently went to.
It was a pleasure introducing this confident young lady to a number of people at the game. Folks were impressed with her excellent English, maturity and friendly nature.
It was a great night, except for the final result. The Oilers were trailing 3-2 with 2 minutes to go and had a power play, only for the Blues to shoot into the empty net with the goalie pulled for an extra attacker. The good old hockey game.
Celina was pleased to see #52 on the Oiler roster is Patrick Russell from Denmark. In fact he is from Bickerod (not Bickenrod as spelled in the Oiler program) [Publ. I believe the correct name of the town is: Birkerød], Denmark. Interestingly it is also the home of the Rotary Club that sponsored Celina to come to Edmonton as a Rotary Exchange Student, and very close to her home town.
Oh well, like we say, it’s always a great night when it’s Hockey Night In Canada.