Posted on Jan 10, 2020
The notice below originates from Tim Schilds, District 5370 Rotary Foundation Chair
Hello and Happy New Year Everyone
So far it is not a very Happy New Year in Australia.  I am sure you have all been watching the devastating situation as Australians suffer through the worst Bushfire season in their history.  District Governor Tracey has been receiving many inquiries regarding the situation and Rotary’s reaction.  The Rotary Foundation is not generally a First Responder in disaster situations.  I am sure that many Rotarians in Australia are on the frontline and there is worldwide support of the idea that we need to help.  And we will help, Rotary will be there for the long term rebuild. We have heard from The Rotary Foundation that they are working with Australian Rotarians to develop a plan which will ensure any donations will get to where they are needed most.  We will wait to hear from our partners and follow their direction.  If you or your club wants to help now I would suggest the options set out below:
If donating as a club or if you don’t require a charitable donation receipt you can donate directly to Australia.  The note below is from Past Rotary International President Ian Risely and sets out how you or your club can contribute to Rotarians in Australia:
“Can I please express my great appreciation to all those friends from right around the world who have offered kindness and support to Australia as we suffer these terrible fires.  It helps enormously to know that you are thinking of us. Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) has a fund supporting bushfire recovery through which you can donate from outside Australia. Go to follow the blue "Donate Now" button.   It is not quite as easy as it should be to donate, but the trick is to ensure that on the second page in the address section, where it shows "State", all those from outside Australia need to choose the last option, which is "outside Australia". Then it should accept any district number. Thanks again!”
If you would like a Canadian Charitable donation receipt you can donate to Disaster Aid Canada which is a Rotary partner or follow this link to other Canadian Charities supporting relief from Australian Bushfires 
If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to contact me.
Yours in Rotary service
Tim Schilds
District 5370 Rotary Foundation Chair