Posted by Celina Jensen on Nov 09, 2019
A Note from Celina re the Auction of a Danish Dinner
The auction for a three course Danish dinner for four will be held on November 12. I will come, cook, and serve the food in your home and eat it together with you. My counselor, Lynne, will also come. The date for the Danish dinner is not announced yet, but we will arrange the date together, so it can work for everyone. If you or any of your guest have allergies, please let me know. 
This auction is a fundraising for two trips that I hope to attend with the other Rotary exchange students. We are going to ski in Jasper in December, and we are going to the Human Rights museum in Winnipeg in March to learn more about Canada, human rights and indigenous people. The two trips are extraordinary expensive, $2850, I therefore hope that the auction will help me to collect some money to pay for the two trips.
What I have already learned during my two months in Canada is how important it is to give back to the community and help other people. I want to give something back to the community and help people in need. I have therefore decided to donate half of the money I get from the auction to Polio Plus.  My goal for this year is to raise $2850 for my trips and $1000 for Polio Plus. So – I might need to do a little more fundraising through the year, too. 
This auction is a lifetime opportunity for you, if you want to learn more about how it is to be a Viking, what the so called “hygge” is, what a Danish dinner tastes like and more about Denmark.