Posted by Ken Germain on Nov 09, 2019

Amarok in action

Now we would like to tell you about our friend ‘Ameena’ that how she stopped early marriage of her little sister. ‘Ameena’s sister is only 14 years old and she reads in grade 7 in a Government School. Ameena’s parents lives in their village. One day she came to know from a relative that her father is thinking to marry off her youngest daughter soon. After hearing Ameena straightway went to the village at her father’s home without any delay. ‘Ameena’ talked to her parents about the bad effects of early marriage but they weren’t convinced.  Then she went to the school where her sister reads in. She shared all the things with the schoolteachers and requested them to help her to stop the early marriage. Then she came back home with some of the schoolteachers of her sister. They explained to Ameena’s parents about the bad impact of early marriage and clearly shared the law of our country against early marriage. Her parents were surprised because the schoolteachers told them the same things Ameena told a little before. Ameena’s father replied the schoolteachers that he will think. 
After the teachers left her father asked to Ameena from where she has learnt these things. She replied to them that in Dhaka she is now in Amarok Mother School and beside of learning how to read and write she has also learnt many other relevant things of life from her school. Finally her parents agreed with her and didn’t marry off their little daughter. We are very proud of Ameena.  She is really a good example of empowerment.
Now we like share with you another successful story of our friend ‘Shahana’. She has one son and one daughter. Her son’s name is ‘Pavel’. He is a very good student and very well mannered. He always achieves first position in exam.  ‘Pavel’ helps his little sister at home is learning. ‘Shahana’s’ husband runs a street shop.  ‘Pavel’ helps his father in his free time. ‘Shahana’ says that she is very lucky to be mother of ‘Pavel’. His aim is to be a schoolteacher in his future.
Thanks to you and Amarok Society for supporting us for learning.
With love,
Rehana, Panna, Khorsheda, Ranu, and Khuku
On behalf ofCombined Rotary Women’s School