Edmonton Strathcona
Pure Casino Argyll
7055 Argyll Rd, NW
Edmonton, AB T6C 4A5
- Arch Enterprises casino.
Where:  Pure Casino Edmonton - Argyll. 7055 Argyll Rd. NW MAP
When:  Tuesday August 4 - Wednesday August 5, 2020.
Why:  This is an important fundraiser for Arch. Traditionally, members from the Rotary Clubs of Edmonton South and Edmonton Strathcona have volunteered the worker positions in the casino.
Download: our Casino Advisor's Volunteer Guide
Questions: Contact Dennis Freeman, Event organizer (780) 437-5464

Volunteers: Some things to know about COVID-19 protocols and Casino events

Thank you for volunteering for our upcoming Casino event. Please be aware that AGLC is being proactive, anticipating that tables will be open at venues in conformance with COVID-19 protocols so that Charity groups can proceed with their fundraising efforts.

AGLC will keep Arch informed as we get closer to our July 11 start date. Any significant changes will be communicated to all of our volunteers promptly. Please keep an eye on your emails as we get closer to our casino dates in case of changes or additional instructions.

 Here is a brief snapshot of what to expect when you work the Casino fundraiser. There is also a PDF information sheet included that has more detailed information provided by AGLC.

Resuming Casino Events – *COVID-19 Framework

  1. AGLC has reduced the number of volunteers required per shift by consolidating some positions.
  • General Manager and Banker roles combined. Casino Advisor will work with volunteer in this role.
  • Cashier and Chip Runner roles combined. Example: When a chip transfer is required, one cashier switches to that role while the other cashier remains open to serve customers. When chip transfer is complete, the chip runner returns to their cashier position.
  • Count room commitment has been reduced to 4 volunteers per shift
    1. Count Room Supervisor;
    2. Combined Counter and Sorter;
    3. Recorder;
    4. Amalgamator
  •  Charity groups must also have 1 Spare per shift available to be on call should a scheduled volunteer cancel.


  1. Volunteers are permitted to wear face masks when conducting their duties and must comply with all applicable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements by facility operators. Advisors will ensure that all charity volunteers who wear face masks have been properly identified prior to the start of their shift.
  2. Volunteers must follow all CMOH directives around health, hygiene practices, respiratory etiquette and social distancing.
  3. Barriers/safety shields that do not impede surveillance or security will be in place including, but not limited to:
    1. Gaming floor
    2. Security podium
    3. Slot cage
    4. Cash cage
    5. Possibly additional areas deemed by facility.

Every able member of our clubs is requested to step up to the plate and sign up for one of more shifts. If you want to sign up for more than one shift, then you must chose the same task for both shifts, e.g. you cannot work as a Cashier one day and a Chip Runner the other day.

From the home page in the 'Upcoming Events' section click on the  BROWN  [Arch Casino 2020] button and a list of all the shifts with applicable start and end times will appear. Use the  BLUE  [Sign Up] button to volunteer.



Only the following key positions, marked with an asterisk (*), require an AGLC "Casino Volunteer Worker Application" form to be completed:

- * General Manager/Banker

- * Cashier/Chip Runner 

- * Spare


Count Room

- *Count Room Supervisor/Sorter

- Amalgamator

- Recorder

- Counter/Sorter

- Spare

If you chose any of the above positions, please download the AGLC form from THIS LINK, complete and email to
freeman5@telus.net  or hand deliver it to  Dennis Freeman

Click on THIS LINK to open the Volunteer Guide provided by our Casino Advisor, Donald Patterson.

If you have any questions about the casino event, contact Dennis Freeman or Maggi Hegan 

If you need technical assistance, contact Hans Granholm, cell or text: 780-918-1079