Project backpack was a huge success! On August 11th, 2018, members of the Ventura Rotary club gathered to help stuff 866 backpacks with school supplies and distribute them to Ventura Unified Schools for students in need. The district identifies those students at each school and provides Rotary with their needs. We are happy to see the number has gone down in recent years. A special thanks to the East Ventura Rotary, South Ventura Rotary, and Lions club for your contributions towards this successful event.

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5 reasons Why we need to STOP Polio
1) To Improve Lives
16 million people are walking today who would have otherwise been paralyzed.
2) To Invest in the Future
If polio isn't eradicated, within 10 years, as many as 200,000 children could be paralyzed by it each year.
3) To Improve Child Health
Polio surveillance networks and vaccination campaigns also monitor children for other health problems like vitamin deficiency and measles, so they can be addressed sooner.
4) To Save Money
A polio-free world will save the global economy $40-$50 billion in health costs within the next 20 years.
5) To Make History
Polio eradication would be one of history's greatest public health achievements, with polio following smallpox to become only the second human disease eliminated from the world.
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How Our Club Started...
The first meeting of the Ventura Rotary Club took place on Wednesday, June 12, 1918 at the Hotel De Leon in downtown Ventura. James Briscoe, retiring President of the Santa Barbara Rotary Club, which had received its charter in January, 1918, and Byron Terry, a charter member of Rotary Club Number One, (Chicago Rotary Club, Mr. Terry actually knew Paul Harris), were present and explained the purposes of Rotary.
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Recently we have had the honor to bring in new members: Amy Fonzo, Greg Abrams, Erik Dullenkopf, Ken Leandro, Mike Montoyo and Joe Schaaf to our Rotary family.  Please take the opportunity to introduce yourself to our newest members and “BE the friendliest” Rotary Club in the world! smiley
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The Polio Fundraiser in honor of Larry Emrich was a huge success! Under the leadership of Lynda Girtsman and Ellyn Dembowski; held at Doug and Randy’s home with the many cooks in the kitchen and the Ventura High School student volunteers; raised $7500.  AWESOME!!!  We were so pleased to have Larry in attendance at our last meeting.  We look forward to seeing more of Larry in the near future.
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Posted by Rob van Nieuwburg on Feb 17, 2014
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Posted by Nanci Cone on Aug 11, 2011

The idea hatched about seven years ago when Prudential realtor Ellyn Dembowski got together with a few friends, 50 backpacks and supplies they had purchased for the Boys and Girls Club.  The next year Ellyn got about $800 in financial donations from her Rotary club along with several volunteers.  The event grew each year to larger facilities and more backpacks.  The downtown Lions club wanted to do something similar and they joined us. 

The project has grown to include donating over 500 stuffed backpacks this year.  Julius Gius support was $3100; Lion’s Club members stepped up their support to $1500, and many Rotary of Ventura members and some community members made generous contributions of backpack items, took time to shop for everything, and donated money to make it all work.

The week before school starts the backpacks are delivered to area schools and the warm response is overwhelming!  Ellyn says, and the entire club concurs, “We all feel good because we know we’re making a difference!”

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Posted by Kristin Taylor on Aug 10, 2011

The Commemorative Air Force Museum is a treasure of our county.  It has one of the largest collections of flying WWII aircraft of any aviation museum.

Fifty-five members of the club and guests attended the offsite meeting at the Commemorative Air Force Museum in Camarillo on Wednesday, August 10.   Attendees enjoyed an informative program and fascinating small group tours led by docents who are experts on WWII aviation.  Docents Jim Hinkelman, John Knopp and Charlie Carr conducted tours of the museum’s unique and distinctive aircraft and of the hanger where the aircraft is restored and maintained. 

Posted by Terry Schaeffer on Aug 02, 2011

On August 3rd, 72 Rotarians and guests battled a traffic jam on good ole Ventura Freeway to make it to the National Weather Service (NWS) Forecast office in Oxnard.  There they split into 3 groups for the adventure, spending about 25 minutes at each station, then rotating to the next  area until they completed the 3-stage tour and lunch. 

Meteorologist in Charge Mark Jackson hosted the first group in the conference room.  Mark gave clear and interesting details of their operations and responsibilities, answered questions, and showed a video during lunch.  The catered lunch consisted of tuna, turkey and vegetarian sandwiches, potato/pasta salad, chocolate chip cookies, water and soft drinks.

Group 2 went into the impressive operational office/command center: the heart and brain trust of the NWS operation.   Forecaster extraordinaire Dave Sweet entertained and educated the visitors, taking them step by step showing what all goes into making weather forecasts for the public, aviation, marine and fire weather interests; he also explained the myriad of warnings as needed. 

Group 3 was taken on a tour of their outside museum by Eric Boldt.  Their impressive display consisted of remote mountain rain and snow gauges that noted not only rainfall but snow depth and water content.  This real time data is then sent directly to weather and river forecast offices.  Ocean and wave buoys were on display as were remote sensing fire weather equipment and their downlink from NEXRAD (next generations radar) on Sulfur Mountain. 

Posted by Maria Berntson on May 10, 2011

The Ventura High School Interact Club Bake sale is always a favorite program!  Club advisors Melody Namikas and Jeff King introduced the students, who recounted some of the club's programs and accomplishments this year, including a new Easter Egg Hunt project for after-school kids at E P Foster School, and the donation of a Shelter Box for Japan. Several students also talked about their great experience at RYLA camp (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards).  Dylan Horwitz and Rotarian Dr. Todd Binkley served as auctioneers.

As usual, the bake sale was increditble:  one cake sold for $1,200, Cookies brought $550; when it was all over, the club had raised over $3,100 for Interact programs.  To top things off, Dylan announced that (school) advisors Samantha and Justin were both named as Teachers of the Year.

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