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Service Above Self
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Back to School Backpack Drive
A joy for us to help buy Backpacks and School Supplies again this year.
As we move forward in these trying times, what we say and do today may not be accurate or relevant tomorrow.  That said, we do know that our kids do need school supplies and a place to keep them.   
When Michelle Navaro of the Bellflower Volunteer Center called us to ask us to help again this year with this wonderful project for our famlies and kids we jumped at the opportunity.  Our club voted to give $500 and several members added another $500 in matching funds to give a total of $1000 to help this year.
We won't get to guide the kids through the center to pick their own bag and supplies due to Covid-19.  The loaded bags will be handed out to pre-registered familes/kids in a drive through.
Again, making the dream work!
Grocery Card Project
We were able to finish our Rotary Year with a wonderful Grocery Gift Card Project.
With the challenges presented to us all this year, we needed to look for a creative way to help our community.  So...we partnered with the SHRIJI MANDIR & CULTURAL CENTER Food/Drink giving event.  Caring Connections of Bellflower
selected families who were in need of assistance.  We purchased 105 gift grocery cards in the amount of $50.00 from Superior Grocers in Bellflower.  We were able to give those cards with bags of pantry food items as well as cases of drinks to those families.  We also handed out bags with 2020 Census information and forms (so important to bring funds into our communities).  
OH, I almost to mention two important side stories!
This young man came down from Pico Rivera just to volunteer for this event. 
He just loves to volunteer and knows another member of Caring Connections who, by-the-way, are off for the summer and are not being paid.  As I was talking with him, he related that he lives in a small house with eleven others.  Their were two gift cards left over so we shared one with him as well as groceries to take back home.  A small tear conveyed how unexpectedly happy that made him.
For the other card, I called Maria (The Mother we helped with our Christmas Project) to get a ride down to receive the other card and groceries. 
This was just the greatest icing melting on our very warm hearts.
September 14, 2019 Kmart Back To School Shopping
This year's Back To School Shopping Event at Kmart was another
Rotary Club of Bellflower sponsored refueling day.
On September 14th, The Rotary Club of Bellflower treated 50 kids to a shopping spree at the Kmart located on Bellflower Blvd. in Long Beach. 
Caring Connections Case Workers identified children that would most benefit from our help.  Bethel Reformed Church provided the bus and driver to transport the kids to and from the event.
Our members, along with some of our Bellflower High School Interactors, and Caring Connections Case Workers, guided those children to pick out cloths, shoes, and supplies with the $100 gift cards we provided to each one. 
Then the kids got drinks and snacks before heading back with their treasures.
It was a GREAT Event with everyone coming away a little warm and fuzzy (or in some cases a little smooth).
July 07, 2019 Demotion/Installation Dinner
Were you there?  
Our new members said...YUP, it was a BLAST!!!
Well, the good ole' Long Beach Yacht Club with Didi's Entertainment and
Decor really set the mood.
Then Steve and Doug started splitting our gut with their own special skit.
Dignitaries sent Jean packing with awards after her unprecedented fifth
stint as Club President over the years.
New members were inducted while a duck dropped in to supervise.
And then...and then...the new Board Members were inducted.
A GREAT bunch, set to get it done with FUN!
So the night rolled on with the great entertainment  (check out the photo album).
Didi said, "Dave, how can you stand up here when there is a mermaid in the pool?
Down the pool they swam while Didi said, "I guess that's all folks!"
Payless Shoe Shopping Event
On Saturday, February 2nd, was the Payless Shoe Event.
Forty nine kids were chosen by Caring Connections and bused to the store by Encounter Church.  Nine Rotarians, Rog Rabanera, Bob Frohn, Connie Hui, Jean Seruntine, Tracy McSparren, Doug Easer, Jon Matson, Didi & Dave Davis, helped each child find a pair of shoes and a package of socks. After picking out their shoes, the kids were treated with fancy doughnuts, milk/orange juice, and fun songs by Caring Connections folks before boarding the bus. As always this was a busy and fun event. The kids were so appreciative.
Also, remember..."We Are This Close!"
Evening Social @ The Rabanera's
We had a wonderful social event at Rog & Cindy Rabanera's Home.
This past week was busy for the club members.  January 31st was the fifth Thursday of the month so instead of the lunch meeting, the members had an evening socialization event.  This time it was at Rog & Cindy Rabanera's home.  Fourteen Rotarians and 8 guests attended. President Jean made some announcements.  We had a wonderful dinner (thank you very much Roger & Cindy).   They had great taste bringing in The Naples Rib Co. 
Otherwise everyone was busy socializing.
January 12, 2019 Showtime Cabaret  Fundraiser
January 12TH was the Rotary Club of Bellflower's Showtime Cabaret held at the Pomona Valley Mining Company.  There was a silent auction and later, after supper a live auction. 
January 12th; the Cabaret was held at the Pomona Mining Company restaurant on a hill high over the Pomona Valley.  Didi & Dave Davis, Dr. Howard Davis, Ken & Caroline Hall, Connie Hui, Steve Litzinger, Linda Nesst, Pravin & Knutika Pranav, Dr. Rog & Cindy Rabanera, Jean Seruntine, Marlys Severson, Kathy Stewart, Joe & Rozangela Vasquez, Doug & Lorraine Wilson, Jennifer & Jose Beech, Jon Matson, Jean Michael with her Daughter - Marsha, and guests attended.  It is always a fun event for about 100 people. . 
The Show Time Cabaret group put on a wonderful show of Broadway songs which we all enjoyed.  Actually it was nice to hear songs we knew and could understand the words.  One singer asked Steve & Ken to climb on stage and help with a song. 
They were troupers.  Another singer asked Jean to the stage to help with a Tom Jones song. 
Still another sang to Jean Michael & Cindy Rabanera.
Although it rained in the morning, the sun came out so we all enjoyed a beautiful
view of the snow capped mountains and Pomona Valley.  
Ya know we're just going to have Fun!
Vision to Learn @ Ramona Elementary
January 17th Connie Hui, Dr. Rog & Cindy Rabanera were at Ramona Elementary School giving kids their 'Free' glasses.
VTL returns every two years to schools that we have already tested to screen new students.  They had an optometrist there to make adjustments to the frames as we help fit the 24 children with their brand new 'FREE' glasses. Last fall several Rotarians:- Mike Lundgren, Linda Nesst, Connie Hui, Doug Easer, Rog & Cindy Rabanera were at this school to screen for eyesight problems of these new students. We were there in connection with Vision To Learn & Caring Connections. The students were so nice, polite, and well behaved. They appreciated the glasses.  We know they will have a better chance to succeed now.
June 15, 2017 Meeting 
Today we had our Scholarship Recipients Speaking.
Some of our $6000.00 Scholarship Fund is distributed to Vocational and the rest to College-bound Students.  Some were the first in their families to go on to higher education.  They spoke eloquently of their paths to get this far in their lives.  Meeting their proud parents confirmed to us again how important family support is.  We were so proud to help them on their way to achieving their personal dreams!
Below is the breakdown of their names and information:
2017 Scholarships
Cerritos College Foundation                        $1000.00 (another $1000.00 will be disbursed at second semester)
                Alyssa Coo, Mayfair H. S., associate degree in nursing
                Rajiv Lingam, Mayfair H.S., business, plans to transfer to 4-year school                 
Jessica Trujillo                California State University Fullerton                           $1000.00
                                         Bellflower High School, Kinesiology                                                                                  
Stephanie Mendoza     California State University Long Beach                       $1000.00
                                         Bellflower High School, neonatal nurse, future doctor                                              
Ndiya Usim                     Regents of the University of California (San Diego)  $1000.00
                                         Mayfair High School, biology, med school
Sereanah Clark              Cal Poly San Luis Obispo                                                $1000.00
                                         Mayfair High School, architecture or psychology
April 26, 2017 Interact Charter Celebration
Our Bellflower High School Interact Charter Celebration.
Our District Governor Greg O'Brien and Senior Assistant Governor of Youth Service were on hand to induct our new club.  We pinned the members and officers present and presented them with all the items they needed to show off their new "Vibrant" Club.  With so many strong members already attracting new and enthusiast young leaders, the outlook for our new club is very bright.  I know we will all come out strong in their support.  President Lia is already a force to be reckoned with.
March 18, 2017 5k Color Run 4 Polio
We had great fun at:
More than 375 participants and volunteers helped our District raise over $5,000 for PolioPlus.  There were more than 75 Interactors and Rotaractors including five from our new club. 
We had tons of fun, food, and great entertainment.
See you next year!
Merida, Mexico Humanitarian Trip
What a wonderful trip we experienced in The Yucat√£n.
We were welcomed to Merida by District 4200.
District 4195 partnered with us to make this wonderful International Humanitarian Trip to Merida, Mexico possible.
There were over 100 Rotarians from District 5280 making a difference once again. Among the many service projects, our Rotarians planted over 600 trees, rehabilitated a rural elementary school, volunteered at a diabetes clinic, provided medical and dental supplies, provided musical instruments to an after school program, provided kitchen appliances and supplies to a special needs school, and so much more. Watch the video to see how Rotary is making a difference. 
Our district is so unique in putting these wonderful trips together.  You really need to experience the heart and mind expansion.  Check with your doctor to see if they are strong enough to join us in Columbia next February.  Ha, ha....
Vision To Learn At Bellflower Middle/High School
That's right, Rotary Club of Bellflower partnering with Vision To Learn distributed 83 more pairs of free glasses to students of Bellflower Middle/High School.  Making this the eighth school in BUSD that we have served.  Now almost 700 kids that were in need of eye correction aid have it!  We intend to come back in 24 months to repeat this wonderful project.  "Rotary and Vision To Learn, Giving Kids A Chance To Learn"!