Posted on Jan 17, 2019
January 17th Connie Hui, Dr. Rog & Cindy Rabanera were at Ramona Elementary School giving kids their 'Free' glasses.
VTL returns every two years to schools that we have already tested to screen new students.  They had an optometrist there to make adjustments to the frames as we help fit the 24 children with their brand new 'FREE' glasses. Last fall several Rotarians:- Mike Lundgren, Linda Nesst, Connie Hui, Doug Easer, Rog & Cindy Rabanera were at this school to screen for eyesight problems of these new students. We were there in connection with Vision To Learn & Caring Connections. The students were so nice, polite, and well behaved. They appreciated the glasses.  We know they will have a better chance to succeed now.