Posted by Dave Davis on Jul 24, 2019
Were you there?  
Our new members said...YUP, it was a BLAST!!!
Well, the good ole' Long Beach Yacht Club with Didi's Entertainment and
Decor really set the mood.
Then Steve and Doug started splitting our gut with their own special skit.
Dignitaries sent Jean packing with awards after her unprecedented fifth
stint as Club President over the years.
New members were inducted while a duck dropped in to supervise.
And then...and then...the new Board Members were inducted.
A GREAT bunch, set to get it done with FUN!
So the night rolled on with the great entertainment  (check out the photo album).
Didi said, "Dave, how can you stand up here when there is a mermaid in the pool?
Down the pool they swam while Didi said, "I guess that's all folks!"