What's Happening?
The Rotary Club of Long Grove, Kildeer, Hawthorn Woods has purchased 150 tree saplings for installation at Briarwoods Nature Preserve in Hawthorn Woods.  The trees will ship in early November.  On order are 50 Northern Red Oak, 50 Red Maple, and 50 White Dogwood.  It is our pleasure to continue working with our local Villages to coordinate on projects that are of both short term and long term benefit to our communities.
Following is a link to the results from this morning's Race:
Thanks to all of our charities, sponsors, runners, walkers, and volunteers.
Two new sponsors are joining us this year in support of our 20th annual Rotary Race for Charity 5K Run and 3K Walk.  Joanie's Pizzeria of Long Grove and Arboria of Long Grove.  Welcome to both of you !  The Race is scheduled for Saturday, September 9th.
From now until September 9th, Rotary Club members will be selling Raffle Tickets as part of our fundraising effort for the 2017 Rotary Race for Charity 5K Run and 3K Walk.  Tickets are $25 each or four for $100.  The winner will be announced the day of the Race.  You need not be present to win!  First prize is a $1,000 travel voucher.  Second prize is $500 in cash.  Third prize is a golf threesome and lunch at The Grove Country Club in Long Grove.  Tickets will be available for sale the day of the Race.  The Race and the Raffle provide the funding for our Club to support our various causes locally, nationally, and internationally.
On Friday, August 4th, the Rotary Club of Long Grove, Kildeer, and Hawthorn Woods sponsored the Concert in the Park in Hawthorn Woods.  One of our own Club members, Jon Jansky, is the lead singer for the group performing that evening, Moon Money".  They covers songs from the 90's and forward.  Jon even wore his Rotary t-shirt to provide the Club some added publicity.  The weather was perfect and the music was fantastic.  This group really knows how to rock the crowd, and even got a lot of the smaller children dancing.  The group will be playing at numerous other venues in the Chicago suburbs between now and the end of the year, should you wish to hear more of them.
Earlier this summer, the Village of Kildeer granted the Rotary Club of Long Grove,Kildeer and Hawthorn Woods a Commendation in recognition of their three year project to remove the noxious weed "teasel" from the intersection of Long Grove Road and Rand Road in Kildeer.  "Teasel" is a fast spreading weed, which grows up to six feet tall and one foot wide.  Every year the plant produces thousands of seeds which the wind can easily spread throughout an area.  The Commendation is in recognition of the outstanding volunteer spirit exhibited by the members of the Club on this multi-year project.    Previously, the Club had provided garden amenities to the Village of Kildeer which are still present at the Village Hall..  The project was spearheaded by founding Club member, George Dorner, of Kildeer, and Club member Sara Knight, also of Kildeer.  Long time Club sponsor, McGinty Bros Inc. Lawn & Tree Care, is assisting the group with the project.
Thanks to Jim Dopler, George Dorner and Don Biciste for planting flowers in the hanging baskets on the patio at Joanie's Pizza in Long Grove.  We also planted flowers in the 42 feet of raised planting bed along the pond side of the restaurant.  This is just a small token of our appreciation for Joanie, who opens her restaurant just for us each Tuesday morning, for our weekly meeting of the Rotary Club of Long Grove, Kileer and Hawthorn Woods..
The Rotary Club of Long Grove, Kildeer, and Hawthorn Woods recently donated their third Little Free Library (LFL) to the community, This time a new Library was installed at the Community Pool in Hawthorn Woods.  The new LFL blends well into the lush landscaping in the front on the venue.  It was painted in muted green colors to match the cedar trim of the Community Pool building.  It is surrounded by a wide variety of flowers and sculpture in every color you can imagine.  It is placed in between a bike rack and a bench, which makes for easy drop off or pickup of books by local residents.  It is near the left most entrance near the Community Center.  Thanks to Jim Dopler, Don Biciste, and the Village of Hawthorn Woods for pulling this project together.  This is the second LFL the Club has donated to Hawthorn Woods.  The first was installed last year at the Community Park at Quentin Road and Old McHenry Road. The other LFL donated by the Club was installed at the Foglia YMCA in Lake Zurich two years ago.
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