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Service Above Self

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Tuesdays at 12:30 PM
Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club
25 Pomander Road
Paget, Bermuda PG05
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The HRC will stage the Community Aid-Bermuda Shines on November, 27th 2020 through major
television media outlets.
HRC President, Graeme Henderson commented on the fund-raising project:
In our capacity as Rotarians we always strive to live up to our motto of,
“Service Above Self”.  In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic we have all suffered
major impacts to our normal way of life.  Those of us who are lucky have been
able to continue productively with our professional lives by leveraging technology
and working remotely without loss of income.  However there are many
throughout the community who have been much less fortunate and are in need
of community assistance and we aim to do the utmost we can to answer the call.
Proceeds from this worthwhile fundraising initiative will be put towards efforts to
provide support for the broad cross section of the community who have been
impacted by the COVID-19 restrictions to a disproportionally negative degree. 
This includes but is not limited to the vulnerable elderly who have both found
themselves isolated and socially disconnected due to their health safety
concerns.  Very often their despair is compounded by a lack of resources and or
the knowhow to utilize remote connectivity platforms that could allow them to
congregate electronically with loved ones and friends.    
There are also many on the island who are on the verge of destitution due to how
the pandemic has ravaged parts of the economy.  Through no fault of their own
these hard working Bermudians have had their livelihoods put on hold for an
indefinite period of time.  We are seeking to provide support for those and their
families who are most vulnerable at this time.  We ask that you see fit to aid us in
this very worthwhile endeavor to provide support for those in our local
community who need support the most at this time.
Graeme Henderson, President Hamilton Rotary Club.
Today Bermuda has more than 200 persons, up from 64 persons in 2002, with End Stage Renal Disease. The fight with CKD now costs more than 40 million BMD per year for approximately 200 patients. The cost equates to roughly 13,000 BMD per patient per month for hemodialysis. Diabetes and hypertension (HTN) are the two most prominent risk factors which are both manageable to some degree. It is estimated that around 9000 people in Bermuda are living with Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM).
Article by Onuri Smith, Warwick Academy
(Published in Royal Gazette April 26th 2019)
Greg Soars (Advisor), Sha-Lae Richardson, Onuri Smith, Cailey Longworth, Aisling Homan, Chance Anthony, Jaden Smith,
Jean Akol (Advisor), Fatima Pervez (Advisor), Morgan Mederios
The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards is an intensive experience organised by Rotary Clubs and Districts, where young people can develop leadership skills while having fun and making connections.
Proceeds will help to Educate, Inform & Screen for risk factors of Non-Communicable Diseases
The Bermuda Rotary Club (now the Hamilton Rotary Club) was sponsored for membership in the Rotary movement by the Rotary Club of New Rochelle in March, 1924.  The Rotary Club of New Rochelle was (and still) is part of District 7230 which includes the counties of the Bronx, Westchester, Staten Island and Manhatten.  It is not surprising, therefore, that the Hamilton Rotary club became and is still a part of District 7230.
Our Club was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Rochelle, N.Y., and became a member of Rotary International on February 6th, 1924.
The charter officers were: J.J. (Jack) Arnold, President J.J. (Joe) Outerbridge, Secretary Sir John (J.W.) Cox, Treasurer In March 1926. Our club was honoured by an official visit of the founder of Rotary, Paul Harris.
The President of Rotary International, Nitish C. Laharry of Calcutta, India, honoured the Rotary Clubs of Hamilton and St. Geroge by paying us an official visit in October 1962.  It was our privilege to sponsor the Rotary Club of St Georges in 1951, Rotary Club of Sandys in 1972 and Rotary Club of Pembroke in 1981.
The District Conference has been held in Bermuda six times 1933,1962,1969,1976,1982 and 1988.
The Rotary Interact Club of Hamilton has received its Charter from Rotary International, with District Governor Kris Chittur presenting the Charter to Club President Nadhiri Simons.
A spokesperson said, “President Nadhiri Simons, student at BHS, has assisted in enabling her Rotary Interact Club to receive its Charter recently from Rotary International.
(Bernews November 26th 2018)
President Dr Raphael extends his thanks to all of you who came to the wine tasting hosted by Rotarian Joy Lusher yesterday evening  to raise money to finance the Mitooma Literacy Project  
The event was lovely with excellent French  wines bought from the Gosling Cellar , nice cheese, and also Magret de Canard (speciality of the South of France ) which was enjoyed by everybody .
The crowd  was diverse  in addition of the members of our club we had  a lot of potential Rotarians and Rotarian from other clubs in Bermuda .
Once again thank-you Rotarian Joy Lusher for allowing us to have an excellent evening while helping 182 students from less fortunate shore .
We shall be midway through the goal for this fundraising campaign  and more donors are still undecided .
Mrs Emma Outteridge committed to a lifelong partnership with the African school KAASO (Kabira Adult Attention and School for Orphans)  in 2009. With the help of President Greg Soares of Hamilton Rotary Club, Rebecca Roberts  of RenaissanceRe, she raised $17,500 to build a water collection system there last year.

Hamilton Rotary Club and Hannover Re Put Project Action Back Behind the Wheel in New Van for Senior-

( Article from BermudaReal ) 

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