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Our Club was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Rochelle, N.Y., and became a member of Rotary International on February 6th, 1924. The charter officers were: J.J. (Jack) Arnold, President J.J. (Joe) Outerbridge, Secretary Sir John (J.W.) Cox, Treasurer In March 1926, our club was honoured by an official visit of the founder of Rotary, Paul Harris. The President of Rotary International, Nitish C. Laharry of Calcutta, India, honoured the Rotary Clubs of Hamilton and St. Geroge by paying us an official visit in October 1962. It was our privalege to sponser the Rotary Club of St Georges in 1951, Rotary Club of Sandys in 1972 and Rotary Club of Pembroke in 1981. The District Conference has been held in Bermuda six times 1933,1962,1969,1976,1982 and 1988.