Speaker Date Topic
Zoom Meeting, George Lipovetzky May 20, 2021
My COVID-19 Story

This presentation will be a powerful and personal follow-up to the very informative talk Dr. Hilda Duran gave our club on May 6. When our own Liliana Chocarro heard that her ex-husband, George Lipovetzky, had contracted COVID-19, she turned to Dr. Duran for help and advice. Liliana credits Dr. Duran with saving George's life.

Now, George will share with us his own personal experience with COVID-19: his symptoms, treatment, and recovery, as well as the local resources that he discovered while on this challenging journey.

We thank George for openly sharing his story, and Liliana for her determination to educate and inform as many people as possible about the precautions and interventions we can all take to stay safe and well in the face of this public health emergency.

Zoom Meeting, Bruce Friesen May 27, 2021
Club Assembly, International Committee

This is the second installment in the annual Club Assembly update, the time of year when each committee chair gives us an overview of their committee's mandate, recent activities, and ongoing projects.

This week's focus is on International Service, presented by Bruce Friesen. Join us to find out what you didn't know about what some of your fellow members have been up to.

Zoom Meeting, Turnover Party Jun 24, 2021