Donation to the Oakville Trafalgar Hospital

From Oakville Trafalgar Hospital to the Oakville Relief Funders:
I just wanted to follow up with you with regards your donation. We received the mannequin a few weeks ago and have had several training sessions. With this mannequin we can manipulate the airway to provide varying levels of difficulty ranging from very easy to nearly impossible. It has allowed us to train both the new staff and the very experienced staff. The mannequin is placed in a dedicated room within the ER allowing us to practice intubating at any time. We also organize several training sessions in small groups where we run through multiple simulated scenarios with physicians, nurses and respiratory therapists. We use software to manipulate the monitors allowing us to simulate stressful situations forcing a physician to complete a difficult intubation/resuscitation with a near critical oxygen level. By repeatedly doing these training situations in small groups we have improved our ability to handle difficult real-life resuscitations which we continue to encounter in the ER. We expect to see an increase number of these cases in the coming weeks with the staged re-opening of business.
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COVID-19 Response from RCO In DR

Thanks to your help and donations, we are able to support many communities locally and globally. 
As an example of our international contributions here is an update from one of the many projects our club supports in the Dominican Republic and a message from John M. Wright Charitable Foundation:

Week 6 update

‘This is our 6th week of Distribution, this week being larger than normal, 458 families plus 100 additional received a bag o bread. We hope to sustain at least 2 more weeks. Had donation from cement Co. so we added 250 families. last week was a double for Nuevos Horizontes will repeat them again next week.

Basic basket is 20 lb rice, 5 lb beans 1 qt oil.

We received for the past few weeks 100 - 150 bags of bread that we have given in other communities and families in need.

Thanks for thinking of us and those in need.




And another great update for week 7 from our partners in the Dominican Republic :

‘ the Dominican Republic has begun a multi phase economic reopening as of Wed. 20 May. Basically curfew relaxed, now 7pm to 5am. Many businesses other than restaurants, bars may open now. Mandatory masks and procedures for dealing with customers and distancing. The news promoted a huge increase of folks walking on the Malecon (ocean drive) and the traffic is back to normal, we might miss some of the peace and quiet! Signs people really want to get back to their lives, as they do everywhere. We will be making our final and 8th week of distributions next week. ‘


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COVID-19 Relief at Our Own Rotary Buildings

Here’s some more happy news from the GM of our Rotary Buildings, Melanie Warrington:

‘Yesterday was our weekly Food For Life program and it was the biggest delivery that we’ve ever seen!! I cannot even begin to explain to you how grateful our residents at both buildings are for this food delivery. For our seniors, it means they do not need to risk venturing out and for our families, it means food will be on the table even if their income has been cut drastically right now. The appreciation is unending.

As well, yesterday’s delivery included 100 “Messages in a Bottle” that was an initiative started by the @townofoakville for our seniors residents. 
We distributed 80 bottles to the residents at Stewart Street and 20 bottles to our seniors at Normandy. The joy that these bottles brought our seniors was overwhelming! It was such a meaningful gift at this very difficult time.

All in all, yesterday was a VERY busy but heartwarming day for me and the staff, who ALL helped out in organizing and distributing. Once again, so very grateful for each and every one of them!!

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Game Changer: George Farrow

On a cold December morning, and as the snow gently blew onto our town casting a blanket of white velvet, I arrived at George Farrow’s residence to interview him on behalf of our club. A cozy home privately nestled in the midst of Gloucester Avenue in Oakville’s old town, the unique design of the house with its meandering pathway leading to a secret garden, casts a spell on its visitors – designed with deliberate charm by George Farrow. Bundled up from the snow, I reached out to the doorbell at the side of the front door. Almost instantly, the side door was pulled open. “This is our family entrance. Welcome!” George beckoned me in and swiftly whisked away my coat and scarf in the manner of the attentive genial host that he is. George’s wife and lifetime partner, Diane, was in the kitchen. A quiet woman that carries an effortless air of charm, her refined elegance gave her a majestic flare. I was welcomed into a quick warm embrace and then with the grace of a ballerina, Diane turned on her heels and said, “Right, I will leave you to it,” disappearing swiftly into the house. George and I made our way in.
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The Power of One Series - Frank Morewood

Game Changer: Frank Morewood
  • DOB. 03/11/1934
  • Lives in Oakville
  • Married to Jean Anne
  • Three sons, five grandchildren 
  • Jean Anne has one son 2 daughters 8 grandchildren 
  • Worked at Sun Life Financial until end of November 1999
  • Rotarian since end of 1999 
I joined The Rotary Club of Oakville in 1999, shortly after I had reached Sun Life’s mandatory retirement age.  Three years later I went to my first Rotary District Conference.  One of the seminars at this conference was about Polio Plus.
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Leading up to our 2019 Speaker Series event on May 27 which will feature Canadian journalist, documentary filmmaker, and human rights activist, Sally Armstrong, we are introducing fellow Rotarians and members of the local community, who are all game changers in their own right. 
To secure your ticket to see, hear and meet Sally Armstrong on May 27, please click here for more information. 

If the term ‘game changer’ is applied to someone who is a visionary, someone who can radically change a situation, someone who has the potential to transform an entire community via one service project, then it can be said Judy Warrington is a game changer!

Judy's own granddaughter Emmy Soeder, whose entire family is involved in Rotary, has even founded a Rotaract club in Oakville which now boasts about a dozen members.

Not only is Rotary a family affair for Judy, but a community one that spans a network of people from Oakville to the Dominican Republic and beyond — from those in the office of a company president, to the custodian to residents who hear about the cause and donate.

THE POWER OF ONE SERIES - JUDY WARRINGTON, PART 2 Dieter Staudinger 2019-04-14 04:00:00Z 0 Game Changer,Judy Warrington,Sally Armstrong,The Power of One

The Power of One Series - Judy Warrington, Part 1

Leading up to our 2019 Speaker Series event on May 27 which will feature Canadian journalist, documentary filmmaker, and human rights activist, Sally Armstrong, we are introducing fellow Rotarians and members of the local community, who are all game changers in their own right. 
To secure your ticket to see, hear and meet Sally Armstrong on May 27, please click here for more information. 

If the term ‘game changer’ is applied to someone who is a visionary, someone who can radically change a situation, someone who has the potential to transform an entire community via one service project, then it can be said Judy Warrington is a game changer!
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Rotarian of the Month August 2016

Posted by Klaus Simon on Aug 25, 2016
Rotarian of the Month August 2016:
Rod Craig
Rodley: 1969 to 1988

Rod was born in 1969 in Rodley, which is a village in the City of Leeds metropolitan borough, West Yorkshire, England. Rodley is situated within the Bramley and Stanningley ward of Leeds, inside the Leeds Outer Ring Road, 5 miles (8.0 km) north-west from the city centre and 4 miles (6.4 km) north-east from Bradford.  Rod lived with his four siblings in Rodley until 1988. Here’s a school photo from c.1976 - the tall one is Jeff, in the front from r. are Rod, Sarah and Jim.

Rod was schooled in Rodley, Intake and then Leeds. Already at the tender age of 7, he developed an affinity to math, numbers and money and he became one of the younger customers of the local Post Office, where he opened his first savings account.  Obviously, an accountant was in the making!
Student life

Rod studied at Liverpool Polytechnic (which became Liverpool John Moores University 1992) and he graduated in 1991 with a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting & Finance.
                                                                                                                               The hungry scholar
Nice hair style !  What happened                                                                                                                       
to the beard ?
          upscale accommodation                                                                                                                                                                      
During his years at Liverpool Polytechnic School of Business & Law Rod met the love of his life, Jullie Hands, who pursued a law degree at the same school. Their relationship started in 1990 and they have been together ever since.
2 proud graduates: Rod Craig & Jullie Hands
After graduating in 1991 Rod worked for three accounting firms, preparing and auditing financial statements and income tax returns. His client base comprised small and medium sized owner managed businesses. During this time Rod studied to become a Chartered Accountant and he was awarded his designation in 1996. In 2000 he became a Partner with Burrow & Crowe.
John Gordon Walton: 1991 –1996, Leeds
Mazars 1996 –1997, Leeds
            Burrow & Crowe 1997-2005, Leeds
  Audit Manager 1997 -2000, Partner 2000 -2005

Some more family snaps!
The Craig clan 20 years on (Alex, Jeff, Rod, Jim and Sarah c. 1996)
The Craig clan another 5 years on (c. 2001). “It was a special occasion as Jeff was visiting from Melbourne and Jim was visiting from Gateshead. At that time the rest of us lived in Leeds.” (Rod’s nephew Matthew Pritchard is the one sat in the plant pot holder!).
In 2006 Rod and Jullie relocated to Worcestershire. Rod decided to broaden his professional experience and became a recruiter of Chartered Accountants. In 2008, at the start of the global financial crisis, Rod moved into industry and worked for a self-storage franchisor.
Sphere Group 2006 –2008
Recruitment Consultant

Storage King 2008 –2011
Financial Controller

Another change, after Rod’s move to Worcestershire                                 
December 9, 2006:                                                                                               
Jullie & Rod tie the knot !
       the newly weds
Mr. & Mrs. Craig sen. at Rod’s and Jullie’s wedding
in Chaddesley Corbett, Worcestershire.
Back to life.......................

In April 2011 Jullie accepted an offer from RSA to relocate to Newfoundland to take a senior position with RSA Canada’s subsidiary, Johnson Inc., which is based in St. John’s.
St.John's, NF
In April 2011 Jullie accepted an offer from RSA to relocate to Newfoundland to take a senior position with RSA Canada’s subsidiary, Johnson Inc., which is based in St. John’s.
Initially Rod was hired by Oceanic Consulting Corporation on a 12 months contract. Six weeks into his term, Oceanic was acquired by one of the largest private groups in Canada and Rod helped the previous owners with the sale negotiations and then helped the new owners with the post-acquisition integration. Rod used this time of transition well and advanced his education towards becoming a Canadian CA.

In April of 2012 he then joined Bluedrop Performance Learning as Chief Financial Officer. In June of that year he helped Bluedrop to open the Toronto Stock Exchange.
                                                                           Newfoundland: a bit colder than in the UK !
Meanwhile Jullie advanced at RSA and received a call to relocate to Toronto at the end of 2014.
They quickly found a beautiful house in Oakville, where they have happily resided ever since.
Professionally Rod is working hard to build his own business as a VIRTUAL CFO:
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Rotarian of the Month - January 2016: Jean Wettlaufer

Posted by Klaus Simon on Jan 13, 2016
Rotarian of the Month - January 2016
Jean Wettlaufer
Jean Wettlaufer lives in her cozy old village house on Old Bronte Road at HWY 5, not too far from Oakville's brand new hospital. The village house was built in 1911 and is - since 1925 - in the family of her late husband Ron (of German origin), who passed away in 1992. Jean moved in, when she and Ron got married in 1964 , and has lived there ever since. She is often visited by her children Ann and Mark and her two grandchildren Rachel (14) and Dylan (11) as well as by numerous friends. Her beautiful (half-) Dalmatian named Murphy is a faithful companion of hers.
Her  house is not just a family home, it is also a place with a long family tradition of 5 generations.
Once in the center of rich agricultural land the house nowadays is surrounded by modern highrises, yet it still makes you feel the charming ambience of simpler and more quiet times long gone.
Jean is a retired teacher having started in kindergarten and over time experienced the challenges of educating all elementary grades.. She was principal of Oakville's Brookdale, Woodside, Falgarwood, and E. J. James public schools. She taught the Principal’s course for York University.
Since 1996 Jean is retired but she by no means rests in her armchair; instead she plays an active role in  a number of  organizations. Other than in Rotary she is a member of CFUW (Canadian Federation of University Women), where she participates in hiking and other activities. She regularly attends meetings of the Bloomsbury Group, where a wide range of cultural topics such as art, literature, music and others are being discussed. Jean visits the Joshua Creek Art & Heritage organization, which focuses on supporting young artists of all fields. Last but not least she enjoys listening to classical music and playing bridge regularly.
And then there is Rotary. Jean Wettlaufer has an impressive track record as a Rotarian. She joined - sponsored by our former member and Past District Governor John Graham - the Rotary Club of Oakville North as a charter member in 1989. In 1995-1996 she served as its President. She lived through the merger of her club with the Rotary Club of Oakville. She is currently a member of the Board as Director for "New Generations".
Given her professional background it doesn't come to anyone's surprise that her passion is directed to all Rotary matters relating to youth. As such she is a driving force behind the high school student bursaries program, which has been supported by all Oakville Rotary Clubs for a number of years.
As to the future of our Club Jean sees accelerated fundraising efforts as top priority. A pre-condition is a clearly defined project, which has all the members' unconditional backing. A high profile project, properly publicized to the general public will attract new members, which would allow spreading the work load amongst a bigger number of shoulders. The venue, which topic is frequently being discussed amongst members, is not a high priority topic on Jean's list.
When you first meet Jean Wettlaufer, she strikes you as very modest and low-key, but talk to her and you get to know  a lady of wisdom, culture and class. She is not a person of big words but rather focuses on  substance and has a good sense of humor. What she says in her calm and gentle way is right to the point. This is noteworthy in a time where too many people talk too much but say very little.
The Rotary  Club of Oakville is blessed by having Jean Wettlaufer on its Board of Directors. She will be an influential factor in the effort of bringing the Club up to speed. Her long career as a teacher and administrator has given her wisdom and a profound fund of resources for dealing with problems of all kinds. Her many years with Rotary, at times rather bumpy than smooth, and her commitment to the good cause will help her to make valuable contributions to the future of our Club.
This portrait was written by Klaus H.Simon after an enlightening interview with Jean in December of 2015.
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DB Will Pugh_speech to RoC Nov 2, 2015

Will Pugh – District Govenor 7080  2015-2016
Speech at the Rotary Club of Oakville on November 2, 2015
I am never quite sure of what the District Governor has to say to a Rotary club, and I am still learning, this is the 5th iteration of this presentation, please let me know if I should edit it again.
I think my job is to present the “big picture” of Rotary International to our clubs, and, at a district level, to ask each of you to consider these district position as the resources of one club generously shared among many clubs. 
So, the big picture. 
Each year the Rotary International President sets a “theme” for that year, a motto to generate thought, discussion, action.
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Rotary Flashback 3

Posted on Nov 26, 2015

Rotary Flashback 3                                

written by Bob Dodds

In 1992-93 I served as President of a Rotary Club with 115 members with a demographic of many members in the 35 to 45 year old age range, most with families. Several years before that, Rotary in North America had finally allowed women to be in Rotary. We had a cadre of 15 to 20 very active members in our Club who were adamantly opposed to having women in Rotary and had pledged to leave our club and start another if a woman became a member of our Club. Every in-coming President dreaded the possibility that the first woman in our Club would happen in their year.

It happened in my year. I simply treated it as a non-event and welcomed her as any other male Rotarian would have been welcomed. To the credit of the cadre of 15 to 20 members, in the true spirit of Rotary, they reversed their stand and felt that it was not fair to the first woman member to be the only female in the Club and they became the biggest advocates to find more women members, something at which they were successful.


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Rotary Clubs Online Auction....

Posted by Klaus Simon on Nov 10, 2015
The annual online Rotary auction, a joint project with the Oakville Trafalgar,  Milton, Mississauga Lakeshore and Kitchener clubs, started on November 7 and ends on November 21. To make sure the public knows about this event their marketing program kicked into high gear.  You may see road signs around town advertising the event, or notice signs on the local busses, or you may have seen Denyse Tyndall who was interviewed by COGECO TV (to view the video, please click here). 
It was a prime opportunity to pitch RCOT's two major fundraising events: Ribfest and the Internet Auction.  The backdrop shows one of their lawn signs, highlighting the Web site address. 
Also, over the coming two weeks, if you listen to Fresh radio, you may hear one of our radio ads.
To view what items are on the auction, check us out at Our auction beats both Black Friday and Boxing Day shopping.
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RCO joins CanadaHelps for ease of donations

Posted by Susan Howard on Jan 17, 2013

Donate Now Through!

To make donations to the Rotary Club of Oakville and/or their Dominican Republic Projects, just click on the link above.  Be sure to choose the correct Designated Fund.

If you are making a donation/pledge on behalf of a participant of a GoSeeDo trip to the Dominican Republic please be sure to note the participants name.  We cannot send notices or cards to recipient in regards to your donation.

You can use your credit card and receive a tax receipt immediately!  It's that easy.

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Rotary Club of Oakville's donation will buy five defibrillators

Posted by Susan Howard on Dec 28, 2011

Reprinted from Oakville Beaver - December 9, 2011

Rotary donation will buy five defibrillators. Dr. Lorne Martin, left, receives a defibrillator from Wayne Snyder president of Rotary Club of Oakville, and Ralf Soeder incoming president of Rotary Club of Oakville. Rotary Club of Oakville announced a major gift pledge to the new Oakville hospital campaign that will fund five defibrillators for the hospital. Michael Ivanin/Oakville Beaver.

They deliver a shock that can bring people back from the brink of death and now Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH) will have more of them — thanks to a $100,000 donation from the Rotary Club of Oakville.

Club President Wayne Snyder announced, Friday, the Rotary Club of Oakville will donate $100,000 over five years to fund the purchase of five life-saving defibrillators.

The donation will see the defibrillators added to the existing OTMH equipment, which will eventually be moved to the new Oakville hospital at Third Line and Dundas Street when it is completed in 2015.

“The Rotary Club of Oakville has got a long history of supporting the Oakville hospital starting back in the 1950s when the first hospital was built. As part of our commitment to the community being part of the new hospital and contributing capital equipment was something our club wanted to do,” said Snyder.

“Life saving equipment certainly fits with what we’re all about in terms of trying to make a difference in people’s lives. The hospital team identified defibrillators as a key piece of equipment, this fits with our budget and what we could afford to commit over five years, so this met both sides’ priorities very well. We are happy to do this and look forward to continuing to support the new hospital.”

Halton Healthcare Services Chief of Staff Dr. Lorne Martin talked about the importance of the defibrillators and why getting more of them is essential.

“These are life saving instruments. We use these to shock the heart when a person has a cardiac arrest and these can actually return a person to life. We also use them all the time to solve problems with a patient’s cardiac rhythm. When patients come in with their heart beating too fast, which can be quite dangerous, we use the defibrillator at a lower level to change the heart’s rhythm back to normal. We use these almost every day,” said Martin.

“We are moving to a new hospital, which is 1.5 million square feet in size, more than three times the size of this building. When a person has a cardiac arrest, the thing that will create the greatest chance of saving that person’s life is getting the defibrillator to them sooner. So as we move into that bigger building we need more of these because we have to get them to the patient within 60 seconds no matter where they are in the building.” 


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Rotaract Club Prom Dress Soccer Event - August 27th

Posted by Susan Howard on Aug 28, 2011

 Congratulations to the Rotaract club for a successful first fundraiser.  They raised $1000 for Kerr Street Ministries.



The Organizing Team: Rotaract Club Members

Including: Chris Reynolds (RYLA), Emmi Soeder (RYLA), Cindy Yeung (RYLA), Laura Tomkins (RYLA) 
with the "Lady in Red" Ralf! and Sponsor RCOW Club Liaison Ed Sweeney
The Warrington - 3 Generations Tutu Crew 
CYAN team includes Dianna Dinevski (RCOT) with her children and friends
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Oakville's New Rotaract Club to be chartered soon Susan Howard 2011-08-17 00:00:00Z 0
Highlights from Bill Gates Speech at RI convention - Polio Plus Susan Howard 2011-06-05 00:00:00Z 0
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Shelter Box Tsunami Earthquake Response Team Deployed

Posted by Susan Howard on Mar 15, 2011

ShelterBox Response Team members are on the ground in Japan less than 24 hours after the earthquake and tsunami struck yesterday. Rotarians Lasse Petersen, Mark Pearson, John Diksa and David Eby are now working with local authorities to assess the areas of most need. 

Police in Japan say that 215,000 people have fled their homes, and there are reports that whole villages have been swept away.  Tens of thousands of people in the area surrounding the Fukushima 1 nuclear power plant, where a large explosion occurred, have also been urged to evacuate, compounding the need for emergency shelter.  


Significant loss of life and widespread damage has occurred and emergency shelter requirements will be a priority as overnight temperatures fall below freezing.


Speaking from Tokyo, Mark Pearson said: Our efforts will initially be focused on Japan's north where the worst affected areas are.  We have aid ready to move as soon as we establish where the greatest need is".  ShelterBox maintains a pre-positioned stock of boxes at key locations around the world enabling the organization to repond quickly to requests for aid for families in need. 



ShelterBox Canada urgently appeals for your donations to support the multiple crises to which we are responding and for stock replenishment. Your donation will ensure our continued readiness to respond rapidly, providing families in desperate need with life-saving shelter and equipment.




ShelterBox Canada

159 Jane Street. Office 2

Toronto, Ontario

M6S 3S5


toll free 1-855-875-4661

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Rotary is "This Close"

Posted by Susan Howard on Feb 20, 2011

After more than 25 years of hard work, Rotary and its partners are now "This Close" to eradicating polio, and a wide array of public figures and celebrities have signed on to help Rotary spread the word.

Headlined by Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates, this diverse lineup of influential leaders and personalities includes Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, action movie star Jackie Chan, conservationist Jane Goodall, premier violinist Itzhak Perlman, Grammy Award winners A.R. Rahman, Angelique Kidjo and Ziggy Marley, golfing great Jack Nicklaus, and peace advocate Queen Noor of Jordan.

In a series of print, broadcast and outdoor public service advertisements each uses a simple hand gesture to show Rotary is "This Close" to wiping out polio worldwide. Nicklaus, Perlman and Tutu are themselves survivors of this crippling disease. Broadcast television commercials feature a mix of celebrities and non-celebrities around the world saying, "We are this close to making history. We are this close to changing the world. We are this close to ending polio—all we need is you."

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Opportunities for Service in the DR with Judy Warrington and Power Trips

Posted by Susan Howard on Feb 20, 2011
 Article from “The Lakeshorian” a newsletter from the Rotary Club of Montreal-Lakeshore - February 15, 2011


Our guest speaker was introduced by Art. Eric Lasota is a retired Phys Ed teacher from Lower Canada College. As a techer he was very active in promoting community service among students. Since retiring in 2008 he has been to France and Spain and has walked over 2400 km on the Chemin de Compostelle, the famous pilgrim walking routes from the tomb of SaintJames in NW Spain to several destinations in France.

Eric is active in his parish of St. Veronica’s in Dorval. He has been on service trips to Liberia, Guyana and the Dominican Republic and last Tuesday he told us about his trip to the DR.

He thanked Knud for inviting him to speak to us. He spoke about Judy Warrington, from the Rotary Club of Oakville (Ontario). As part of its Opportunities for Service Committee, her district, D7080, coordinates a variety of Hands-on Humani-tarian Missions in West Africa, India, Mexico, the Caribbean and South America.

Judy, who is a 3-time Paul Harris Fellow and Woman-of-the-Year award winner, has made 22 visits to the Dominican Republic, where she works with local Rotarians to conduct adult skills training workshops in DR communities around Puerto Plata and Santiago, DR. She has been made an honorary citizen of the city of Moca in northern DR. She founded Power Trips, an organization that takes young people to the Dominican Republic to improve lives, including their own. Power Trips’ motto is “Go. See. Do.” The July 2009 issue of Rotary Canada magazine carried an article describing a service trip by 90 high school students and teachers from across Canada to repair four schools in a rural area outside of Moca. Each student also contributes $500 toward the purchase of materials needed for the school renovations. Architect Luis Bolivar donated his services to design the new school.

Eric told us that 4% of the DR government budget was allocated for schools but only about half of that actually gets used for that purpose. However, there is a program that will provide the funds to pay a teacher if outside resources can be found to build a new classroom.

Eric told us about his experience in the DR. As an example of the poverty he saw there, he told us that school uniforms are often the best clothes that children own.

The medical conditions are deplorable, he observed. He saw a man who had slashed his hand with a machete. The hand was in the late stages of gangrene and the man was either going to lose his hand, his arm or his life.

Homes get electricity by tapping into overhead power lines

He was very impressed with the students, who did hands-on hard work, such as a bucket brigade of gravel to make cement for the concrete roof of a new school. Eric told us he has since approached his MP for help to pay for that roof.

Everything in the DR is musically oriented. Visits from “foreigners” is an excuse to have a special party, with music and dancing

He had put together a slide show but we were unable to connect his MacBook to our projector.

“Why did I go down there?” he asked. “To rub shoulders with Judy, to attend a Rotary meeting, to get involved in the hands-on humanitarian service she provides.”

His biggest regret? “That I had no Spanish. This year I have bought Rosetta Stone® Spanish for Latin America. It’s the best way to learn a new language.”

He thanked our club, and especially Knud, for our financial assistance, and told us he plans to return to the Dominican Republic for 6 weeks at the end of this month. He will spend two weeks with each of three groups of students, from Montreal, Toronto and Western Canada.

Eric was thanked by Bob for enlightening us about a poverty-stricken country where Rotary and non-Rotarians, working together, are making a difference.


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Club Elections

Posted by Susan Howard on Oct 28, 2010

To all Rotary Club of Oakville Members: 


Our Co-Presidents, Len Warrington and Mari Reynolds, respectfully request nominations from the Club members for Club President and members of the board for the Rotary year July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012. 


The nominating committee will be chaired by Alistair Yule.  Nominations must be received by the nominating committee before November 15, 2010, 2 weeks before the Annual General Meeting which will be held on November 29th 


According to the Rotary Club of Oakville bylaws: 


"The nominations may be presented by a nominating committee or by members from the floor, or by both.  All nominations, whether made by the nominating committee or by members from the floor, must have the previous consent of the nominee. 


The nominating committee shall consist of the seven most recent past presidents of the club who are still active members. The chair of the nominating committee shall be the committee member whose presidential term preceded that of all the other committee members."

Mari Reynolds & Len Warrington, Co-Presidents
The Rotary Club of Oakville

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Are you on Facebook? Do you Tweet?

Posted by Susan Howard on Jul 22, 2010

If you are a facebook fan check out the Group "Oakville Rotarians" or The Rotary Club of Oakville.  Or if you a "Tweeter" follow @rotary for the lastest on Rotary International.


web counter

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Rotary Club of Oalkville, - Community Survey George How Pak Hing 0

A Postcard from Rudy

Posted by Susan Howard

Rudy sent this message while on a visit to Jordan:

During my visit to see my Dad, I had the opportunity to attend a couple of meetings with the Rotary Clubs here. In the meantime, a visit from RI President John Kenny was visiting and I had the opportunity to meet and talk to him about our Rotary Club of Oakville during a Gala Dinner hosted by the Rotary Clubs here. It was an excellent evening and everyone was eager to hear about RCO and our projects.

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Camp Enterprise will change your life!

Posted by Susan Howard

As reported in local Snap Oakville newspaper:

How could a four day, three night camp change my life and that of 49 other students from Oakville and Burlington? Who knew that this camp would open our minds to new opportunities and new paths that would help us reach our new found goals? It was with the help of sincere speakers like Sunny Daljit and Donna Messer, who provided us with a boost of confidence that we became 49 less confused teens from Oakville and Burlington.
It was an amazing experience in terms of mapping out our life for the future. All of the activities were fun and related to business in an easy to understand way. We learned that Rotarians are all very special people, and they made us aware that we, the GenY's are also special. It truly was a great opportunity for all of us. I recommend that anyone who gets the privilege of attending Camp Enterprise should not pass up this fabulous opportunity.
Believe me, "This Camp Will Change Your Life!"

Camp Enterprise will change your life! Susan Howard 0

Able Sail Rotary Challenge

Posted by Susan Howard

Come on out to LaSalle Park Marina on
Saturday, June 26th from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and
watch the Hamilton, Oakville and Burlington Rotarians partake in fun, exciting sailboat races! 
Catch the friendly Mayoral Challenge at 2:00 p.m.  Bet on the Burlington Mayor or the Hamilton Mayor! 
Join us for a BBQ lunch in the Beer Garden at the Clubhouse.
Cheer on your favourite sailors!  Enjoy great food and beer!
Help Able Sail raise funds for another successful season.
Contact Mary Dilly 905-681-3088 for more information.

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Oakville Rotary funds Hope for Haiti

Posted by Susan Howard

The Rotary Club of Oakville is proud to support the Containers of Hope for Haiti to help Haiti's earthquake victims.  The Oakville Club voted to supply a group of local Oakville residents, including some Rotarians, with $1500 to make up a shortfall of funds required to send the container off as soon as possible.

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Life Cycle - Interact Initiative

Posted by Susan Howard
Dear Rotarians,
My name is Simon Harmgardt. I am a Grade 10 student and the president of Blakelock High School's Interact Club. I have an interest in environmental philanthropy and last year began an initiative called 'Life Cycle'.
The goal of Life Cycle is to save bikes that are destined for the landfill site and to fix them up and provide them to needy people, both locally and in the Third World. It's totally incredible the numbers of really good bikes (most need very minor repairs) that people are throwing away, when they are considered like gold in other parts of the world. Having a bike can make a tremendous difference in the lives of needy people , especially in the Third World. For most of them, it is there only means of transportation to get to work, market and school.  Entire families must share one bike  - and in many cases even that's considered fortunate.
Thus far, I have provided 35 bicycles for distribution in the Dominican Republic. Incredibly, some of the bikes have been used by teenage Dominican boys to start their own micro-business - renting out bikes to people in their village. The boys now have a way to earn a positive source of income that helps not only themselves but also their families. Since then I have repaired another 50 bikes. These will be destined not only overseas, but also distributed locally this May through an Oakville 'bike fair'  planned collectively by Safetynet, the United Way, Halton Police and Community Youth Action Network to help youth in the Oakville area who are who are financially unable to afford a new bike. 
If anyone is interested in donating a used bike please contact me at 
To veiw more pictures click here: Life Cycle Initiative pictures
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Shelter Boxes Canada aids Haiti

Posted by Susan Howard

News from Shelter Box Canada:

They have dropped the price of a Canadian ShelterBox to $1000.00 effective January 13, 2010 since the Canadian Dollar is about on par with U.S. dollar.

ShelterBox England is shipping in excess of 10,000 boxes per year and intends to increase that number each year. Consequently the price is not going up to equip each box, but rather is dropping in some cases due to increased purchasing power of our combined donations from different countries.

Haiti is going to be a major deployment of ShelterBox resources so this is the opportune time to come out with a better pricing plan for Canada and to allow more donors to purchase boxes.

256 ShelterBoxes that were dispatched from the prepositioned stock in Curacoa on Wednesday are due to touch down in Haiti late this afternoon, Haitian time, providing the plane they are on is cleared to land. However, the situation in Port au Prince is extremely fluid and logistics are changing minute by minute.

Aid workers for the international disaster relief charity ShelterBox have been in Port au Prince since Thursday and have been working around the clock assessing the most effective ways to distribute the much needed aid. The ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) members David Eby (US), Wayne Robinson (US) and Mark Pearson (UK) says the situation on the ground is frantic but they are doing all they can to make sure they deliver aid into Port au Prince as quickly as they can.

Shelter Box Canada is now using Canada Helps to collect their online donations.  You can now donate any amount to Shelter Box Canada through the Canada Helps Website and get a tax receipt right away.  Also Shelter Box is eligible to receive CIDA (Canadian Government matching funds).

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RI Float wins award at Rose Parade

Posted by Susan Howard
Local members of Rotary International service clubs donated their time over the past weeks to help decorate elaborate floats for the 121st Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena on Friday.

Rotary International's float titled "Service Above the Rest," took home the Tournament Volunteers' Award for Best Floral Design of Theme, 35 feet or less.

The float, 16 1/2 tall and 25 feet long, featured a giant teddy bear wearing a doctor's coat and holding a bouquet of roses.

Adorned with roses, gerbera daisies, iris and carnations, the float paid tribute to medical organizations dedicated to eradicating polio worldwide.
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Blakelock Interact Club's Donation

Posted by Susan Howard
The Oakville Humane Society will have pets that are both warm and clean thanks to the students of the Blakelock High School Interact Club! Their first project of the year was to collect used towels and blankets to donate to the Oakville Humane Society and a mini-van jam-packed with bags was delivered to the Humane Society – just in time for Christmas! Thank you, students! The animals will be very grateful for your support. An even better solution would be that every pet has a home for Christmas! Visit:
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RCO Annual General Meeting

Posted by Susan Howard

Take notice that the annual meeting of the members of the Rotary Club of Oakville will be held at Otellos, 2273 Royal Windsor Dr., Oakville, ON, on Monday the 30th day of November 2009 at the hour of 7:15 o'clock in the evening Eastern Standard time to:


  1. Receive and consider the annual report, the financial statements and the report of the auditor;
  2. Appoint auditors and authorize the directors to fix their remuneration;
  3. Appoint scrutineers and elect directors;
  4. Approve all of the acts and directions of the Board for the fiscal year ending June 20 2009 and
  5. Approve the motion proposed by the Board of Directors to institute the new membership level "Introduction to Rotary" for the purpose of attracting prospective new members.
  6. Transact such other business as may properly come before the meeting or any adjournment thereof.
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Christmas Chocolate Fundraiser

Posted by Susan Howard

RCO's newest Fundraiser is just in time for your Christmas giving!  

From Hostess Gifts, stocking stuffers and Corporate giving we have it all.  All chocolate items are fresh and hand-made locally in Oakville.  Beautifully wrap and all ready to give!  Check out the pictures of all the items at: Christmas chocolate fundraiser Photos

You can easily download and print the Order Form or forward it on to friends and family.

Remember to submit an order it must be accompanied by payment (cash or cheque)

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November is Rotary Foundation Month

Posted by Susan Howard

Have you made your 2009-10 gift to the Rotary Foundation?  Visit and in a few clicks, you can check "make annual contribution" off your list.  Contributing through the RI Web site is safe and secure.

Making regular contributions is even easier when you enroll in TRF-DIRECT.  Donors in Canada can automatically transfer funds from a chequing, savings or credit card account, eliminating the hassle of sending cheques through the mail.  You can choose the amount and frequency - monthly, quarterly or annually - and designate your contributions for either Polio-Plus or the Annual Program Fund.  Click here to download an Enrollment Form.

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Rotary Club of Oakville on the Move

Posted by Susan Howard
Beginning on November 2nd, the Rotary Club of Oakville will be moving to Otellos Special Event Centre at 2273 Royal Windsor Dr.  We will be require to give attendance numbers so please remember to register on line by 5 pm on the Friday previous to the meeting.
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100 Years of The Rotarian

Posted by Susan Howard

Rotary has teamed up with Google to make nearly 100 years of The Rotarian available free online.
Full-color, searchable scans of all issues of the magazine from 1959 to 2008 are now available through Google Books, with more issues to follow. The site is accessible from The Rotarian's page on the RI Web site.

Users can select from a gallery of issues organized by decade or click "Search all issues" to search the entire catalog for a word or phrase.
The collaboration is part of an initiative to make Rotary's historical resources more accessible to Rotarians worldwide.

"Google is doing all of the scanning and indexing to make the material searchable -- and at no cost to Rotary," says Stephanie Giordano, archivist for Rotary International.
More than 72,000 pages will be available once Google finishes scanning and uploading all 1,100 issues. The first issue was published in January 1911, when the magazine was called The National Rotarian

Try it for yourself. Browse past issues now.
For a history of the magazine and a preview of early issues, check out a photo gallery of The Rotarian through time.

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10% discount from Via Rail for Convention

Posted by Susan Howard

Via Rail has offered 10% discount off best available fare in all classes of service system-wide (exception of Economy Special (YS) and Business Supersaver (JX) fares), from June 10-30 2010, to and from Montreal for the Rotary International Convention.

Book your travel online with Travel Professionals International or at . Choose the best applicable fare plan for your travel needs. When reserving, choose 'Other special discounts' in the 'Discount Type' section, and enter '11762' in the 'Discount Code' section. No serial number is required; the fare will be discounted accordingly. Up to 3 additional passengers (family & friends) can receive the discount as long as they are travelling on the same date and train.

Note:  Economy special Fare (no discount applicable) cost from Toronto to Montreal Return is $144 including tax
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Rotary Centennial Postage Stamp

Posted by Susan Howard

Canada Post has announced that a Rotary postage stamp will issued.

Canada Post will issue a postage stamp in 2010 to commemorate the 100 years of Rotary in Canada.  The design of the stamp will be developed over the next few months.

This is GREAT NEWS for Rotary and the Rotary on Stamps Fellowship.

A special thanks to a host of diligent and patient Rotary Senior leaders and Rotarians who have worked as a team to make this possible.

Further details will be forthcoming as we move along towards our Centennial.

Rotary Centennial Postage Stamp Susan Howard 0

Message from John Kenny, RI President

Posted by Susan Howard

Except from August 2009 Rotarian: when we in Rotary speak about the importance of membership, I believe it of the utmost importance to bear in mind that the primary experience of Rotary, for the overwhelming majority of Rotarians, is of the club: of club meetings, club projects, and fellow club members.

When Paul Harris began the first Rotary club 104 years ago, he did not initially think of service. Instead, he had in mind a place where people of good character, intelligence, and morals could enjoy each other's fellowship and friendship. The service came later, as a natural outgrowth of the gathering of such people.

Every good Rotarian, every member who shares our core values, will make a club that much stronger, and that much more attractive for others to join. Unfortunately, it is also the case that bringing in the wrong person can have the opposite effect. Rotarians are and must be people of a certain caliber – people with the capacity to do great deeds, the sense to do them wisely, and the strength of character to do them honestly and well.

In the end, I believe that the best way to bring new members into Rotary is the way it has been done for generations: One member invites a carefully chosen friend, client, or colleague to a meeting and, if the match is a good one, proposes that individual for membership. This is the way that our clubs remain harmonious; it is the way that new clubs become old clubs, and new members become Rotarians for life.

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RI Service Above Self Award Winner

Posted by Susan Howard

Congratualtions to our District 7080 Past District Governor Doug Vincent who is the recipient of the 2008-09 RI Service Above Self Award. 

This is Rotary International's highest honour for individual Rotarians.  This award recognizes Rotarians who have demonstrated exemplary humanitarian service, especially those who have helped others through personal volunteer work and active involvement in Rotary.

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Member Ralf Soeder Gives Back to Community

Posted by Susan Howard
From the Oakville Beaver - July 10/09 edition:
Ralf Soeder of WSC Insurance Group presents W. H. Morden principal John Pennyfather and T. A. Blakelock principal Kevin Caughlin with a $3,000 cheque after receiving the cash from Sun Life Financial to donate to a charity of his choice, in recognition of Soeder's business accomplishments over the past 15 years.
The life-long Oakville resident, soccer coach and Rotary Club member handed it over the donation to the Halton Learning Foundation and specifically the two local schools. Morden will use the funds to support its breakfast program. Blakelock will use the cash to assist individual high school students who may come from financially disadvantaged families.
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Kids Go On A Power Trip

Posted by Susan Howard

The projects -- think of them as extreme school makeovers -- are completed through Power Trips, an organization founded by Judy Warrington of the Rotary Club of Oakville, Ontario, that takes young people to the Dominican Republic to improve lives in that country, as well as their own.

"They are the ones who are going to go on to be professionals, hopefully Rotarians," Warrington says during a trip in March, her 22nd since 2000. "They can be exposed here to the needs of the poorest of the poor."

Fulfilling the Power Trips motto -- "Go. See. Do." -- participants tour other sites during their two-week trip, including a public hospital and a senior centre, to get a better understanding of the country's needs.  

"For high school students to be able to do this is amazing because you can see how this is helping the community," says Katherine Wynne, 16, of Alberta, as she takes a break from her work at La Ermita school.  "They just don't have access [to social services] like we do."

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Changes to Paul Harris Fellow recogntion

Posted by Susan Howard
Paul Harris Fellow medallions will no longer automatically be sent to fellows, as of 1 July. Recipients who earn Paul Harris Fellow status by accumulating a recognition amount of US$1,000 will receive a personalized certificate and lapel pin, along with an order form with an option to purchase the medallion for $15. Medallions may be ordered through 847-866-4600 or online at Also starting in July, all Paul Harris Fellow certificates will include the End Polio Now logo until 30 June 2012, which is the duration of Rotary's $200 Million Challenge.
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Playground for Puerto Plato Hospital

Posted by Susan Howard
The Elliott Foundation announced the completion of a playground in the pediatric area at the Children's Wing of the Dr. Ricardo Limardo Public Hospital in Puerto Plata.
On Saturday, February 21st twenty five volunteers from Canada and Puerto Plata built a beautiful recreation area and playground for the children. It was a full day of hard work marked by enthusiasm and happiness in all the participants. At the end of the day it was ready for the kids to enjoy. 
Financing of this project was provided by the  Rotary Club of Oakville in Canada. The organization of the team of volunteers was in charge of Power Trips Inc. "Empowering Communities" ;  included in the delegation were students from various universities in the Province of Ontario.
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Marlatt/Rotary's Successful Golf Tournament

Posted by Susan Howard

The Sixth annual Marlatt and new Partner Rotary Club of Oakville's, Golf tournament on was held on September 29, 2008 and not only was it a great deal of fun but it was also a huge success!

Without the help from our friends we would not have been able to raise close to $40,000 on behalf of the Ian Anderson House and Rotary Club of Oakville.Thank you once again for your generosity.

Player Hole Sponsors:
John Zoppas, Simple Alternative Funeral Solutions - Cecile Debretan, Manulife Investments - Nilesh Patel, Oakville Insurance Brokers Ltd. - Graham Dunn, Manulife Financial Advisor Associate Advisor Program - Patrick Duffy, Blue Sun Inc - Jennifer Rice, Manulife Financial - Colin Kirby

Donation & Tee Sponsors:
Pat Priebe, Cliff Denny, Red Wilson,  AGF - Joanna Tejeda, CIBC Wood Gundy - Jim Wilhelm, Conmed Linvatec Canada - Miles Cooke, North Cast Parts Company Inc, Standard Life - Victor Rosa, Dr Peter Taylor - Michelle Taylor, Jeff Dickson, AGF - Joe Cesnik, CIBC - Joseph Smith & Brian Westlaken, Miller Thompson LLP - David Borges, Duggan Benefits Insurance Inc - Mike Duggan, Computechniques - Janice Tobia, J. Paul Bannon, Frank Restorick, Serre Financial Consulting Services Inc - Dennis Serre

A Special Thank you to all of you who donated prizes, raffle & silent auction items and came out to golf and show your support!

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Newest Paul Harris Fellows

Posted by Susan Howard

Congratulations to Linda Hill, Brad Amlin and Phyllis Kingsley our newest Paul Harris Fellows.  All three members are dedicated Rotarians and well deserving.

Linda Hill has served as RCON's secretary for the past 3 years as well as on Vocational and Community Service committees.

Phyllis has served on Vocational and Community Service committees and has been very involved with the Interact Club at Blakelock High School.

Brad has served as Fundraising chair as well as the final President of the Rotary Club of Oakville North. His calm level-headed leadership enabled a smooth transition for RCON members to the new club.  His company has been a major supporter of our Comedy Night and Cabaret fundraisers.

We are honoured to have them in our club.

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