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President's message 2021
Welcome all to 2021 and goodbye to 2020. It’s end marks a new beginning.
Welcome to our new Board members. Bob Schneider as Vice President, Judy Penman as secretary, Dave Dunbar as treasurer. And myself, Bill Houck as your sitting President. We will be working for the benefit of our members.
Here’s hoping that we will soon get back to normal. We will continue with our crafting activities and hopefully be able to expand our open hours. Of course, that would only be made possible by the many volunteers that we have for scheduling and monitoring duties.
We all look forward to our many social activities and hope that we will soon be able to participate in them again. Our annual picnic is scheduled for October 16, 2021 and so far it is a go. Be sure to read the weekly newsletter for updates.
I wish to thank our previous Board members that have done so much for the club.
Jim McLinn, Vice President and entertainment.
Shar Odya, Treasurer and monitor coordinator.  Maryalyce Skree, secretary, newsletter and  Zoom coordinator.
Thanks to all our members for their patience during these trying times and to those that have contributed so much for the club, too many to enumerate.
Let’s keep on keeping on.  Bill,.,.,.
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