The Z Club Wine Classes are intended to be both educational and productive for the members. Class fees are charged to cover the cost of the supplies. We want to help club membership learn the process of making wine. The resulting wine produced during the class will be for the students to take home or to share with the club, at their discretion.
Each class will be set up individually based on interest in the product being produced, volume needed, location of class by number of people, which will also establish cost for that class.
Once a class has enough people the first meeting will be to establish exactly what finished product everyone will be happy with. That gathering should be for tasting. It will consist of each person bringing examples of their ideas of what they would like to make for all to taste.
We understand some members have joined for the social aspect of the club. Our hope is for those people to at some point take a class if for nothing more that to better understand the product of their enjoyment. It has been suggested each person donate $5.00 to the club for attendance of the class.