Zymurgy Beer Brewing Page
Welcome from your Brew Master!!
This craft page is for ALL Beer Lovers !!  As our Club is both a social and a craft organization, we have programs to cater to both. 
If your interest is purely social, I encourage you to look into our monthly Beer Tastings.  If you are just thinking about looking into home brewing or just curious, check out the Z-Club Beer Classroom for free informational classes. And, if you can't wait to brew and taste your own creations, we have the Brewing System, equipment, and support to make that happen too.  I look forward to meeting and sharing a brew with you as you explore the tastes and flavors of a wide range of beer styles.
About Your Brew Master, Chris Odya - I am a relative newcomer to Arizona and Sun City West. 
Social Events
Beer Tastings: - (This is a recurring event on the Third Saturday of the Month)
The idea of these themed Beer Tasting events is simply to share some beers with fellow Z-Club members and to sample flavors and styles that you might not normally choose to try.  Whether you're a "Hop Head" or a "Malt Lover", a bit of both or just interested in trying something new, you may be surprised how often you'll discover a new favorite!
Z-Club Beer Classroom 
Classes for General Information and learning Craft Brewing are scheduled as needed.
Are you interested in observing a brew session on the Z-Club Brewing System to see what brewing is all about?  Do you want to test the waters and learn just enough so you can brew some beer to call your own? (We are set up to keep costs to a minimum).  Or do you want the whole enchilada? Simply click on the item(s) that interest you and forward the request to the Brew Master. 
General Information Classes:
1) Is craft brewing for me?
Intro to Brewing - An introductory overview of what's involved in craft brewing - Free
2) "Introduction to Extract Brewing" - A DVD on extract brewing (approximately 60 min.) - Free
3) "Introduction to All-Grain Brewing" - A DVD on all-grain brewing (approximately 60 min) – Free
Craft Brewing Classes:
Have you Registered as a Z-Club Brewer? If not, click here ==> Z-Club Brewer Registration
Have you Signed up as a Brew Buddy? If not, click here ==> Z-Club Brew Buddy
4) Brewing Basics - A beginner's level "How To" on Brewing Theory - $10
5) Z-Club System Cleaning - A hands-on pre-requisite to using the Z-Club system for brewing. – Free 
6) Z-Club System Brewing – A hands-on brew using the Z-Club System under the guidance of an experienced Z-Club brewer - $20
     - All-Grain… A "How To" on Mashing and Sparging
     - All-Grain and Extract… A “How To” on Brewing and Fermenting
NOTE: When requesting this Class, also submit a request to schedule a brew using the Z-Club Brew Scheduling Request.
7) Kegging – A hands on kegging of fermented beer under the guidance of an experienced Z-Club brewer - $5
8) Bottling – A hands on bottling of fermented beer (Keg Carbonated or Bottle Conditioned) - $5
Potential Future Craft Brewing Classes:
  1. Yeast – TBD
  2. Recipe Formulation - TBD
  3. Hops - TBD
Brew Scheduling
Based on the information provided in the Brewer's "Z-Club Brew Scheduling Request" the Brew Master will review the scheduled events calendar and the availability of fermentation space in determining when a brew date can be scheduled.  Also, all brewers must be familiar with the Z-Club Brewing Etiquette document.
Priority for assigning the next available brew date opening will be based on when the request is first received, first come first served.  If / when the demand for brew dates exceeds the Club's capacity for fermentation space this method may need to be revisited.
When your brew date has been scheduled, print out the Z-Club Brewing System Cleaning Checklist for completion during your brew... Forward to Brew Master after your brew.
Check out our Brewery Page for news, blogs, links, and recipes.
Meet Your Fellow Brewers
Click here to view complete listing: Z-Club Brewers list.
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Review Personal Profiles below.
Randall Pace - I began making wine in 1972 in the apartment in Chandler, AZ successfully decorating the kitchen wall and ceiling with red grape stains.