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  Welcome to Surfers Sunrise Rotary!

Surfers Sunrise

A great way to start the day

We meet In Person
Wednesdays at 7:15 AM
Surfers Paradise Surf Life Saving Club
Esplanade (Cnr Hanlan Street)
(Note: COVID restrictions permitting)
Surfers Paradise, SA 4217
Home Page Stories
OK, we can't take the credit for the superb weather... after some quite heavy rains on the weekend, the Gold Coast enjoyed the most perfect day imaginable.  Today's Rotary Surfers Sunrise Golf Day turned out in the very best way imaginable.  We had almost 100 players (see President Charles' message above), made up from some 13 Corporate Teams and 6 Rotary Teams from other clubs. At this stage, no results are available yet.  But we have the two major winners: Overall winners were the team of Steve Hamilton, Dave and Daniel Bisker and James Dayton (picture above), the winner of the Rotary Challenge (only open to Rotary Club teams) was the Rotary Club of Currumbin - Coolangatta - Tweed, with Bev & Eric Rosser, Jan Robertson and Ian Petherick. A photo album will be uploaded shortly. - more details in next week's bulletin.
A big thank you goes to President Charles Thomasson and Treasurer Doug Lipp who were the principal organisers, to all the sponsors and competitors, as well as the superb turnout of our members - too many to list - who helped on the day.  Well done all!
This coming Wednesday 28th October, our Past President Jo Winwood (now a member of the RC of Byron Bay) will present on one of her company's projects: alleviating loneliness, particularly for the elderly.  Yes! You can help! See you at the Surfers Paradise SLSC. Buy your breakfast in the downstairs bistro and take it upstairs to enjoy some fellowship prior to the meeting's start at 07:30 am sharp.
Some of our volunteers are “the quiet type” – Lionel Molloy fits that category admirably!  Born in Blenheim, in New Zealand’s Marlborough wine region, he trained as a Cabinet Maker.  But Australia beckoned… At age 20 he came across the ditch and… went shearing! This he did for some 20 years. During the off season, he worked in carpentry and forestry. At age 42, an opportunity came to work in the mines of Mt Isa, but 10 years later, ill health (a bad back and bad knees) forced him out. The Gold Coast was the obvious place to come.
One of my favourite questions to ask in an interview is “What books to you like?”  That’s where Lionel dropped his bombshell: “I am a Dyslexic. I can’t read, nor write.” So here goes proof that a severe disability does not prevent somebody from being an active contributor to society. But one can compensate: outside of work, he enjoys listening to Country & Western music, his favourite artist is Tina Turner (yes, she is simply the best!), or watching movies, preferably starring Liam Leeson, Clint Eastwood, Yul Brynner (you are betraying your age, Lionel!).
“So, what are your likes and dislikes?” I asked him. The somewhat unexpected answer “I like Public Transport” shows that, even so he is intensely private, he very much is part of the community; his regular attendance to work at our Project Shed is proof.  “Nelson Mandela and Gandhi are two of my ideals”, he said.
Final question: Which talent would you like to possess most? Not unexpectedly, Lionel’s wish would be “to be able to read”.
In a recent newsletter to their residents, Geoff Croad announced that their Containers for Change project has so far raised over $2,150.  Not only will this have prevented some 21,500 bottles going to landfill, but it also has bought the materials for some 21 wheelchairs.  Great effort, Geoff and your team Ged and Graeme Stanyer! (Photo  - June 2020 - shows them receiving a Certificate of Appreciation from (then) President Mario Fairlie)
Good to see some new faces this morning at Surfers Sunrise! Photo shows two potential new members (no pressure...! ☺) Adam Sheppard and Natasha Price. With them are former Rotary Youth Transition Seminar chairman Simon Brook, President Charles Thomasson and current District Youth chairman PDG Darrell Brown. Adam and Natasha are old hands at Rotary Youth programs, contributing by teaching that suffering a disability doesn't mean disablement. You see, both Adam and Natasha are wheelchair bound...
On Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday, a large numbers of our members helped with the setting up, manning the Car Park "Gold Coin Donation" gate and again in taking all the tables and chairs down at the end of the day.  Final figures will become known once Treasurer Doug Lipp has arm wrestled his friends at Suncorp Bank to put the bucket of coins through a counting machine. A big thank-you goes to all the helpers: Organiser PDG Darrell Brown, President Charles Thomasson, Karen Holland, Ashleigh Symes, John Chirio, Paul Seymour, Geoff Croad, Andy Bell, Angus Miller, Larry Murray, Johnny Bueti, Neil Thurlow, Franz Huber, our newest member Ramez Salib, as well as our 'Honorary Queenslander' Ann O'Connor and Associate Member Tracy Zimmerman and her Lutzy Award winning daughter Jazmin.   Many who took multiple shifts, and some, including Darrell and Charles, were there for the full time from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday evening. And particular thanks must go to Paula Brand, whose business staged the Expo, for providing us the opportunity for this fundraiser. COVID-19 caused massive obstacles for her business, but Paula beat all the negatives and still made it happen, against all the odds! Well done all!
Photo (from left): John Chirio, Larry Murray and PDG Darrell Brown blinking into the sun on Thursday morning at the "Gate".
PDG Prof Graham Jones worked for many years as a Professor of Mathematics in the USA, and has a deep understanding of their electoral system. He is also deeply involved in the fundraising for the Griffith University’s Malaria Vaccine Project, and provided us with a brief update on this. But on to the US Elections:
A graph of US States’ results in 2016 (see Graham's PowerPoint slides in the Download Section) showed a sea of red (for Trump) of 304 Electoral College votes, against 227 for Clinton. “It was not even close” Graham outlined… “But have a look at the Popular Vote, and you see that Trump was 3 Million votes behind Clinton, yet Trump won the Elections.”  Graham went on to explain the US system of House of Representatives and Senate, somewhat similar to Australia’s, with the former represented on the basis of population (435 members), whereas the Senate has just two Senators per state (100 members).  So, for every House of Representatives and Senate seat, there is one Electoral College (EC) vote, plus 3 votes for the District of Columbia (Washington). Thus, in total there are 538 EC votes.  
Graham briefly went back to historical times of the first Presidential Election in 1789 when there were just 10 states, when George Washington won with 69 out of 138 EC votes. John Adams, who came second, became Vice President. (It’s not within the scope of this article to elaborate).
Now to the crux of the matter: Where does the people’s vote come in? Well, in all but two states (Nebraska and Mayne), all the Electoral College votes go to the winner of the popular vote. Thus, for example, were Trump to win California by just one vote, all of the 55 EC votes of that state would go to Trump. To win the Presidency, the candidate thus needs to win a total of 270 (half + 1) of 538 EC votes. Votes are cast by Electors (delegates) on 14th December. The winner is formally declared on 6th January.  
“But what if no winner can be declared, due to disputes, legal wrangling?” was your Editor’s question. Well, in that case Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the US House of Reps will take over temporarily, and if she is not available, the next in line is Senator Chuck Grassley, aged 87…
The meeting was recorded on Zoom.  If you would like a link (members only), please let me know. Ed.
Delighted this morning to welcome our newest member, Ramez Salib, to Surfers Sunrise. And to make it even more special: District Governor Andy Rajapakse was there to formally induct him! Ramez, originally from Egypt, transferred from the Rotary Club of Varsity Lakes. His classification is 'Pharmacy'. Watch this space for a date to see him give us a 'Man behind the Badge' presentation. Just trying to tie up a suitable date.
(Photo, from left: President Charles Thomasson, Ramez Salib, DG Andy Rajapakse).
JADE McMAHON is the winner of the Lutzy Award 2020! This morning, we had a very special meeting at the Surfers Paradise Surf Life Saving Club: we presented the Lutzy Award. This special recognition, in memory of our Charter Member Keith Lutz, is given to an upcoming young leader and mentor, selected by the SLSC. In the words of David Orchard, "it was unanimous": Jade McMahon was selected in recognition of her ongoing demonstration of leadership and nurturing of younger members, as well as her efforts and dedication to the Surf Life Saving movement. The award includes a very special Surf Rescue Board, which this year was sponsored by Immediate Past President Mario Fairlie and Justin Benney of Advent Security.  Congratulations, Jade!
Some of the previous winners, Jessica Webber and Lucy Thorburn, went on to participate in our District's Youth programs and, of course, you may be aware that Lucy also spent a year in the USA as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student. 
Photo (from left): Immediate Surfers Sunrise Past President Mario Fairlie (sponsor), David Orchard, Jade McMahon, SLSC President Trevor Hendy, Jan Lutz, Justin Benney from Advent Security (sponsor), Surfers Sunrise President Charles Thomasson, Andy Bell.  Some more photos in the Photo Album section.
On Saturday, Division 7 GCCC Councillor Ryan Bayldon-Lumsden visited the Project Shed to check out what we are up to. President Charles Thomasson (left) and Project Services Director Larry Murray (right) gave him a guided tour. Great to see you taking an interest in our projects, Councillor!
On Saturday, we had Burleigh Rotaractors Harrison Howick and Chumani Brookhouse, coming to the Project Shed to help us with the Vanuatu project. Photo shows them (in pink T-Shirts) with Angus, Des La Rance and Dr Graham Sivyer of the Rotary Club of Broadbeach.  The floor area of the X-Ray unit is starting to take shape!
Sometimes we might be a bit remote, a bit detached from the results of our work to manufacture the 'Rough Terrain Wheelchairs', raising the funds and the organisation of getting them shipped. So it is great to receive two separate messages, one from Papua New Guinea, one from the Solomon Islands, confirming that the goods have arrived and are being distributed. The photo on the left is from the Reverend Hoge Ramura from PNG, who wrote
"Good day to you all good Rotarians in Rotary club of Surfers Sunrise in Qld, Australia.
I am a retired Reverend, Hoge with my wife Vagahu Rabura of the Rotary Club of Port Moresby in Papua New.
We have great interest to volunteer in the Wheelchair Trust project in the your club...
I am 63 yrs old and my wife 58 yrs old.... We also do other social work like volunteering in the Prisoners Bible teaching, and are facilitators in HIV AIDS, TB, GBV, etc trainings.
But, our interest is in volunteering in the Wheelchair project..
Can we have a chat re the above request and please show me the correct form of communication...
Please see some of the wheelchair donations pictures, we did on behalf of Rotary club Port Moresby... within Port Moresby and outside...
There is great need for wheelchairs for all ages, we want thank your club again for such support.... Many thanks
Rev Hoge and Vagahu Rabura.
Shortly after, Col Laurenson forwarded a couple of photos from Honiara, Solomon Islands. They, as well as a lot more from PNG - see our Photo Album Section, together with a couple of photos sent from Honiara, Solomon Islands.  Fellows, give yourself a pat on the back!
Last week President Charles Thomasson and Project Chief Larry Murray published our COVID Safe plan for the Project Shed, with immediate effect. Not only is this is to ensure we comply with government regulations, but of course its real purpose, to keep our members, associate members and the community safe and prevent community infections.  In short:
  1. You will need to provide your details for record keeping upon arrival
  2. You will need to use alcohol-based hand sanitiser upon arrival (supplied)
  3. You will stay at home if you feel unwell
  4. You will practice social distancing and good hygiene whilst at the Shed
  5. You will use disposable cups for water, tea or coffee
  6. You will be aware of signs and information in regards to stopping the spread of COVID-19 and staying safe
The plan is available for download from the Download section on the right.
On Saturday morning we loaded the 10,000th 'ROUGH TERRAIN' WHEELCHAIR despatched to various developing countries. It is destined for Honiara, Solomon Islands. Picture (by Angela Thomasson) shows some of our regular volunteers at our Project Shed, with Des La Rance (holding up the box), who has been the driving force behind the program since the mid nineties and our logistics guru Col Laurenson (in Hi-Vis Vest in front) "holding it up". Expect more "official" celebrations following later in the year! More photos in Photo Album section on the right.
In "normal" times, the statement "we'll have more of the same we had in the last year" would not be the most inspiring articulation of a leader's vision. Unless one knows that the year just gone, under Immediate Past President Mario Fairlie, has been not "just good", it was "real good"! At our first 'formal' meeting for the new Rotary year, incoming President Charles Thomasson outlined his overall aims.  There isn't much purpose me listing them here; much easier if you download his PowerPoint (see Download Section on the right), where all his individual goals are outlined.
But the major segments certainly bear mentioning specifically: 
  • Rotary in Australia will this year celebrate its 100th Anniversary.  This in itself is a major milestone, but we are going to combine this with
  • Delivery of our 10,000th Wheelchair: in August 1997 we delivered the first 10 wheelchairs to Fiji, which was filmed and broadcast on Channel Nine's 'A Current Affair'. Our aim is to get Ray Martin, who was that program's host at the time, to participate in a special event to celebrate this major achievement.
  • The 'Sleeping Sanctuary' (PODs) is a definite goer. The aim is to involve all the clubs in Cluster 7
  • The X-Ray Unit for Vanuatu, a joint project with the Rotary Clubs of Broadbeach and Gold Coast which commenced in the previous year, is destined to be delivered and installed in June 2021
  • Youth programs (RYDA, RYTS, RYPEN etc), including the 'Lutzy Award' will continue, and so will other programs such as the Excellence in Workmanship Award
  • Some old, some new ideas in relation to fundraising, membership retention and development will be employed
So, download the PowerPoint and look at the details. Be assured, there won't be any boredom for our members, certainly no such thing as "I don't have anything to do!". In other words: Be involved!
In view of the Wheelchair Trust Deed's fairly strict limitations (money donated can only be spent on materials for wheelchairs and nothing else, not even for the shipment to their destination), we have registered an alternative account for Containers for Change.  If you deposit your empties directly, and wish to donate the proceeds to the Surfers Sunrise Rotary Club - General Account, please use this account code: 
(The account for the Wheelchair Trust is also still active: use C10199443 instead).
So, keep your soft drink bottles, stubby bottles, aluminium cans, milk cartons etc.  As a general rule, most drink containers between 150ml and 3L can be returned for a refund under Queensland's container deposit scheme. Containers should be empty, unbroken, lid-free and display a 10-cent refund marking on the label. Something like the image (right), but many others are simply marked as suitable for recycling. Note: they must NOT be crushed. See image above what is and what is not accepted. For details of what can / cannot be returned for cash, and where the locations are, click on this link
Our super generous printer, Neil Thurlow and his very talented design artists at Accent Print & Copy have created a new flyer for our wheelchairs project.  He has also provided some 2000 printed copies, which will be sent out by Apple Marketing to their mailing list of previous donors.  It is uploaded to our Download Section (see right side), where you can download it and send it on to anyone whom you consider could be interested.
Thank you, Neil and your team!
I've uploaded a video which beautifully outlines what Rotary is all about. Go on, have a look at it. It's only a bit over 2 minutes, but very well done. Go to this link to view it:
August is Membership Development and Extentions Month. Can you remember when you were inducted into Rotary?  Have you considered why you were proposed by your sponsor? What made you to decide to join?  Did you feel a sense of pride, of achievement, to be invited to join an organization of the highest international repute?  Did you feel that your sponsor did “The right thing” by considering you to be potentially a good Rotarian ? Did you feel a little bit overwhelmed, sort of “am I really up to this?” You did? 
“The more hands Rotary has, the better and more effectively the ideal of service will be achieved.  Hence the importance of membership.”  These words, spoken by one of Japans foremost Rotarians, Kanejiro Matsumoto put the point very straight.   I put it even straighter: If we are to spread the workload of running this club, if we are to achieve our aims on the local scene (Youth Service, Vocational Service, Community Service), if we are to pull our weight on the International cart, we have an obligation to not only maintain, but increase membership. Whom have you asked lately to come along to one of our meetings?
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