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Welcome to our Surfers Sunrise Rotary!

Surfers Sunrise

A great way to start the day

We meet Wednesdays at 7:00 AM
Southport Surf Live Saving Club
Pavilion Restaurant
MacArthur Parade
Main Beach, QLD  4215
District Site
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What is LoVe Bites?

LoVe Bites is an extremely successful school-based Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault prevention program that evolved on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Led by the reference group LOVE BITES has been delivered to schools on the Gold Coast for almost 5 years. LOVE BITES promotes an integrated partnership approach to prevention and generates local ownership of the program. Local service providers facilitate the Love Bites program. Professionals such as sexual assault workers, domestic violence workers, youth workers and police can facilitate the program. The LOVE BITES program consists of two interactive education workshops on Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault followed by creative workshops that consolidate the indivation from then morning.

Last Wednesday, we presented a Pride of Workmanship Award to 6 well deserving people.  It was also a great social night, with the awardees and their partners joining with our club members and their partners.  Richard Smith,  in charge of Vocational Service at our club, presented the awards as follows:
NameNominated byVocation
Jody MurrayGraeme IsaacsonPost Office Operations
Dee JohnstonMark TwyfordLogistics Administration
Joel BurnsFranz HuberAir Conditioning Supply and Installation
Janusz RadzkiFranz HuberFurniture Upholstering and Restoration
Dr Stephen CoulsonGerald EastDentistry
Ken HildegrenGerald EastDental Technician
You can find the full citations in the Download Section on the right.
Photo below, from left: Richard Smith (convener), Mark Twyford, Graeme Isaacson, Dee Johnston, Jody Murray, Joel Burns, Gerald East, Ken Hildegren, Dr Stephen Coulson, Franz Huber, Janusz Radzki.
Well done to the gents at the project shed in helping to prepare our first Community Bike Sale. The young person in the photo took ownership of the bike through the Assistance of the Wesley Mission QLD program, Youth At Risk Alliance (YARA). This program assists vulnerable young people and their families in times of need. The young person has been identified as having future sporting potential and this is recognized by her School. A placement was offered to her to join the  AFL sporting excellence program. The bike will assist in not only her transport to and from school, building independence but also enhance her training program. What a great story to "kick" off this local community service program.
The keynote speakers at the upcoming District Conference have almost been finalized. And some real heavy weights amonst them. For example, Karen Phillips (yes, that's her: Executive Director of the Australian Women's Institute). Or Alan Pease (he wrote all those Body Language books), just to name a couple.  And famous Swimming Coach Laurie Lawrence is another one. 
Conference Chairman (and President Elect) Jo Gorman and her team have been busy, beavering behind the scenes. It's on next week: Based on registration numbers so far it looks like it's going to be one of the biggest attendance numbers ever!  Click on this link to learn all about it, where you can also register - last chance!.  Attendance at the conference, including attendance to all the keynote speakers is free; individual meals and the Saturday night entertainment naturally attract a fee. 
You would remember Charmaine Wheatley who recently gave us a presentation of how our wheelchairs make a difference in her neck of the woods in the South African bush?  She will present again at the Project Shed on Saturday 24th March, 10:30 am, so our untiring volunteers also get a chance to see how their efforts make a difference. [And this time we hope to have the projector working for Charmaine... ☺ Ed.]
"The average spend for logistics on a project is 3 - 5%. For a $10 Billion project, that equals to $300 - $500 Million. If we can save 10% on costs that equals $30 - $50 Million." Col opened up his presentation with. At that stage, your Editor (and I think most of his audience) still hadn't quite clicked on the enormous magnitude of the project.  Until his next point: There really are 3 projects, not just one: The Carmichael Mine, the expansion of the Abbot Point Terminal and the rail line from the mine to Abbot Point. Col briefly elaborated on why Mackay is the ideal entry port for the rail construction: not just the shortest distance to the mine site as well as to Abbot Point, but the port has already the infrastructure and experience to handle the type of materials required.
Still a bit foggy on the size of the project?  Well, just look at the rail project alone: 800 Km of tracks require 48,000 tonnes of rail, 198,000 tonnes of sleepers, plus bridges, signalling, rail clips, ballast material, estimated to total 988,000 tonnes of material. And how will they transport this? Road trains with 4 side tippers can handle 315 tonnes at a time. That therefore will require 3,136 trips. 
What about distances? Well, Brisbane to Sydney is 921 Km. Brisbane to the Carmichael site is 1237 Km! Even from Abbot Point, it is 457 Km.  And it is not all flat either: If you drive out there, you'll come across flood signs: not 1 metre - 3 metres!  And one needs to consider just how to get the equipment required out there: The Burdekin Bridge has a maximum dimension of 6.1 m high and 7.41 m wide.  Problem is that some of the gear is 10 metres wide.
And so it goes on... Adani will have an airport for fly-in/fly-out workers. 12 Km away, there will be a village with 2, 000 beds for construction workers... traffic management: 1 truck arriving for unloading every 9 minutes.  We have not yet started to discuss projected peak fuel requirement of some 300 million litres...
And just how would Col Laurenson know about all this?  Well, that was his job at Adani. One never ceases to be amazed at the Rotarians one meets at Surfers Sunrise.  Col's PowerPoint is uploaded - see Download Section on the right - 2 files.
Last Wednesday, District Youth Exchange Chairman Chris Thurtell introduced us to our latest YE Student from Italy: Benadetta Marniga. Benadetta comes from a small village called Borgosatollo, near Brescia in the northern area of Italy. She will be hosted by our club for the second half of her stay in Australia. Welcome to Surfers Sunrise, Benadetta!
Last Saturday, Ms Toni Kirton of AB Paterson College visited our Project Shed to discuss a new Community Service project her school will instigate. Ms Kirton, in her position of  Director of Positive Education and Leadership is a member of the Senior Leadership Team at the college. Des La Rance introduced her to the various aspects of our operation.  We understand that, initially, the college's students will make 5 wheelchairs for us.  This could be the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship between Surfers Sunrise Rotary and AB Paterson College!
(Photo provided by Al Sirovs)
Do you know that Surfers Sunrise has not just one, but two Baton Bearers running at the upcoming Commonwealth Games?  Here are the details:
DG Darrell Brown: 12:28 pm  
Date: 04/04/2018 Start time: 12:28 pm
Start Location:  200 meters after intersection of Doug Jennings Park Access Road on Seaworld Drive, Main Beach QLD 4217, Australia
End Location:    400 metres further on.
Daryl Sanderson OAM:
Date: 02/04/2018 Start time: 10:01 am  
Start Location: 172 Bayview Street, Runaway Bay  4216
End Location:   153 Bayview Street, Runaway Bay  4216
See you on location to give them enthusiastic applause!
This picture, provided by Fred Hamblen shows "Colonel" Daryl Sanderson OAM addressing the troops at the Project Shed about how they have a container coming for 270 wheelchairs and they need to ensure they have that many ready when the container arrives 9 February...
Sometimes it takes a while for news to penetrate...  Still, worthwhile to report: Our Service Project Director, Rosie McIntyre, received an email from Lina Chang, our organizer over there with the Samoa Victims Support Group, that our school project in Samoa also made the local press there.  Click on this link to read the full article in the Samoa Observer.
Freshly uploaded into the Download Section on the right: Col Laurensen answers the 33 Questions.  [Gina Lollobrigida? Well before my time! NOT.] See if you can guess which one of his answers to Question 33 is correct?
At last Wednesday's meeting, Assistant Governor David Baguley presented Past President (2016/17) Simon Brook with two banners from The Rotary Foundation (TRF) for our club's special achievements in his year. Our club was recognized for punching well above our weight when it comes to supporting The Rotary Foundation. Quoting from a letter from TRF's chief Philanthropy Officer, of a total of 35,000 Rotary Clubs worldwide, we are one of just 1,573 (4.5%) clubs scoring in the Top Three Highest in Per Capita Annual Giving, and one of only 5,034 (14%) clubs worldwide to attain status as an Every Rotarian, Every Year club. And we are one of only 4,136 clubs (12%) to become a 100% Foundation Giving Club. To achieve this, the club must achieve an average of giving US$ 100.00, with every member personally contributing US$ 25.00 or more to TRF.  Well done, fellows!
Update: Alissa has arrived in Minnesota! Looking forward to her first report.
At last Wednesday's meeting, Matt Lott introduced his charming daughter Alissa to the club. Alissa has been selected to represent our club in Janesville, Minnesota for the 12 months starting end of January 2018. She is (was) a student at Emmanuel College, and naturally, she is very much looking forward to the experience. "To be given the chance to live in another country and culture and become a member of their community is a truly unique experience and I am so, so grateful for you giving me the opportunity to participate in this program". And what are her expectations (other than having a good time of course!)? Only a couple, she said: Go into the exchange with as an open mind as possible, be ready to try everything and become part of the community. Alissa epxects that it will "allow me to get out of my comfort zone". [you can bet on that! Ed.]
We are very much looking forward to receiving your reports, and don't forget, your Surfers Sunrise Bulletin Editor is always looking for quality material to publish! So, let's hear about it! ☺
I've uploaded a video which beautifully outlines what Rotary is all about. Go on, have a look at it. It's only a bit over 2 minutes, but very well done. Go to this link to view it:
August is Membership Development and Extentions Month. Can you remember when you were inducted into Rotary?  Have you considered why you were proposed by your sponsor? What made you to decide to join?  Did you feel a sense of pride, of achievement, to be invited to join an organization of the highest international repute?  Did you feel that your sponsor did “The right thing” by considering you to be potentially a good Rotarian ? Did you feel a little bit overwhelmed, sort of “am I really up to this?” You did? 
“The more hands Rotary has, the better and more effectively the ideal of service will be achieved.  Hence the importance of membership.”  These words, spoken by one of Japans foremost Rotarians, Kanejiro Matsumoto put the point very straight.   I put it even straighter: If we are to spread the workload of running this club, if we are to achieve our aims on the local scene (Youth Service, Vocational Service, Community Service), if we are to pull our weight on the International cart, we have an obligation to not only maintain, but increase membership. Whom have you asked lately to come along to one of our meetings?
District Governor Darrell Brown, on his "official" visit to his own club Surfers Sunrise, outlined his priorities. Not only is it a special year for us to have one of our members at the helm of District 9640, but we also have an Australian, Ian Riseley, in the top job as Rotary International's President.
These are the major points for Rotary International:

1. Support and Strengthen the clubs: Improve the Gender Balance! We are, on average, still very low (and our club is no exception).  Contrary to that, the Mt Warning AM club started off as purely female, even though they now have inducted some male members as well. But in our club, what talent we have. For example, Jo Gorman, who not only will be incoming President next year, but will also
Geoff Croad sent me a very interesting article, written by Michael Bucca, a 32 year old member of the Rotary Club of Central Ocean Toms River, New Jersey, USA. 
"You might think that I, a 32-year-old member of a 110-year-old organization, would be preoccupied with trying to modernize my club’s way of doing things. But remarkably, my experience in Rotary is teaching me to spend more energy convincing my generation – which keeps trying to reinvent everything – that there is much to be gained in the lost art of personal connection...." ... Think of this as a real-life Facebook status combined with a weekly GoFundMe campaign."
Well worth reading! You can access the full article from this link: http://blog.rotary.org/2016/01/06/what-30-somethings-need-to-know-about-rotary/
$100 for a wheelchair for a disabled child
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