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  Welcome to Surfers Sunrise Rotary!

Surfers Sunrise

A great way to start the day

We meet Wednesdays at 7:30 AM
During the COVID-19 period, we meet online via Zoom.
You are welcome to join. To get a link, please
contact the Webmaster on +61 484 597 451 or email
(link under Executives - right side), QLD
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“Isn’t Rotary supposed to be non-political??” The discussion among the group of young Rotarians started to become, even for young Rotarians, uncommonly heated. “Why is there a LGBT Fellowship?”
“Why not?” retorted a former Peace Fellow . “Rotary means business; it is totally non-political, non-denominational and, since about 1987, certainly non-sexist!”
So how come there is a fellowship for Singles but not for Marrieds? Or for that matter Doll Lovers, or Birdwatchers?” “Maaate!!” his colleagues yelled out, “we are not talking about that kind of dolls and birds!” [Yes, quite right, Henrietta, there is no need say anything!]
One of the stouter members joined in: “Ah, I’m more into the epicurean stuff, like Wine, Whyskey, Rum, Beer, Gourmet Cooking, even Bathhouses. I like antique cars, and I like hitching up the caravan to my 4 x 4 truck, then travel into the blue yonder and in the evenings study my rare books. I listen to Jazz, actually any music. And I’m probably the only male in hundreds of miles who makes quilts. My wife is much more into Italian and Latin Culture. And in this context she joined the Magna Graecia fellowship. “The Magna what?” several shouted out. “Well, it is based in Southern Italy, but you can join. Just look it up.”
“Ah, ever since I swapped my caravan for a big fat Recreational Vehicle, I’ve given up the caravan. The total quality of my Winnebago is just superb” said a Doctor. I can hook our bicycles on the back, tie my canoe and surf board on the top and I even can play Table Tennis on a fold out table. When I’m out in the sticks, I can join the meeting of my e-Club and thus maintain my Social Network. Evenings we study European Philosophy, Ethics and Cultural Heritage. We have close contact with an Honorary Consul whom we met on a Cruise and with whom we recently did a Home Exchange. Naturally, being Swiss, he is far more into Railways, Hiking, Curling and Shooting sports. He is a Past District Governor, intimate with Rotary heritage and global history, and he has a massive collection of Rotary Stamps and Rotary Pins. Of course, he goes to all the conventions. I joined him at one of his club meetings. Did you know that former Swiss Tennis great Martina Hingis is a Paul Harris Fellow and is closely involved with Polio Plus?
“Well, I’m more into the fitness stuff” said a Military Veteran, who now is in Law Enforcement. I like Scuba Diving, Fishing, Rowing, blue water Yachting, Skiing, riding my Motorcycle. I’m a Scout Leader, I run Marathons and Triathlons and I play Cricket. I listen to Heavy Metal and if ever I have a quiet moment, I study Russian culture.”
“Too hard for me!” retorted a Lawyer, and his fellow professionals, a prominent Editor and Publisher and an Educator, joined in. “As principals of our firms, we are constantly looking for better Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategic Planning, Social Networks, the Environment, Public Health and… Golf. And if I need solitude, I fly my Cessna...”
“Geez… isn’t there any group I can join where it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?” I whimpered. “Most definitely!” came the answer. “There is Amateur Radio, Chess, Draughts, Photography, Esperanto or Genealogy. Even very general subjects as the Internet. But don’t be fooled: the group is very active in around 100 countries! And if you are into Eastern board games: Go.  Or you might want to become a Magician and if you need calming down, play Bowls or do some Yoga.”  So, with almost 90 different Rotary Fellowships worldwide, there truly is something for everyone!  Just click on the links!
The print design magicians at Neil Thurlow's Accent Print & Copy have again created a new poster, designed to raise funds for our Wheelchairs Project!  It is in our Download Section on the right.  Thank you, great design!
Great to have our local Member for Moncrieff, Angie Bell joining us on Wednesday morning for our regular On-Line club meeting.
Interestingly, Angie was a Rotary Exchange Student to Denmark in 1986. “This will tell you how old I am” she quipped [we know that anyway; your Bio is plastered all over the Federal Parliament’s website! ☺ Ed].  “Rotary Exchange changed my life” Angie enthused, “even though I haven’t been able to get a lot of use out of my Danish skills”. Angie outlined the importance of foreign aid.  Bangladesh (where in the past we have sent some wheelchairs to) has some 900,000 Rohingya refugees who walked across the border from Myanmar.  The Australian Government sponsored ‘Safe the Children’. “Amazing what can be done with quite a small amount of money” Angie said, “I think we are talking about approximately $160 Million for this humanitarian crisis. To put it into perspective: this is only about 1.7 Km of Light Rail… ” [☺ Ed.] She mentioned that another reason why we spend that money is that that region is quite important to Australia’s national security (Angie is on the Defence and Veteran Affairs Backbench Committee and also has defence history in her family).
In relation to Covid-19: In the early stages, Angie put together a ‘Community Cabinet’, consisting of leaders of various community and multi-cultural groups on the central Gold Coast. Among others, District Governor Elect Andy Rajapakse is one of the members. Angie emphasised how very important it is that everyone is downloading the Covid Safe App to our smartphones. Angie outlined in detail why it is important. In essence: should somebody become infected, other people who might have been in contact with that person can be traced.
There is little doubt as to where Angie stands when it comes to getting the Gold Coast’s economy back on its feet: she forcefully called for the Queensland border to be re-opened. Alas, so far all the meetings she and her fellow “movers and shakers” on the Gold Coast have had with the representatives of the Queensland State Government seem to have fallen on deaf ears.
Naturally, there would be so much else to elaborate on and to discuss. It is quite uncommon in our club that a speaker is allowed to substantially go over the allotted time, but with Angie we simply lost track of time! You can find out lots more on her website https://AngieBell.com.au – simply click on the Help menu.  Angie’s presentation has been recorded on Zoom. A link was sent out to all members – if you require a link, please email the Webmaster. To sum it up: I’m sure I speak for all members when I state that we all much enjoyed her refreshingly open and uncomplicated manner of keeping us up to date on what happens in Canberra and how she is fighting for the betterment of the Gold Coast.  By the way: Did you know that for quite some time, she was a professional Musician? Next time, we much hope that circumstances will allow us to insist that she brings her Saxophone along!
Well, just have a look at this! If you knew what the shed looked like before, you'd hardly recognise it! Won't be long before we are ready for full production mode again.
Further to that, here is a brief outline from President Elect Charles Thomasson, referring to the recent meeting of the Wheelchair Trust's Board:
The Trustees of the Wheelchair Trust and President Mario met last Thursday. Did you know that the Surfers Sunrise Wheelchair Project is on target to ship our 10,000 Wheelchair in the 100th Year of Rotary in Australia? A wonderful achievement by all those involved. As such, the main focus of the meeting was to discuss the distribution of our current stock of over 400 manufactured wheelchairs and how to work with other Rotary Clubs to best get them to those most in need - we look forward to updating the Club soon. We also look forward to Wheelchairs being manufactured from ‘The Shed’ for many years to come.
In view of the Wheelchair Trust Deed's fairly strict limitations (money donated can only be spent on materials for wheelchairs and nothing else, not even for the shipment to their destination), we have registered an alternative account for Containers for Change.  If you deposit your empties directly, and wish to donate the proceeds to the Surfers Sunrise Rotary Club - General Account, please use this account code: 
(The account for the Wheelchair Trust is also still active: use C10199443 instead).
So, keep your soft drink bottles, stubby bottles, aluminium cans, milk cartons etc.  As a general rule, most drink containers between 150ml and 3L can be returned for a refund under Queensland's container deposit scheme. Containers should be empty, unbroken, lid-free and display a 10-cent refund marking on the label. Something like the image (right), but many others are simply marked as suitable for recycling. Note: they must NOT be crushed. See image above what is and what is not accepted. For details of what can / cannot be returned for cash, and where the locations are, click on this link
Last week, Paul from Premier Timber & Trusses rolled up at the Project Shed with a load of trusses, destined for the X-Ray Unit at Pentecost Island, Vanuatu. Important to mention: the company not only donated the timber but also delivered it free of charge. Thank you!
Photo (by Geoff Croad) shows how things are done in modern times, with their lifting crane built onto the truck. How good is modern technology!
Some young people, to get a “challenging overseas trip”, go for a week to Bali. The more adventurous ones go to London. Our Guest Speaker Maggie Twyford, after 4 ½ years as a Junior Officer in the Australian Navy, decided she needed something a bit more outside the square. So she volunteered with Misión México, in Tapachula (population ~320,500), a border town close to Guatemala. The mission was founded in 2000 by Pam and Alan Skuse, a couple from the Sunshine Coast. Designed not to be an institution but a family home, Misión México caters for about 30 – 40 children and young adults on a permanent basis. Most of the children are orphaned or, in Maggie’s eloquently understated expression, “can’t be adopted”. The organisation includes a Community Outreach program, Education Scholarships, Life Skill Training, Work Training, English and swimming lessons. Plus ‘Misión Surf’ – yes, a surfing school. Their funding is entirely based on donations, which go directly to the organisation.

Just why would one choose Misión México? “They encourage long term volunteering and they are inexpensive compared to others (3000 Pesos, or about A$300) over 5 months, which includes accommodation and meals” Maggie explained. Further, the organisation doesn’t participate in the problematic industry of “Voluntourism”. Voluntourism? A modern term for ‘normalising’ access
Last Monday, at the Project Shed an additional 40 foot container from Sinclair Containers was installed, for the principal purpose of temporary storage of goods while the shed is re-organised (see last week's bulletin). A special big Thank You! to AB Crane Hire, who provided one of their humongous mobile cranes at no charge to lift the container off the truck and place it in position, and Diesel Services Queensland, who transported it free of charge. Very much appreciated!
On the weekend, the passing away of Little Richard made the news on just about all channels. ("Little Who??" I hear the younger ones among you yell out…) Well, let me tell you: he was one of the greatest! OK, I might be betraying my age now, but just to put you straight:  I don’t just listen to 50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll, I was a fan of Pink Floyd long before the Dark Side of the Moon!  Groan. Yup, another one from the Boomer period... Oh, well, still betraying my age then, I guess…  OK then, so whom do you think is the greatest entertainer of the last 100 years?  I would imagine your responses to be highly predictable and relative to your age:  Satchmo, Bing Crosby, Sinatra. JOK, Kamal, Barnsie, Farnham, Olivia, Kylie, Acca Dacca. Delta. Justin Bieber. SAINt Jhn …  
What the heck has all this got to do with Rotary?  Well, let me stretch your brain: excluding our founder Paul Harris and Arch Klump (the founder of The Rotary Foundation), whom would you consider the greatest Rotarian of the last 100 years?   ---??--- Having a blank?  But surely, in an organisation that covers over 200 countries and exceeds 1.2 million members, there must be somebody who pops up, who stands several heads taller than the rest?  Come on, quick!  We are an organisation that can organise the immunization of over 1 billion children and is within a whisker of reaching its target of eradicating Polio world wide. Surely we must have some all-time icons that are household names for everyone on the planet? 
Yes, of course there would be.  Hundreds and thousands of them. It’s just that they are not there for their own glory.  There is no big media, no Spin department, no Grammy or Aria Awards.  Is it relevant of whether a Rotarian is a fan of Opera, old crooners, Metallica, Muse or Funk?   Not at all.  But, to paraphrase Past Rotary International President Sir Clem Renouf: if you are a Rotarian, you have an organisation behind you that gives you, an ordinary person, the opportunity to do more with your life than you ever dreamed possible.
So u thnk todays youth has gone too far? Or is it bcs u dont want to undrstd it? SWYP? OMG not anotr boomer whng about 2days youth? Got news: AFAIK txt is new nrml. In 2days fast wrld, KISS!
OK, so we oldies have scratched our heads trying to decipher TXT abbreviations. (For those of you who are struggling with the above: IMHO = In My Humble Opinion, bcs = because, SWYP = So what’s your problem? OMG = Oh my god, AFAIK = As far as I know.  KISS has been used for decades. 
Of greater concern is the emerging bad habit of leaving out punctuation (and not just by young people!). The most popularly quoted case in point is ‘A woman without her man is nothing’. With punctuation: ‘A woman: without her, man is nothing.’ [Yes, Henrietta, you did tell me. Ad nauseam...] Or, as Shakespeare may have written:
‘Good Lementio, who calls at the gate?
‘My lord, a woman without; her man is nothing.
‘Bid her enter then, and show her man to the livery.
But I digress… May is Youth Service Month. Throughout the world, Rotary clubs expend serious time, money and effort on Youth projects. Seeing that modern youth seems to mostly ignore convention on many fronts, are our hard raised funds really well spent?
OK, let me go back a little, say 20 years. Young people (and those young at heart) embraced email with gusto. But there were still an awful lot of people who refused to participate in this novel method of communication and continued… faxing. Yes, they did!
Let’s go back another score years (well, almost): I recall, in 1983, being given a demonstration of that newfangled device, the facsimile machine. The salesman carefully placed the heavy $3,500 device (in 1984 dollars!) on a desk, laboriously connected it to a phone line, phoned his Sydney office to make sure they were ready to receive. He faxed one of our letterheads and 10 minutes later they faxed it back with a few added scribbles on it. My boss (then in his mid sixties) said: “No way! Who would spend that sort of money when you can buy a stamp and stick it in an envelope??”
Go back another generation. I studied for my Diploma of Commerce in Switzerland in the mid sixties. One of the “must master” items was correct formal business correspondence. Letters would start with “Sehr geehrter Herr [name]” (translated: Most honoured Mister [name]); this applied even if the addressee was anything but honourable. We young turks all rebelled about this ridiculously formal method of addressing but those were the rules. Today? Most emails start off with nothing but the first name, or, if you really want to be formal, Hi Jack, Hello John, Dear Mary…)
SWUP? Language and methods continually evolve, particularly as we move from the written to the spoken word - as in listening to podcasts or talking into our Smartphone “OK Google, what time is our Zoom meeting today?”
But what has changed very little over the decades, indeed over centuries, millennia, is leadership. Leadership can be learned. Leadership can be coached.  Rotary’s Youth programs are just as important today as they have always been. The current COVID crisis has stopped (for the moment) MUNA, RYLA, RYPEN and a dozen other acronyms. But -pandemics permitting- next year’s National Youth Science Forum in 2021 is almost certainly going to happen, so will other Youth events. According to the ABS, our target demographic (aged 14 – 24), make up 14% of our population. That’s 3 ½ Million people. Without resorting to platitudes, it is our responsibility to help the generation following us to maximize their leadership potential. Yeah – u rely dont get how awesome an opp u provide to young ppl and u shud all b very proud of ur work!
Franz Huber
Rotary Club of Surfers Sunrise Inc
OK, so just visualize this for a moment: You are sent off to a country where the language has not even an infinitesimal similarity to the language you have been brought up with, the language of your parents, your school, your TV shows. To top it off, the letters of your new country’s alphabet have zero similarity. Compared to the magnificent calligraphies of Kanji or Hiragana, the letters of your new country would appear to be somewhat unsophisticated. So, are you starting to get sweaty palms yet? No? OK, now picture yourself being stood in front of a bunch of (generally very) adult people and told to give a talk in your new country's language... 
I never cease to be amazed at the relative ease our Youth Exchange students, particularly from Japan, manage to learn our language and alphabet in a few short months.  Today, Ayana gave us a brief insight into her family (we will hopefully meet them when they come over at the end of this month). Ayana comes from Gifu, in the Prefecture of the same name on Honshu island, population about 400,000.  She likes Taylor Swift and One Direction, and her plans for the future is to become an Immigration Inspector. 
“I love Australia!” she exclaimed… well, there is an excellent opportunity coming up in a couple of months, when she will participate in the traditional ‘Safari’ that comes up for international Youth Exchange Students in May.
District has confirmed the appointment of Jeff Egan of the Rotary Club of Mt Warning AM as District Governor Nominee 2021-22.  Picture on right shows Jeff with his partner, Anne Egan, who was District Governor for 2015-16. Anne sadly passed away in November 2017, succumbing to a serious illness.
Our super generous printer, Neil Thurlow and his very talented design artists at Accent Print & Copy have created a new flyer for our wheelchairs project.  He has also provided some 2000 printed copies, which will be sent out by Apple Marketing to their mailing list of previous donors.  It is uploaded to our Download Section (see right side), where you can download it and send it on to anyone whom you consider could be interested.
Thank you, Neil and your team!
At this week's Rotary International Assembly, RI President Elect Holger Knaack released his Presidential Theme for 2020-21. Knaack, a member of the Rotary Club of Herzogtum Lauenburg-Mölln, Germany, revealed the 2020-21 presidential theme, Rotary Opens Opportunities, to incoming district governors at the Rotary International Assembly in San Diego, California, USA, on 20 January.
"Rotary isn’t just a club for people to join, but rather “an invitation to endless opportunities,” said Knaack, who becomes President on 1 July. He emphasized that Rotary creates pathways for members to improve their lives and the lives of those they help through service projects. “We believe that our acts of service, big and small, create opportunities for people who need our help,” Knaack said. He added that Rotary creates leadership opportunities and gives members the chance to travel the world to put their service ideas into action and make lifelong connections. “Everything we do opens another opportunity for someone, somewhere,” he said.
Read more about it: click here.
At last week's Annual General Meeting, the members unanimously elected John Chirio to be President Elect Nominee 2021-22, an appointment which John graciously accepted. Thus, again, our club is assured of a solid, steady leadership in the coming years.  Congratulations, John!
For a list of all the elected club officers 2020-21, please refer to the club bulletin, or login to our website and access the AGM minutes in the protected section, under 'Documents'.
There's a new file in the Downloads Section on the right - 'The Story of the Surfers Sunrise Wheelchairs Trust', without doubt our club's signature project. It's not the 500 page tome it should be... Yes, we've been going for just about a quarter of a century, with the Trust itself established shortly after the TV broadcast on A Current Affair made it go through the roof), it's just 5 pages with lots of photos. I welcome suggestions, additions, amendments.  Let's hear it, but also let's spread it!
One of our new members, Karen Holland, has set up a GoFundMe pageThis link, which is also included within the PDF, is actually live, so anyone can make a donation.  Karen's husband Peter has made a 'Test' donation of $50.00 - Thank you, Peter! Perhaps if we simply ask a lot of other people to "test" the system..? smiley
At last Wednesday's meeting, we had much pleasure to present the 'Lutzy' Award to a well deserving Jazmin Zimmerman. It is presented annually in memory of our Charter Member Keith Lutz, who also was a major mentor and a driving force in the Surf Life Saving movement.
Vice President of the Surfers SLSC, Shane O'Connor, as well as David Orchid addressed the meeting, emphasising that the criteria to win this prestigious award is primarily based on the candidates' involvement in fostering good relationships, social conscience, being a genuine leader of his/her generation. Jazmin was the very clear winner. The award includes a $2,500 board, which this year was sponsored by our club and private donors.
Congratulations, Jazmin!
(Photo, from left: Surfers Paradise SLSC VP Shane O'Connor, Jan Lutz, Jazmin Zimmerman, President Mario Fairlie, David Orchid)
I've uploaded a video which beautifully outlines what Rotary is all about. Go on, have a look at it. It's only a bit over 2 minutes, but very well done. Go to this link to view it:
August is Membership Development and Extentions Month. Can you remember when you were inducted into Rotary?  Have you considered why you were proposed by your sponsor? What made you to decide to join?  Did you feel a sense of pride, of achievement, to be invited to join an organization of the highest international repute?  Did you feel that your sponsor did “The right thing” by considering you to be potentially a good Rotarian ? Did you feel a little bit overwhelmed, sort of “am I really up to this?” You did? 
“The more hands Rotary has, the better and more effectively the ideal of service will be achieved.  Hence the importance of membership.”  These words, spoken by one of Japans foremost Rotarians, Kanejiro Matsumoto put the point very straight.   I put it even straighter: If we are to spread the workload of running this club, if we are to achieve our aims on the local scene (Youth Service, Vocational Service, Community Service), if we are to pull our weight on the International cart, we have an obligation to not only maintain, but increase membership. Whom have you asked lately to come along to one of our meetings?
Geoff Croad sent me a very interesting article, written by Michael Bucca, a 32 year old member of the Rotary Club of Central Ocean Toms River, New Jersey, USA. 
"You might think that I, a 32-year-old member of a 110-year-old organization, would be preoccupied with trying to modernize my club’s way of doing things. But remarkably, my experience in Rotary is teaching me to spend more energy convincing my generation – which keeps trying to reinvent everything – that there is much to be gained in the lost art of personal connection...." ... Think of this as a real-life Facebook status combined with a weekly GoFundMe campaign."
Well worth reading! You can access the full article from this link: http://blog.rotary.org/2016/01/06/what-30-somethings-need-to-know-about-rotary/
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