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  Welcome to Surfers Sunrise Rotary!

Surfers Sunrise

A great way to start the day

We meet In Person
Wednesdays at 7:15 AM
Surfers Paradise Surf Life Saving Club
Esplanade (Cnr Hanlan Street)
(Note: COVID restrictions permitting)
Surfers Paradise, SA 4217
Home Page Stories
Next Wednesday, on 30th September, our club will present the 'Lutzy' Award to a young emerging Surfing Club leader.  Ray Higgs and Graeme Isaacson have arranged for a VERY special deal with the caterers at the Surf Club: a plated meal for just $10.00!  But we need to advise your choice of 5 menu options: Acai Bowl (very healthy, gluten free, vegan), or either poached or fried eggs with either bacon or sausages and toast.  Click on this link to select your choice and book on the Trybooking website I've set up:
Bookings close on Sunday 27th September.  But why not do it right now?  Of course, partners and friends are most welcome too.
(Picture shows last year's winner, Jazmin Zimmerman)
So you buy packaged food which is marked as ‘Fat Free’ in big letters? But does that mean that it won’t have any influence on gaining weight? Well, think again! Croatian born Dr Serge Macanovic, who is the Lead GP at Our Medical Home in Oxenford, begs to differ: 'No fat' doesn’t mean no calories. And it’s the unused calories which your body automatically converts to fat. “We were not made up when we were born”, Dr Serge elaborated. “We are the product of millennia of evolution. People had to work, to hunt for their food. Often they would go hungry…”

Opening with a quote by Irish novelist Cecelia Ahern that “Age is just a number, not a state of mind or a reason for any type of particular behaviour”, he emphatically pointed out a major link between health of your body and health of your mouth.  Yes… did you listen to your mother? Gum disease doesn’t just give you bad breath and causes tooth decay. It massively increases the risk of
He might be 84 years old, but as the old Aussie expression goes: No flies on John!  And his dedication to the job is today just as strong, as meticulous and encompassing as it would have been some 60 years ago. Then, in 1960, just 24 years old, he started a 20 year career with The British Phosphate Commissioners on the island of Nauru (later the Nauru Phosphate Corporation). His background in his parents’ business served him well to take care of the Bulk Store. Just imagine what is required to cater for some 150 staff and about 1400 Chinese and Pacific Island labourers, with a 3 month lead time!  A mere 5 years later he was appointed to be Secretary to the Island Manager.
And just to prove that he was not just all about work: at the time there were just 3 single (Caucasian) women on the island. One of them, a young lady named Vana, was the manager’s stenographer. Anyway… they married… the wedding was organised by the company, right there in Nauru! [Knowing John’s commitment to his work, it is not known whether he took a honeymoon holiday or not… Ed. 😊]. One of their children was born on Nauru, the other in Melbourne. Among other duties, Vana was in charge of maintaining the Land Schedule, what appears to be somewhat similar to our Titles Registry Office.  Except that on Nauru a piece of land can have as many as 100 male owners. So the register is in the name of the women.  There is a complete separate story in there!
Comfortably retired now, other than volunteering at our Project Shed, John enjoys reading good novels (Jeffrey Archer, Wilbur Smith, Lee Childs etc), listening to traditional Jazz and Rock 'n' Roll and studying World War 2 History.  Ah, did I mention that, for 3 years in his youth, he also was a Cadet Midshipman? And heavily involved with the Sea Scouts movement?
It is with great sadness I report the passing away of our Honorary Member John Ellemor.  He passed away peacefully, in palliative care, on Sunday. He was almost 93 years old. We are advised that, in view of COVID-19, no public funeral will be held, but a memorial service may be held in the future. 
John, a consumate inventor and industrial designer, joined Surfers Sunrise Rotary in 1992 after "retiring" to the Gold Coast from a very successful business career in Victoria. Around that time he was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship. He is best remembered for his continued active participation in all our projects and was instrumental in organising the inaugural Education Expo on the Gold Coast in the early nineties. He was also recognised as one of the very few Rotarians worldwide who could boast 100% Attendance over a period of 50 years! This would have involved hundreds of 'Make-up' visits to various clubs throughout the world.
Our condolences go out to his family.

It's been decided: this year's Golf Day will be held on Monday, 26th October 2020.  Projected to be held at the same location as last year, the  Surfers Paradise Golf Club on Fairway Drive.  We'll need both volunteers to man the course, and of course we need participating teams.  Check out the flyer in the Download section on the right.
Bookings are now open - click on this link: https://www.trybooking.com/BLJDK
'We don't need no education
We don't need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone.'
Roger Waters, Pink Floyd – The Wall (1979)
Two of my most favourite composers of classical music, Roger Waters and David Gilmour released this album over 40 years ago. [Classical? Yes, Henrietta, of course I’m serious! - - OK, let’s compromise: ‘modern classical’. Crikey! Must be getting old..!]
September is Rotary International’s ‘Basic Education and Literacy Month’. You now have an image in your mind, don’t you? And I bet that that image is something like a “developing country” classroom full of highly attentive, smiling kids with perfect teeth, sitting on the floor, or at best on old school benches and an early 20th Century style blackboard (possibly donated by Rotary). Correct? Last week, Vandy S Kamara demonstrated to us that just one man with serious determination can make a massive difference (see report above).
Now, I don’t for a moment suggest that those Rotary programs, which supply material, financial support and sometimes human resources, are not worthwhile. Are they ever! There is only one way to improve the lives of the impoverished people regardless of where they live and that’s Education. Starting with basic literacy and numeracy, it is indeed the only way. With Rotary’s concept of having a partner at the recipient’s end, our efforts also have a much higher chance of success. This generally is the policy of The Rotary Foundation, as well as – closer to home – the rule of Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS).
But what about right here? the largest national peak body for adult and community education, Adult Learning Australia, published an OECD survey that found some 44% of adult Australians “lack the literacy skills required in everyday life. Of these, 1 in 7 (14% !!) have literacy levels which are so low they struggle with everyday tasks.” With numeracy skills, it is even worse. Is it because we are not spending enough of our taxes on Education? Personally, I don’t really think so. It goes much deeper than that. [Disclaimer: This is the author’s personal view and may not represent that of Rotary. Ed.]
It is not Rotary’s task to set Education Policy. But perhaps we could become involved in old fashioned Community Service. Remember? "In the olden days", Community Service used to be a Club Directorship all by itself. And perhaps we could arrange (or cooperate with) local adult learning projects, to the benefit of (now) adults who recognise the errors of their younger days?
Last week President Charles Thomasson and Project Chief Larry Murray published our COVID Safe plan for the Project Shed, with immediate effect. Not only is this is to ensure we comply with government regulations, but of course its real purpose, to keep our members, associate members and the community safe and prevent community infections.  In short:
  1. You will need to provide your details for record keeping upon arrival
  2. You will need to use alcohol-based hand sanitiser upon arrival (supplied)
  3. You will stay at home if you feel unwell
  4. You will practice social distancing and good hygiene whilst at the Shed
  5. You will use disposable cups for water, tea or coffee
  6. You will be aware of signs and information in regards to stopping the spread of COVID-19 and staying safe
The plan is available for download from the Download section on the right.
As we are "re-purposing" old bicycles to become Rough Terrain Wheelchairs, we remove the tyres from Aluminium wheels which become valuable recycling metal. Over time, the tyres pile up! On Friday, your Editor and four helpers loaded our big tandem trailer (10' x 6' x 4') to the rim with old bicycle tyres and took them to Molectra Technologies in Loganholme.  They recyle any tyres and make other products ranging from rubber sleepers, rubber mats all the way to punching bags. Check their website. Molectra has offered to wave the usual $1 fee per tyre - thank you John Dobozy! Photo shows our volunteers who helped loading and unloading at the destination (from left): John Hall, Bryan Tuesley, Ray Drowley, John Dobozy (MD of Molectra) and Don Ferguson.
Last Wednesday, our newest members Paul Jaffar and Johnny Bueti introduced themselves to our members and guests.
First was Paul Jaffar:  Paul grew up on the Gold Coast. He holds a degree in Pharmacy and, for the past 11 years, has been a partner in the Chempro Chemists business. And if that wouldn't keep him active enough: Paul is also a board member of the Australian College of Pharmacy, Vice President of the Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce, a Committee Member of the Queensland Branch of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.  But it’s not all business. His version of relaxation is… to run Marathons! And not just the local one, as massive as it is: he recently ran New York! And if you think that would just about take up all his time: wrong! Paul got married to Bella in December 2018...
Johnny Bueti: Born and raised in Mount Gambier, South Australia (the region of the famous Blue Lake), Johnny’s connection to Rotary goes all the way back to his grandfather Giovanni Bueti, PHF, OAM. Giovanni was the archetypal Australian Immigrant who came with very little and became, as his Order of Australia Medal would attest, a highly respected member of the community. He even wrote a book about it: 'A suitcase full of dreams', a copy of which Johnny donated to the club. “Granddad would take me down the street and introduce me to absolutely everyone”, Johnny enthused.  And that, other than the naturally exuberant personality he shares with a lot of people with an Italian background, is probably one of the principal reasons why Johnny has no problem getting along with people whom he has never met before… ☺ His family owned a Caravan Park in Mt Gambier, but Johnny’s aims were entirely directed towards... Soccer! And he wasn’t a wall flower: Starting with representing South Australia in the 14-19 years division, he made it all the way up to A-League.  But then he made the decision to embark on a business career. Today, he is the General Manager of Go Transit Media Group (they do the ‘wrap around’ advertising on the Gold Coast trams and buses).
Paul and Johnny both transferred from the Burleigh Heads Rotary Club to be closer to their place of work. Johnny immersed himself extensively in fund raising, among other events organising the ‘Long Lunch’ multiple times to raise money for Polio Plus. from which they transferred to be closer to their work place. Welcome to Surfers Sunrise!
On Saturday morning we loaded the 10,000th 'ROUGH TERRAIN' WHEELCHAIR despatched to various developing countries. It is destined for Honiara, Solomon Islands. Picture (by Angela Thomasson) shows some of our regular volunteers at our Project Shed, with Des La Rance (holding up the box), who has been the driving force behind the program since the mid nineties and our logistics guru Col Laurenson (in Hi-Vis Vest in front) "holding it up". Expect more "official" celebrations following later in the year! More photos in Photo Album section on the right.
In "normal" times, the statement "we'll have more of the same we had in the last year" would not be the most inspiring articulation of a leader's vision. Unless one knows that the year just gone, under Immediate Past President Mario Fairlie, has been not "just good", it was "real good"! At our first 'formal' meeting for the new Rotary year, incoming President Charles Thomasson outlined his overall aims.  There isn't much purpose me listing them here; much easier if you download his PowerPoint (see Download Section on the right), where all his individual goals are outlined.
But the major segments certainly bear mentioning specifically: 
  • Rotary in Australia will this year celebrate its 100th Anniversary.  This in itself is a major milestone, but we are going to combine this with
  • Delivery of our 10,000th Wheelchair: in August 1997 we delivered the first 10 wheelchairs to Fiji, which was filmed and broadcast on Channel Nine's 'A Current Affair'. Our aim is to get Ray Martin, who was that program's host at the time, to participate in a special event to celebrate this major achievement.
  • The 'Sleeping Sanctuary' (PODs) is a definite goer. The aim is to involve all the clubs in Cluster 7
  • The X-Ray Unit for Vanuatu, a joint project with the Rotary Clubs of Broadbeach and Gold Coast which commenced in the previous year, is destined to be delivered and installed in June 2021
  • Youth programs (RYDA, RYTS, RYPEN etc), including the 'Lutzy Award' will continue, and so will other programs such as the Excellence in Workmanship Award
  • Some old, some new ideas in relation to fundraising, membership retention and development will be employed
So, download the PowerPoint and look at the details. Be assured, there won't be any boredom for our members, certainly no such thing as "I don't have anything to do!". In other words: Be involved!
Surfers Sunrise Rotary's Projects are going beyond the international community: Fix-ed College, a project of the Pimpama State Secondary College, is cooperating with our Wheelchairs Project to design improvements.  Teachers Stephen Robinson and Dwayne Scicluna run it to inculcate their students in both design and physical work.  Well worth your while to jump to their website to learn more about it.  Here are a couple of photos (by Stephen Robinson): a draft design, a student is using a acetylene torch to cut it out. 
Plenty more photos in the Photo Album on the right!
The discussion revolved around the current monthly theme of International Rotary Fellowships. “Isn’t Rotary supposed to be non-political??” The discussion among the group of young Rotarians started to become, even for young Rotarians, uncommonly heated. “Why is there a LGBT Fellowship?”
“Why not?” retorted a former Peace Fellow . “Rotary means business; it is totally non-political, non-denominational and, since about 1987, certainly non-sexist!”
So how come there is a fellowship for Singles but not for Marrieds? Or for that matter Doll Lovers, or Birdwatchers?” “Maaate!!” his colleagues yelled out, “we are not talking about that kind of dolls and birds!” [Yes, quite right, Henrietta, there is no need say anything!]
One of the stouter members joined in: “Ah, I’m more into the epicurean stuff, like Wine, Whyskey, Rum, Beer, Gourmet Cooking, even Bathhouses. I like antique cars, and I like hitching up the caravan to my 4 x 4 truck, then travel into the blue yonder and in the evenings study my rare books. I listen to Jazz, actually any music. And I’m probably the only male in hundreds of miles who makes quilts. My wife is much more into Italian and Latin Culture. And in this context she joined the Magna Graecia fellowship. “The Magna what?” several shouted out. “Well, it is based in Southern Italy, but you can join. Just look it up.”
“Ah, ever since I swapped my caravan for a big fat Recreational Vehicle, I’ve given up the caravan. The total quality of my Winnebago is just superb” said a Doctor. I can hook our bicycles on the back, tie my canoe and surf board on the top and I even can play Table Tennis on a fold out table. When I’m out in the sticks, I can join the meeting of my e-Club and thus maintain my Social Network. Evenings we study European Philosophy, Ethics and Cultural Heritage. We have close contact with an Honorary Consul whom we met on a Cruise and with whom we recently did a Home Exchange. Naturally, being Swiss, he is far more into Railways, Hiking, Curling and Shooting sports. He is a Past District Governor, intimate with Rotary heritage and global history, and he has a massive collection of Rotary Stamps and Rotary Pins. Of course, he goes to all the conventions. I joined him at one of his club meetings. Did you know that former Swiss Tennis great Martina Hingis is a Paul Harris Fellow and is closely involved with Polio Plus?
“Well, I’m more into the fitness stuff” said a Military Veteran, who now is in Law Enforcement. I like Scuba Diving, Fishing, Rowing, blue water Yachting, Skiing, riding my Motorcycle. I’m a Scout Leader, I run Marathons and Triathlons and I play Cricket. I listen to Heavy Metal and if ever I have a quiet moment, I study Russian culture.”
“Too hard for me!” retorted a Lawyer, and his fellow professionals, a prominent Editor and Publisher and an Educator, joined in. “As principals of our firms, we are constantly looking for better Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategic Planning, Social Networks, the Environment, Public Health and… Golf. And if I need solitude, I fly my Cessna...”
“Geez… isn’t there any group I can join where it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?” I whimpered. “Most definitely!” came the answer. “There is Amateur Radio, Chess, Draughts, Photography, Esperanto or Genealogy. Even very general subjects as the Internet. But don’t be fooled: the group is very active in around 100 countries! And if you are into Eastern board games: Go.  Or you might want to become a Magician and if you need calming down, play Bowls or do some Yoga.”  So, with almost 90 different Rotary Fellowships worldwide, there truly is something for everyone!  Just click on the links!
In view of the Wheelchair Trust Deed's fairly strict limitations (money donated can only be spent on materials for wheelchairs and nothing else, not even for the shipment to their destination), we have registered an alternative account for Containers for Change.  If you deposit your empties directly, and wish to donate the proceeds to the Surfers Sunrise Rotary Club - General Account, please use this account code: 
(The account for the Wheelchair Trust is also still active: use C10199443 instead).
So, keep your soft drink bottles, stubby bottles, aluminium cans, milk cartons etc.  As a general rule, most drink containers between 150ml and 3L can be returned for a refund under Queensland's container deposit scheme. Containers should be empty, unbroken, lid-free and display a 10-cent refund marking on the label. Something like the image (right), but many others are simply marked as suitable for recycling. Note: they must NOT be crushed. See image above what is and what is not accepted. For details of what can / cannot be returned for cash, and where the locations are, click on this link
Our super generous printer, Neil Thurlow and his very talented design artists at Accent Print & Copy have created a new flyer for our wheelchairs project.  He has also provided some 2000 printed copies, which will be sent out by Apple Marketing to their mailing list of previous donors.  It is uploaded to our Download Section (see right side), where you can download it and send it on to anyone whom you consider could be interested.
Thank you, Neil and your team!
At last Wednesday's meeting, we had much pleasure to present the 'Lutzy' Award to a well deserving Jazmin Zimmerman. It is presented annually in memory of our Charter Member Keith Lutz, who also was a major mentor and a driving force in the Surf Life Saving movement.
Vice President of the Surfers SLSC, Shane O'Connor, as well as David Orchid addressed the meeting, emphasising that the criteria to win this prestigious award is primarily based on the candidates' involvement in fostering good relationships, social conscience, being a genuine leader of his/her generation. Jazmin was the very clear winner. The award includes a $2,500 board, which this year was sponsored by our club and private donors.
Congratulations, Jazmin!
(Photo, from left: Surfers Paradise SLSC VP Shane O'Connor, Jan Lutz, Jazmin Zimmerman, President Mario Fairlie, David Orchid)
I've uploaded a video which beautifully outlines what Rotary is all about. Go on, have a look at it. It's only a bit over 2 minutes, but very well done. Go to this link to view it:
August is Membership Development and Extentions Month. Can you remember when you were inducted into Rotary?  Have you considered why you were proposed by your sponsor? What made you to decide to join?  Did you feel a sense of pride, of achievement, to be invited to join an organization of the highest international repute?  Did you feel that your sponsor did “The right thing” by considering you to be potentially a good Rotarian ? Did you feel a little bit overwhelmed, sort of “am I really up to this?” You did? 
“The more hands Rotary has, the better and more effectively the ideal of service will be achieved.  Hence the importance of membership.”  These words, spoken by one of Japans foremost Rotarians, Kanejiro Matsumoto put the point very straight.   I put it even straighter: If we are to spread the workload of running this club, if we are to achieve our aims on the local scene (Youth Service, Vocational Service, Community Service), if we are to pull our weight on the International cart, we have an obligation to not only maintain, but increase membership. Whom have you asked lately to come along to one of our meetings?
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