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The recuring Link for our Monday Zoom meetings is:
Join us for our upcoming speakers:
Zoom - Shahin Mehdizadeh May 03, 2021
Chief of Police
Zoom - Community Assessment May 10, 2021
Lethbridge - Kim Costa Rica - Pat
Zoom - Club Assembly May 17, 2021
Strategic Plan and Membership
No Meeting May 24, 2021 
Zoom - Annual Changeover meeting Jun 28, 2021
President Allan and President Kim
Zoom - New Rotary Year Kickoff Jul 05, 2021
President Kim and New Board
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Meeting Minutes - November 21st, 2016

Posted by Jess Mosby on Nov 22, 2016
O Canada & Grace
Trevor Sproule - Sharon Sproule 
Make up's:
Bev Hosack - Interact CCH (Nov 18th) 
- Business card advertising 
*please send Dennis your JPEG image and link to your website to add to clubrunner
- Bill Spenceley 
Thank you to all who helped out in any way. For next year the focus will be on auctions/ advance sponsorships which they are already working on
- Upcoming Events: Seniors Dinner, December 4th 2016
No gift wrapping this year, we have gotten pre wrapped gifts.
Volunteer positions have now all been filled.
*If you need more information please contact Jessica Mosby
- Christmas Kettles
December 3rd & December 10th 
still looking for volunteers...please contact Shane Ellis or Tania Stilson for more information
- Congratulations to Brian Bevridge on becoming an honorary member!
Murray Pritchard - International Programs update
Areas of Focus:
1) promoting peace
2) fighting disease 
3) providing clean water
4) saving mothers & children
5) supporting education
6) growing local economies
Our programs include: Malawi, Costa Rica, Mexico & Nepal
- Update on the recent past programs and a look at them now.
- Currently Pat & Barrie are in Malawi looking for a new program. 
- We are looking to try and take advantage of as much of the Global grant money as we can.
- Wayne will be giving an update on Mexico program * January 16th
- Nepal - new school help
Srg at Arms & Happy Bucks - Nick Nicolacopoulos
Closing & 4 way test
Have a great week!
Meeting Minutes - November 21st, 2016 Jess Mosby 2016-11-23 00:00:00Z 0

Meeting Minutes November 7th, 2016

Posted by Jess Mosby on Nov 08, 2016
O Canada & Grace
Karman Toth - Dennis Chinner 
Raward Najjar - Pat Killoran
Alexandra & Desirae Hosack - Bev Hosack 
Brian Beveridge - Gord Lowe 
Ben Lippers - Gord Lowe
Jim Campbell - Assistant Governor 
Sienna Randolph - Rotaract
Make up's:
Murray Pritchard - Lethbridge East 
                        - Uban Spirits 
                        - Rotaract
Bev Lanz - Lethbridge East
Jules Update - Halloween, Volunteering at the Food bank, and NO SCHOOL!
Jakes Gift: November 9th at the Legion
Jake’s Gift is a multi-award winning Canadian play about a
World War II veteran’s reluctant return to Normandy, France.
Tickets are $20.00 
Please call - 327-6644
Rotary Leadership Institute *Lethbridge
- Nov 19th 
- there are prerequisites, but if you are interested please let Dennis know
Business Card Initiative 
$265 a year for posting an electronic business card ad on club runner, contact Dennis if you are interested
* Limited Space
Barry Orich 
- Looking for New Mentors for New Members
Bev Hosack 
- Looking to help drop the price for the Interact club to go to the Inspiring Philanthropy Awards,
*If you are interested in helping please contact her. 
- The annual tree festival is coming up on the 20th of November. 
24th Annual Christmas Tree Festival Auction & Gala
Wednesday, November 23rd: 6:30 - 10:30p
Tickets: $75/each
Jess Mosby
Seniors Dinner - December 4th 
- Looking for Volunteers
* Home page of club runner to the right you can sign up, or contact me for more information!
Sienna Randolph -
Annual Rotaract Dinner 
January 21st 
at the Sandman * Stay tuned for an email
New Members Inducted:
Raward Najjar
Ben Lippers
Glen Miller - Lethbridge Military Museum 
"Remembrance Day & The History of Lethbridge Veterans

The museum is open each Wednesday 12 to 4 PM.
Further, individuals wishing to make arrangements to visit the museum at a time or day other than this can make arrangements by calling:

403-929-4265 or e-mail: gmiller114@shaw.ca 

Srg at Arms & Happy Bucks - Kirk Mearns
4 way test & closing
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Meeting Minutes - Sept 26th, 2016

Posted by Jess Mosby on Sep 27, 2016
O Canada & Grace
Dave Shaw - Carol Shaw 
Brandon Greenside - Carol Shaw 
Taylor Sheahan - Carol Shaw 
Edith & Bruce Hephburn - Helen Henderson 
Rudy Riger - Al. Friesen
Joey Going - Urban Spirits 
Bev Lanz - Lethbridge East
Make up's:
Bev Hosack - Interact CCH (Sept.23rd) 
Jules - Went to Montana for Orientation with other 
Rotary exchange students.
*Canadian Goals, pleases Jules list of activities
she is hoping to complete while in Canada!
Rotaract club meet and greet
Wednesday Sept 28th at 6:30 - 9pm
* applies for attendance competition
Jim Christie - Fellowship Director
If you have something you are interesting in doing please
get ahold of Jim and he can help you plan etc.
5 people still need to pay their membership dues please 
Bev Lanz - Rotary Roses 
$30.00 a dozen for delivery on October 6th
*Please contact her for futher information
and if you are wanting to order
Back in Black!
Black Tie Galla is October 29th
please help out with sponsorship lists, if you know a business
on the list please write your name next to it and contact for silent
and live auction items...of course tickets as well ;)
you can purchase tickets at:
Jakes Gift: November 9th at the Legion
Jake’s Gift is a multi-award winning Canadian play about a
World War II veteran’s reluctant return to Normandy, France.
Tickets are $20.00 
Please call - 327-6644
Taylor Sheahan - iGem (International Genetically Engineered Machine)
Lethbridge goes to Boston at Halloween to compete
Goal: to solve a real world problem
Their topic: effective cleanliness of Fire & EMS Vehicles 
Srg at Arms & Happy Bucks - Nick Nicolacopoulos
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Meeting Minutes Sept 20, 2016

Posted by Jess Mosby on Sep 19, 2016
O Canada & Grace
Stephan Christie - Jim Christie
Wendy Aitkens - Speaker
Bruce & Edith Hepburn - Helen Henderson
Sveinung Rotevatn - Robin Hood
Sharon Hood - ""
Shawney Hood - ""
Kaley Craddock - ""
Sienna Randolf - President of Rotaract
Jim Christie - Fellowship Director
If you have something you are interesting in doing please
get ahold of Jim and he can help you plan etc.
Sienna Randolph - Rotaract president
They will be doing the attendance challenge again this year.
Meetings Thursday @ Anderson hall @ 7:00pm
Back in Black!
Black Tie Galla is October 29th
please help out with sponsorship lists, if you know a business
on the list please write your name next to it and contact for silent
and live auction items...of course tickets as well ;)
Sveinung Rotevatn - Rotary Exchange student update (2004-2005)
Mandy & Kim & Joanna - are attending the zone institue training,
looking forward to hearing an update when you are back.
Have fun!
Wendy Aitkens from the Lethbridge Galt Museaum
   *In the email I have attached the schedule of events to come
Srg at Arms & Happy Bucks - Gerri Hecker
Closing - No draw winner
Meeting Minutes Sept 20, 2016 Jess Mosby 2016-09-20 00:00:00Z 0

Minutes Sept 12th, 2016

Posted by Jess Mosby on Sep 13, 2016
O Canada & Grace
Jean Fennell - Austin Fennell
Betty Bourke - Myles Bourke
Edith Hepburn - Helen Henderson
B. Hepburn - Helen Henderson
Roward Najjar - Pat Killoran
Linda Kiloran - Pat Killoran
Lynn Hunter-Johnson - Helen Fowler
Helen Fowler
Katelyn DeBoer
Jules - youth exchange report and please let her know if she can tag along
and participate in any fun activities you are doing.
Still looking for a fellowship director to help
Jim Christie out....
Mosaiac Club meets @ 4:45 at Average Joes Wednesday
Join in their fun club and support them by visiting!
* Thank you as well to Pat, Dale & Robin for all their support for
getting the Mosaiac Club up and running!
13 people need to STILL pay their dues...
Barry is coming back from holidays soon...
Back in Black!
Black Tie Galla is October 29th
please help out with sponsorship lists, if you know a business
on the list please write your name next to it and contact for silent
and live auction items...of course tickets as well ;)
Al. friesen video on the rotary club! (Awesome job)
if you would like to check it out click the link below....
Paul Harris Fellowship Awards:
- Katelyn DeBore
- Pat Killoran
- Austin Fennell *Honorary Member Award
- Myles Bourke *Honorary Member Award
- Sherri Davis
- Chris Murray
- Mandi DeCecco-Kolebaba
Foundation Points -
- Sharon Sproule
- Tania Pace-Crosschild
- Grace Duff
- Todd Caughlin
- Femi Aiyegbusi
- Erasmus Okine
District Govenor Neil Berg on his Rotary moment
Closing - No draw winner
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Minutes August 29th 2016

Posted by Jess Mosby on Aug 29, 2016
O Canada & Grace
Raward Najjar - Pat Kiloran
Gwen Mcmillan from Sunrise &
Bella Medgaco Sunrise Exchange Student
Barrie Orich
- Sept 1st meal price changes to $17
- Please help out and sign up for Srgt at Arms and Greeter spots
Dennis Chinner
- Membership Dues
- Fellowship Director is still needed to partner with Jim Christie
- Mosaic Charter Night Dennis sent an email around please RSVP if interested in attending
Bill Spenceley
-Black tie Gala - Back. in Black
- looking for sponsorship help please contact for information
- An update on her week with her new host family the Andersons
- Whoop up days
- Met the other exchange students
- Met her 2nd host family the Pritchards
Chris Yauck
- Srgt at Arms & Happy bucks 
Presentation by: 
Kai Oguchi
- Outbound exchange to Germany
- gave us a presentation on Canada and what it means to be Canadian
Leaves in 6 days! Safe travels Kai, excited to hear about about your adventures!
Marble Draw & Winner - Larry Kinopski
Closing & 4 way test
Have a great week everyone!
Minutes August 29th 2016 Jess Mosby 2016-08-30 00:00:00Z 0

Meeting Minutes - July 11th 2016

Posted by Jessica Mosby on Jul 11, 2016
Meeting Minutes 
O Canada & Grace
Kevin Neufeld - Al Friesen 
Derek Wheeler - Al Hosack 
Travis Hosack - Al Hosack
Stephanie Jaffray - Ponoka 
Wayne Stewart - Henderson Pool Opening 
July 14th from: 1:00 - 3:00
Please RSVP to: Ryana.kritzer@lethbridge.ca 
July 28th is the BBQ and grand opening if you would like to volunteer please 
let Wayne know.
Simone Lyon - Youth Exchange
August 20th, our new exchange student Julia will be expected from Germany. If you
would like to be a host family please contact Simone. There is a process in place
to be cleared to be a host family so please respond as soon as possible as
August 20th is right around the corner!
Fellowship Director is still needed!!!!
Please contact Dennis Chinner if you are interested in the position.
August 15th wil be the president's welcome.
Please make sure you are at the meeting to welcome Dennis!
Goodbye! We will miss you!
Maria it's been a pleasure, safe travels and keep in touch.
Femi Aiyegbusi - Vocational Talk 
Travis Hosack - Interact President
- 1st year
- $20,000.00 back into the community
Great job! keep up the hard work!
Closing & 4 way test
Have a great week!
Meeting Minutes - July 11th 2016 Jessica Mosby 2016-07-12 00:00:00Z 0
June 6 2016 Rotary Meeting Minutes Cathy Maxwell 2016-06-06 00:00:00Z 0

Minutes - May 30th

Posted on May 31, 2016
Meeting Minutes - May 02, 2016
O Canada & Guest Information:
No Guest's
Peter Kim - Make up meeting from St.Albert
Bev Hosack - Global Gala for Interact with Dory & The Weatherman
All proceeds going to Shelter Box
*please contact for more details *
Shilpa Stocker - June 30th is the year end for foundation donations
Chris Yauck - Dragon Boat volunteer's needed. Please sign up!
Helen Henderson - MCC Mennonite Catholic Charities fundraiser at the Coaldale arena June 10 - 11th
Gem Munro with the Amarok Society
His wife and 4 children moved to Bangladesh to set up city schools in city slums.
Its cost effective & sustainable, they teach mothers to educate their children, who
in turn educate friends etc...
Each mother teaches 5 children, and they help to develop skillset to "change" the lives
of the young girls in the community.
Helps the younger males grow up with a different respect for Women, and perception
of females.
It helps prevent inrollment in ISIS like terrorist groups
They believe education is the best defence against extreamists
They are dedicated to the Dowry strike, educating women, and
making a HUGE difference.
Sgt of Arms & Happy Bucks - David Hughes
Closing comments & 4 way test
Minutes - May 30th 2016-06-01 00:00:00Z 0
May 16 Rotary Meeting Minutes Cathy Maxwell 2016-05-16 00:00:00Z 0

Meeting Minutes - May 02, 2016

O Canada & Guest Information:
Linda Killoran - Pat Killoran
Wyson Ndhlovu
Kathryn Colburn-Swartz - Lesley Colburn-Swartz
Pat Killoran - Rotary Leadership Institute RLI
please let him know if any dates work from the email sent
Team Lobster:
 Lobsterfest Committee
- Need to sell tickets, please utilize your connections. 
- Sold approx 310 tickets we need 500 sold. 
- Volunteers still needed as well. Please sign up.....we need your support!
Maria Trans update - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Darrell Alexander - Fireside chats
stay tuned for more information, Darrell is opening his house to old and new
members to get together and talk Rotary welcoming and informing new members.
Wyson speaks of:
  Atsikana ps ulendo -
           Girls on the move
- spoke about how the school has made such an impact and
gave us some facts of Malawi.
Malawi has the lowest GDP in the world, and very under educated.
With the vison of the school they are transforming lives of so many.
-750 girls enrolled
-382 graduated
-375 - MSCE - Highschool cert.
-175 graduates are employed and providing for
their families.
-110 are studying for college
they are looking for support always
it costs 1000$/ per student for the year.
malawigirlsonthemove.com for more information.
Sgt of Arms & Happy Bucks - Charles Funk
Closing comments & 4 way test
Helen Henderson is the winner of the draw!
Meeting Minutes - May 02, 2016 Jessica Mosby 2016-05-03 00:00:00Z 0

Meeting Minutes - April 25th 2016

Posted by Jessica Mosby on Apr 25, 2016
O Canada & Guest Information:
Katie Wilson - Rotaract 
Sienna Randolph - Rotaract 
Julia Zanoni - David Agama
Sharon Sproule - Pat Killoran
Kim Magill - Bev Hosack
​​​​​​​Michelle Sylvestre - Allan Friesen 
Scott Sweetman - Allan Friesen 
Megan Bennett - Presenter 
Sarah Neufeld - Presenter 
Pat Killoran - Rotary Leadership Institute RLI
*stay tuned for more information about when the event will be.
Nick Nicolacopoulos & Kim Davis  - Lobsterfest 
- Need to sell tickets, please utilize your connections. 
- Sold approx 260 tickets we need 500 sold. 
- Volunteers still needed as well.
Allan Friesen & White Night Media - 
Flexahopper video presentation 
Geri Hacker - Rotarian Magazine 
great article to read - "how valuable women are"
Mike Marcotte - Aware Lethbridge 
They spoke and presented to our group a few months back. 
he has set up a bottle drop this coming Saturday at the West 
side Greens pop shop bottle depot. Please deliver your bottles 
there will be two people from Aware there to collect and cash in the bottles. 
Maria Trans update - visited rotary east and sunrise, got to see Rihanna in concert, 
and got to teach her class how to make Danish butter cookies.
Megan Bennett & Sarah Neufeld are traveling to Honduras with 
the Global Brigades International club.
- They are traveling to set up mobile medical clinics where they will do 
general checks, provide health safety and information, as well as educate. 
- Honduras is the 3rd most in need country, there is 1 doctor for every 2688 people.
- 80% of the children there suffer from a stage of malnutrition. 
They are departing next week but please if you have any medical supplies,
or hygiene products contact them for a list.
Great job you two! Safe Travels!
Sgt of Arms & Happy Bucks - Dale Martin Jr
Closing comments & 4 way test
Meeting Minutes - April 25th 2016 Jessica Mosby 2016-04-26 00:00:00Z 0
April 18 Rotary Minutes 2016-04-18 00:00:00Z 0
April 11 2016 Rotary Minutes 2016-04-11 00:00:00Z 0
April 4 2016 Rotary Minutes 2016-04-04 00:00:00Z 0

March 7 2016

Posted by Cathy Maxwell
Guests introduction:
  • Rich Hildebrand – Guest Speaker
  • Todd Coughlin – Mike Marcotte
  • Tracy Knopp – Greg Knopp
  • Silvia Chinner – Dennis Chinner
  • Stacey Riddoch – Simone Lyon
  • Peter Locke – Dawna Coslovi
Visiting Rotarian
  • Sean Miles - Down Town Calgary
Nick N. – Curling Stories culminating in a Big Win with a big beautiful trophy
Kim Davis – Lobster Fest report
  • Date – May 14 2016
  • Sponsorship, silent and live auction items will be solicited in future meetings
  • A professional has been hired to help with the event planning.
Nick N - Sgt at Arms
Peter Deys – introduction of Guest Speaker Rich Hildebrand
  • Fire and EMS integration and how does it provide value
  • Last city in the province that integrates fire and ems
  • Single longest standing delivery of fire and medical integrated services
  • It was the most preferred model for mid-size communities
  • 30 years’ experience in hiring paramedics which also carry out other specialties
  • One major change with Alberta Health Services – policy change which allows to delivering dispatching services and EMS services. Greater capacity and flexibility to provide service.
  • Services we provide fire, including wild land vehicle extractions, water rescue, surface rescue and dive team. High angle
  • A profound video on a West Lethbridge Couples experience with the integrated services.
Closing Comments - Meeting adjourned
March 7 2016 Cathy Maxwell 2016-03-07 00:00:00Z 0

February 29 Minutes

Posted by Jessica Mosby on Mar 01, 2016
O Canada & Guest Information:
Donna Bilyk Guest of Patrick Bilyk
John & Sandra Degroot - Guest of Phil North & Guest Speaker 
Dennis & Alice Darby - Guest of Phil North 
Todd Coughlin - Guest of Mike Marcotte 
Wyson - Guest of Pat Killoran
Sgt of Arms & Happy Bucks - Charles Funk
Flexahopper Ball Dropper Reminder - Al Friesen
Gord Lowe talk to him if youd like to support him in raising money for the
heart and stroke foundation
Pat Killoran - Welcome back!
If any of you have some fun and exciting things on the go
invite Wyson!
John Degroot - 
Presentation on Bill 6. Spoke about the changes, and how this will impact the farmers in the area.
Closing comments & 4 way test
February 29 Minutes Jessica Mosby 2016-03-02 00:00:00Z 0

February 22 Minutes

Posted by Jessica Mosby on Feb 22, 2016
O Canada & Guest Information:
Garrett Fowler - Wayne Stewart 
Peter Locke - Dawna Cosloui
Rick Blakeley - Al. Friesen 
Sharon Sproule - Mike McGuire 
Murray Hughson
Jackie Lovell - Robin Hood 
Greg Flom - Todd Brown 
Jillian Chaffee - Loralee Burton
Courtenay Shular 
Erasmus Okine - Nancy Walker 
Tanya Pace-Crosschild- Mike McGuire 
Mark Leblanc - Urban spirits 
Sgt of Arms & Happy Bucks - Nick Nicolacopoulos
Flexahopper Ball Dropper Reminder - Al Friesen
Maria Trans - Exchange student gave us an update:
Whitefish Skiing
Attended a Pow Wow 
She will be going to Mexico next week to help in building homes
David Fowler with the Lethbridge Firefighters made a donation of
$5000.00 towards the Rotary Club
Nick N. - Lobsterfest committee is still looking for positions. Please contact if you are interested. 
Mark Lablanc - Urban Spirits
Dinner and Silent Auction March 12th
Light up the night- in support of Immigrant Services
New Inducted Members:
- Jackie Lovell
- Murray Hughson
- Greg Flom
- Jillian Chaffee
- Erasmas Okine
By: Jill Manning & Mark Peel with ARCHES (formerly HIV Connection)
Spoke about the impact of awareness with the Fentenol Crisis. This was an amazing and very 
informative session. Mark Peel was a former addict who spoke about the necessities needed for 
the homeless. Socks and backpacks are some of a few items needed.
It was a very touching presentation. Thank you Mark and Jill.
When researching more, the link I found with their information if any one is interested is:
Closing comments & 4 way test
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February 8 2016

Posted by Cathy Maxwell on Feb 07, 2016

February 7, 2016 Rotary Meeting Minutes
Opening Anthem and Grace
Guest’s introduction:
Todd Caughlin – Mike Marcotte
Clayton Woo - Greg Knopp
Jackie Lovell – Robin Hood
Murray Hughson – Mike McGuire
Grace Duff – Mike McGuire
Rotarian Visits:
Karen Johnson – Sunrise
Kristina Larken – Urban
Adam Raust – Urban
Kristina Urban Spirits reminded of March 12 2016 Benefit to serve Lethbridge family services 
Nick N. – announce that a Cheque presentation to City of Lethbridge at 1:30 today to present $175000
Rotary Lobster Fest May 14 2016, Exhibition North Hall  - no band, Improve – table to table
Need committee chairs to support this event.
Mike McGuire – Membership –
A mentorship program is being set up. Please take the roll if asked. The Concern is that new members are not being supported enough
Mike Marcotte – running food and beverage now, will send a feedback survey
Alan Friesen – golf ball drop; reminder
David Hughes – Rotary Moment – Remembering a makeup meeting he attended to in Brisbane, Australia
Sgt at Arms and Happy Bucks – Darrell Alexander
Guest Speaker – Sara Amies & Melody Garner – Lethbridge Family Services – update on Syrian Refugees
To build relationships in the community. Get involved by:
Housing 3 bedrooms plus – money is attached to the rentals
Volunteers needed in many areas
Will take cash to bus essential items –see website for items needed.
Challenge – support by opening up your network.
Feb 3 16000 Syrians had arrived in Canada. Federal Government says on track to reach 25000 by end of February
1624 in Alberta. Lethbridge 144 by the end of February. Staff at the airport today 2 separate times. Staff at Lethbridge
Settlement at the airport, temporary accommodation. Bed to sleep in. Get then in to the office, school, orientations in Lethbridge and Canada in general.
Federal and provincial programs, income tax. Citizenship
Maps climate dressing
February 8 2016 Cathy Maxwell 2016-02-08 00:00:00Z 0
January 25 Minutes Cathy Maxwell 2016-02-01 00:00:00Z 0

January 18th Minutes

Posted by Jessica Mosby on Jan 19, 2016
O Canada & Guest Information:
Wyson N - Guest of Patrick 
Mariah MacDonald - Rotaract 
Chelsea Kleckner - Rotaract
Angie Zuba - Guest of Shilpa Stocker 
Aelen Fowler & Margaret Fowler - Guests from Scotland  
Jillian Chafee - Proposed Member 
Sgt of Arms & Happy Bucks - Dennis Chinner 
Hurricanes Game Fellowship Night - January 24th
Contact Bev Hosack. We have 12 so far and are looking for at least 20. 
$30 gets you two beer, appetizers and seats to the game.
Flexahopper Ball Dropper -  April 3rd
Contact Al Friesen for ticket books. 
Looking to get all tickets sold by Jan 30th.
Rotary membership team - Bring a friend, keep your eyes open for fitting new members.
11th Annual Rotaract Dinner - January 30th
Contact Mariah MacDonald (Rotaract) 
tickets are $80 or $550 a table
Will be held at the College Garden Court Restaurant
Deadline for tickets: Jan 25th!
Proceeds are going towards the UofL rock climbing wall
Maria Trans - Exchange student gave us an update on her ice fishing experience,
visit to CASA, and what she has been up to.
Ashley Mattew  - Project Coordinator 
Patrick Spanos - Project Manager 
Gave us a presentation and visual of Phase 1 & 2 of the new 
multi purpose complex going up on the west side.
Grand Opening: April 2016
Closing comments & 4 way test
January 18th Minutes Jessica Mosby 2016-01-20 00:00:00Z 0

January 11th Minutes

Posted by Jessica Mosby on Jan 13, 2016
O Canada & Guest Introduction
Meagan Bennett
Urban Spirits:
Kristina Larken
Andrea Hagan
Greg Flam Guest of Todd Brown 
Jackie Lovell Guest of Robin Hood
U of L:
Dean of Management Dr. Robert Boudreau 
Associate Dean Dr. Shamsul Alam 
Trade room Manager Clay Varjassy 
Graduate Mike Kawchuk
Instructor of Student Management Investment Fund Wilf Roesler 
Student/ Presenters:
Kyle Maj
Conner Williams 
Cameron Pituley
Brooke Winarski
​Joel Snodgrass
Sgt of Arms & Happy Bucks - Patrick Bilyk
Urban Spirits Mascarade Ball - March 12th 
$700 a table/ $95 single ticket
* If you are interested please contact: Andrea or Kristina from Urban Spirits.
They also have sponsorship packages available. The theme will be Korean festival of lights.
This will be in support of Lethbridge Family Services.
Rotaract 11th annual Dinner & Silent Auction at January 30th:
The Garden Court in the Lethbridge College
Tickets: $550 Table/ $80 Single 
* Please contact Meagan Bennett 
Proceeds going towards a rock climbing wall at the University
Bev Hosack planning the January Fellowship:
Please reply to email if you would like to attend. 
It will be a Hurricanes Game, appetizers in the lounge and fun!
$30 dollars gets you beer, the game, and appy's. Contact Bev for more information.
Flexahopper Ball Dropper W/ Remote will be held on April 3rd
Al Friesen has ticket books to start selling. Please take one as they 
are hoping to have all tickets sold by January 30th.
Mike McGuire Membership - 
Sign up a member - please put a name down on the sheets on tables.
Presentation by U of L Students:
Student Managed Investment Fund Course. 
 *They explain the complexity of the course and how this helps 
them monitor the markets as they get to invest real money. They also talk to us 
about their goals after the course.
Closing Comments & 4 Way Test
January 11th Minutes Jessica Mosby 2016-01-14 00:00:00Z 0

January 4 2016 Minutes

Posted by Cathy Maxwell on Jan 07, 2016
January 4, 2016 Rotary Meeting
Opening – Anthem/ Grace
Lethbridge East:
  1. Wayne Lindwall
  2. Sherri Bohnert
  3. Chris Mclean
  4. Fran Leggett
  5. Rick Parker
  6. Bev Muendel Atherstone
  7. Henning Muedel
  8. Bob Jones
  9. Lynn Gregson
  10. Audrey King
  11. Bil Hays
  12. Andrew Bronson
  13. Michael Greer
  14. Glem Coutler
  15. Bev Lanz
  16. Ian Machachlan
Urban Spirits
  1. Tanya Gill
  2. Stephanie Sanderson
  3. Daniel Tkachenko
  4. Amber Rebbit
  1. Rita Boktezar
  2. Gwen McMillan
  3. Jackie Lovell guest of Gwen McMillan
  4. Judi Reed
  5. Greg Tiffin
  1. Katie Wilson
Murray Hewson Guest of Mike Maguire
Kiwanis – Green Acres
  1. Joan Lindsay
  2. Brian McGladdery
  3. Evelyn Yackulic
  4. Joyce Gregson
  5. Mary Jane Billingsley
Bridge if Hope
  1. Fola Soboyejo
Erasmus Okein Guest of Mike Mahon
Guest Speaker - Mayor Spearman
  • Lethbridge has been effected very little regarding the economy.
  • Economical development – diversify the economy. When a business is brought in to Lethbridge the spinoff is great
  • Optimistic for our City
  • We need to communicate the benefits of this city to the AB Government
  • Recycling and waste diversion ;2016 moving forward on the residential piece
  • Syrian refuges – larger challenge than anticipated; mental health assessments, needs assessments are being done. Estimates of around 340 homes have been offered up for housing
  • Local support issues; homeless people – project connect where people are supported as they move in a home for the first time.  Resolution:  to reduce the homelessness in the city of Lethbridge
  • Provincial Government 4.5 Billion unallocated funds. We need to think about per capita allocation. Some of that money needs to come to Lethbridge and not just Calgary and Edmonton.
  • Stay United to show the government we are in the same page for what we need.
President presented the Mayor with a certificate of 100 children will be vaccinated for polio
 Exchange student Maria – report on Christmas and New Years and winter activities
Allan Friesen – Golf Ball Drop – see him for tickets to sell.
Other club announcements
Bev Hosack January 23 2016 Fellowship Hockey and Beer - email to go out.
Bob Jones – Youth Exchange – needs help with an admin assistant.
Sgt at arms
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December 14

Posted by Cathy Maxwell on Dec 20, 2015
December 14, 2015 Rotary Meeting Minutes
Mike Mountain Horse School Choir
Guests: Bridget Mearns – Kirk Mearns
  • Dave Mansen – Charles Funk
  • Jillian Chaffee – Mandy DeCecco Kolebar
  • Visiting Rotarian – Rotaract Katelyn de Boer
Announcements: December 21 Drop in Christmas Party -   5:30 7:30 at Moxies RSVP
Alan Friesen – Join fund raiser – Golf Ball Drop  March 2016 , Keyhole Park – Is there interest in this, will the membership  sell the tickets
The previously planned election is postponed
Shilpa – 20 club members have participated in the foundation challenge. This incentive is still available thru to December 2015
Katelyn de Boer Rotaract – thank you for purchasing pins
  • 11th annual dinner and silent auction jan 30 2016 garden court rest $80 $550 for table of 8
  • Rock climbing wall for the youth
  • Need sponsors and silent auction items
  • Starting vocational paring rotaracter’s the opportunities Rotarians to share their work or advice
Robin Hood – Strategic Plan Review
  • Process – 8 categories/ groups/ flip charts
  • Where is the group going
  • 15 – 30 suggestions in each category – prioritize
  • Top 3 suggestions were summarized( all other points were saved)
  • Action plan will take these points a plan
Membership Drive Mike McGuire – we need new members as are numbers are down
  • Will help anyone to close on a membership
Daryl Alexander Membership Drive – need to rejuvenate
What is rotary? Why join
Largest organization of its kind
Current 94 members 4 honorary - Split - 66 men 29 women
Thought provoking who might want to join – manufacturing, health care, we need a feeder system  
Goal to sign up 20 new members – If you have contacts or suggestions the membership would help to connect with them.
Closing comments 
Meeting adjourned 
December 14 Cathy Maxwell 2015-12-21 00:00:00Z 0

November 30th minutes

Posted on Nov 30, 2015
Opening :
O Canada & Guest Introduction
Jillian Chasser - Mandy DeCecco-Kolebaba
Visiting: Don McInnes from Lethbridge Sunrise
Peter Kim - Next week be prepared with your $25.00 as there will be a kettle at the front. All proceeds are going to buy gift cards for youth needing support.
Darrell Alexander - Any suggestions for meetings while Pat is gone, contact him.
Don Mcinnes (Lethbridge Sunrise) - $20 Raffle Tickets. Chance of winning Gift cards, craft beer, or a wine cooler filled with wine!
- Proceeds go towards supporting youth and literacy programs.
Bev Hosack - Interact raised $2200.00 for their christmas tree display with chinook health region
December 6th - Senior Dinner at The Lethbridge Lodge. 
    - Needing Volunteers, please sign up or contact Kim Davis or Jessica Mosby
Maria Trans - Exchange Student 
   - Taught Chris to make Danish Christmas decorations.
   - Learned the real Canadian way of hot tubbing ( rolling in the snow to cool off after )
Sgt Arms: Dennis Chinner
Happy Bucks 
Guest Speaker: Shane Ellis - Vocational Talk
   - Shared his story with us and a few saftey tips from Atco.
Draw (Bev Hosack) - No winner 
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November 23 Meeting Minutes

Posted on Nov 29, 2015

Your Title here

November 23, 2015 Rotary Meeting Minutes
Opening; Anthem and Grace
Linda Killoran – Pat Killoran
Simone Lyon – Pat Killoran
Jack Deheer – Peter Deyes
Greg Flom – Todd Brown
Host Families needed to for 2 months Wyson
Maria – weekly update
  • Movies, shopping, decorated for Christmas, Canasta
Senior Dinner, Tuesday at Jessica’s for wrapping presents
Cathy Maxwell – requesting help with the PR committee, web development and club runner
Roterac - thank you for pins purchased
Review of Board Meeting – BTG about $40000
  • 100 year anniversary next year.
  • Foundation fundraiser - dropping golf balls from a helicopter
  • Dragon Boat – meeting tonight at Nancy Walkers to discuss
  • Strategic Plan
  • Working on the Org plan
Peter Kim Salvation Army- thank you welcoming me to Rotary - /Support the Kettle Bells
New group to plan meetings as replacement for January and February while Pat is away
Nick N.  Sgt of Arms
Happy Bucks
Video on Foundation Donations to the High River Flood of 2013. How Rotarians helped by raising 2 Million dollars.
Closing comments  
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November 16th 2015 Meeting

Posted by Jessica Mosby on Nov 16, 2015
O Canada & Guest Introducton
Murray Hughson - Guest of Mike McGuire
Karen Reimer (guest speaker) - Guest of Shilpa Stocker 
Mary Dieser - Guest of Shilpa Stocker 
Pamela Sandberg - Guest of Tania Stilson
​Simone Lyon - Guest of Pat Killoran 
- Mike McGuire - Watch for an email in regards to the society board meeting next Monday. * Topic will be the Dragon Boat Issues
- Mike McGuire & Darrell Alexander - Part of the new membership committee 
     - Please start thinking of some guest to bring with you to Rotary meetings.
     - We are looking for new members and have built a new members board in order to help raise our numbers.
Do you know of anyone one that would be interested in joining Rotary? Ask them to lunch next Monday.
- Seniors Dinner - December 6th 
(Jessica Mosby & Kim Davis) 
     - We are looking for volunteers please sign up online or on the sheets on the tables. we are looking for approx 50 people to make the dinner run smooth. 
     - Gift Wrapping November 24 (TUE) at Jessica's House. Please come have some fun and wrap some gifts!
     - 8-10 door prizes : if anyone is willing to donate please contact Jessica or Kim
     - As well as funding. we are always looking to lower the costs if you would like to support in any way please let us know!
       it would be greatly appreciated.
- Please bring your old Rotary magazines
Sgt Arms & Happy Bucks: Nick Nicolacopoulos 
Guest Speaker:
Karen Reimer : Spoke to us on her personal survival of Polio, how it has changed her life in so many ways even 50 years later.
Also the importance of education with Polio.
Shilpa Stocker - On the importance and her story. why she donates and is a supporter of Polio eradication.
Draw - Nick Nicolacopoulos (Winner) Donated the winnings to Polio
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November 9th 2015

Posted by Jessica Mosby on Nov 09, 2015
Opening :
O Canada & Guest Introduction
Nadine Dow - Guest of Brenda Eaglesham 
Frank Hecker - Guest of Geri Hecker 
Paul Davis - Guest of Kim Davis 
Carla Deys - Guest of Peter Deys 
Simone Lyon - Guest of Pat Killoran
Rick Blakeley - Guest of Al Friesen 
Darcy Hansen - Guest of Al Friesen 
Lethbridge East Meeting: Tomorrow at 6pm at Country Kitchen Catering (Downstairs Keg)
   - They are having a speaker in regards to Waterton Parks if you are interested in attending.
December 6th - Senior Dinner at The Lethbridge Lodge. 
    - Needing Volunteers, please sign up or contact Kim Davis 
Maria Trans - exchange student 
   - Went to the movies with new host family, helped interview the outbound exchange student.
   - Also got to go with Allan Friesen to the gun range.
Video Tribute: Rex Murphy - Lest we Forget
Sgt Arms: Nick Nicolacopoulos
Happy Bucks 
Guest Speaker: Rob Davis - Chief of Police 
   - Spoke to us in regards to a number of issues he deals with in the City.
The best advice he could give is to always remain positive and help spread a positive message as a Rotarian.
Draw - No winner 
The Last Post
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November 2 2015 Meeting Minutes

Posted on Nov 01, 2015
Rotary Meeting November 2 2015
Opening comments – Anthem and Grace
Guest Introduction
Femi Aiyegbusi - Alex Jessop
Trevor Broadhead - Al Friesen
Kay Martin – Dale Martin Jr
Simone Lyon    - Pat Killoran
Matt Carbert – Daryl Alexander
Chris Mclean visiting Rotarian from Lethbridge East
Justin Sawada
Sarah Amies – Guest Speaker
Bev Hosack – interact club
Shilpa Stocker - Paul Harris Awards
  • Sherry Davis + 2
  • Shilpa Stocker + 4
Sarah Amies, PD – Program Director for Lethbridge Family Services – Immigrant Services the Bhutanese in Lethbridge.  Resettlement issues.
Comment on Syrian refugees. Their needs will be different as they have been running from full on war. Mental health issues will be extensive.
Nest week Rob Davis – Police Chief
Draw won by Allan Friesen
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October 26, 2015

Posted on Oct 26, 2015
Rotary Meeting October 26th, 2015
Opening and introduction of guests:
Mohadese Daryabeygi (Guest)
Sienna Randolp (Rotaract)
Jordan Sowde  
O Canada - Gordon Low
  • Thank you Shilpa for all you did for the World polio walk October 23
  • Please bring your old Rotary magazines
  • NOV 4th - Rotaract meet and greet (6:30 -9:00)
    • all are welcome to attend (We sit in last place with the attendance challenge....
    • so hopefully we have some attend)
  • Black tie success! - Nick, Gerri, and Shanaley
    • we had about 250 people attend.
    • made roughly $14,000 in live and silent auction items
    • approx. $12,000 from the Raffle
    • approx. $3680 from the earings/ Mexico trip
    • (Final numbers to come these were just approx. totals)
  • Joanna Kappel – presented last years financials for the Society
  • Motion to approve as presented – Motion carried
  • Maria Trans - Exchange Student - Weekly Report
    • Jim Christie took her to Calgary so she could go to Scream fest,
    • she also got to carve pumpkins etc.
    • They don't celebrate Halloween so this was a new experience.
Guest speaker (Video):
Oscar Arias - former Costa Rican President and Nobel Peace Prize Winner
  • "War on War"
4 way test
Draw – Dennis Chinner (The money is still up for grabs)
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Copy of October 5th 2015

Posted by Jessica Mosby on Oct 05, 2015
Michelle Dupuis - Lesley Colburn-Swartz
Michelle Madge -Chris Yauck
Simone Lyon - Guest of Pat Killoran 
Peter Kim - St. Albert Rotary Club 
Pat Killoran - 
- Strategic Planning - October 7th, Please sign up!
- RLI Rotary Leadership Institute, Planning for Nov. Looking for newer members to be a big part of it. Email to follow.
Nick Nicolacopoulos - 
- Black Tie Gala - 150 tickets sold and we are looking for 300. Please purchase this week! 
Maria Trans - Exchange Student - Weekly Report
- Visited Ft. Whoop up and met a lot of new people playing Canasta 
Bev Hosack - 
- Silent Auction items are needed for the Black Tie Gala. If you can help please email Bev.
- Reminder for the flashlight cemetery tour October, 14th.
- Interact club - Trevor Hosack has started the club at CCH. They are participating in the Chinook Health Region
Tree Festival and are needing businesses to help raise funds for decorations. If you can help out please contact Bev.
Trevor Stuart 
Trevor shared his mountain expeditions from a few of his journeys to Aconcagua & Mt. Sajama. He has raised 34,000
for the Big Brothers and Sister & 16,000 for the Harbour House, YWCA.
He is "Elevating Lives" and raising awareness to stop domestic violence.
He has climbed some of the highest peaks, one being 22,841!  He has climbed solo, and even some very ill.
He has done so with an amazing amount of passion for such a great cause.
" The Purpose of life is a life with purpose"
His next journey will be Mt. Everest. If you would like to help support Trevor please contact him at:
Closing Statements:
Sgt Arms - Dale Martin JR
Happy Bucks
Marble Draw - WINNER! Shanaley Galts
4 Way Test 
Meeting Adjourned
Message from Gordon Low:
Recycle your "Rotarian" magazine's. Please bring it to the club meeting on Monday's and place it in the box for it on the tables. 
We will give one each week to our guest speaker. You may take one and give to any guest you bring to Rotary. 
We hope this will encourage potential new members.
- See more at: http://portal.clubrunner.ca/964#sthash.qHeR61XO.dpuf
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October 5th 2015

Posted by Jessica Mosby on Oct 05, 2015
Michelle Dupuis - Lesley Colburn-Swartz
Michelle Madge -Chris Yauck
Simone Lyon - Guest of Pat Killoran 
Peter Kim - St. Albert Rotary Club 
Pat Killoran - 
- Strategic Planning - October 7th, Please sign up!
- RLI Rotary Leadership Institute, Planning for Nov. Looking for newer members to be a big part of it. Email to follow.
Nick Nicolacopoulos - 
- Black Tie Gala - 150 tickets sold and we are looking for 300. Please purchase this week! 
Maria Trans - Exchange Student - Weekly Report
- Visited Ft. Whoop up and met a lot of new people playing Canasta 
Bev Hosack - 
- Silent Auction items are needed for the Black Tie Gala. If you can help please email Bev.
- Reminder for the flashlight cemetery tour October, 14th.
- Interact club - Trevor Hosack has started the club at CCH. They are participating in the Chinook Health Region
Tree Festival and are needing businesses to help raise funds for decorations. If you can help out please contact Bev.
Trevor Stuart 
Trevor shared his mountain expeditions from a few of his journeys to Aconcagua & Mt. Sajama. He has raised 34,000
for the Big Brothers and Sister & 16,000 for the Harbour House, YWCA.
He is "Elevating Lives" and raising awareness to stop domestic violence.
He has climbed some of the highest peaks, one being 22,841!  He has climbed solo, and even some very ill.
He has done so with an amazing amount of passion for such a great cause.
" The Purpose of life is a life with purpose"
His next journey will be Mt. Everest. If you would like to help support Trevor please contact him at:
Closing Statements:
Sgt Arms - Dale Martin JR
Happy Bucks
Marble Draw - WINNER! Shanaley Galts
4 Way Test 
Meeting Adjourned
Message from Gordon Low:
Recycle your "Rotarian" magazine's. Please bring it to the club meeting on Monday's and place it in the box for it on the tables. 
We will give one each week to our guest speaker. You may take one and give to any guest you bring to Rotary. 
We hope this will encourage potential new members.
- See more at: http://portal.clubrunner.ca/964#sthash.qHeR61XO.dpuf
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September 28 2015

Posted by Cathy Maxwell on Sep 30, 2015
Rotary Meeting September 28, 2015
Opening and introduction of guests:
Barbara and John Warren – guest of Tania Stilson
Grace Orich – Barrie Orich
Visiting Rotarians - Greg Weadick Sunrise
Make up – Barrie Orich – Sunrise
RC of the Lethbridge Society
Tania 10 time Fellow “Why She Gives” Foundation Report Amazing report
Marc Marcotte – comments” relieve guilt by doing monthly donations to Rotary “
Maria Trans - Exchange Student - Attended Rypen
Announcements: Strat plan October 7 - please attend
  • Wyson Ndhlovu Malawi  exchange student – need billets
  • Black Tie Gala – encouraging to buy tickets and or raffle
  • Shilpa World polio walk October 23 casa 3:30 walk to City Hall
  • Mike  McGuire  - Society Meeting (formed in 2001)
  • Rotary club directs the society to undertake different projects
  • Rotarians can attend the board meetings
  • Special resolution required because: need an approval for Bylaw Changes
  • Government did not approved the bylaw change; wording needed to be changed, it will be resubmitted for approval 
  • Information for changes is on the website
  • Motion:  to accept the changes to the bylaw as presented – Motion carried
  • Nancy Walker – presented the financials for the Society
  • Motion to approve the Society Financials as presented – Motion carried
Sgt Arms – Nick
Happy Bucks, 4 way test, draw – Gerri Hecker  
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September 21st Minutes

Posted by Jessica Mosby on Sep 21, 2015
Stephan Ascroft - Guest of Mike Marcotte 
Dave Mansen - Guest of Charles Funk 
Simone Lyon - Guest of Pat Kiloran 
Mana Mcdonald from the University of Lethbridge Club 
Peter Kim - St. Albert Rotary Club 
Nick Davis gave us a presentation on his adventure and exchange to Italy. He met many members of Andrea's family and toured Tuscany, Milano, and many many more places. Great job on your presentation it looked amazing!
Pat Kiloran - Please join in for the strategic planning meeting. The live link is on club runner. 
Darrell Alexander - we will be seeing some cocktail parties in the near future, if you are interested in putting your house up for one of the parties please let him know. 
Bev Hosack - We have 130 tickets sold already for the Black Tie Gala, keep up the ticket sales! We are also looking for silent auction items and a pair of Flames tickets if anyone has any please? 
Karen Gunn - Pumpkin Fest this Saturday - if you have some spare time please volunteer to help out. 
Ramon Ramirez - is moving to Vancouver with his wife October 9th, he will be missed! Gordon Low will be filling in his position. 
Professor Dr. Roy Goldsteyn from the University of Lethbridge spoke about his Cancer research. "Investigation of prairie plants for anti cancer and Pharmaceutical compounds".
He shared a few unknown facts with us .....
- We have a Nobel prize winner! 
- Many plants in Canada have some amazing anti aging, antibiotic and anti cancer compounds.
- Taxol the best Cancer drug currently out there comes from a plant in Canada.
-Many native flowering plants are TOXIC in Canada.
-There focus is to find these plants and possibly adjust the toxicity hoping to find something that could be used.
Please contact him if anyone would like to know more information as he welcomes us all to visit him and his team!
Closing Statements:
Marble Draw - David Huges - Still no winner!
4 Way Test 
Meeting Adjourned
Brenda Eaglesham wanted to Thank Allan Friesen for the invitation out at the shooting range. Attached I included a picture from their fun afternoon! Thanks Allan!
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September 14 2015

Posted by Cathy Maxwell on Sep 17, 2015
Guest’s introduction:
Terry Christie – Jim Christie
Bev Muendele   Atherstone –RC Lethbridge East Rob Rosen
 Liz Harvey - Martin Harvey (District Governor)
Shane Ellis – Pat Killoran
Visiting Rotarians:
Marc Leblanc Lethbridge Urban Spirits
Katie Wilson – U o f L Roteract
Bev Lanz- Lethbridge East
Peter Kim– St. Albert Rotary Club
Helen Fowler – West office Scotland UK
Strat planning Oct 7 2015 please sign up on line. Lethbridge Lodge
BTG October 24 2015 Bruce Thurber –introduction of Maria Frans – Exchange student from Denmark
Billets needed for exchange. Please contact Doug McArthur
Rotary Roses – $30 for a doz. Funds going to Sugar Bowl Park
Children’s Wish Foundation Pumpkin Fest September 26 2015 – Karen Gunn looking for volunteers in a couple hours shifts
Martin Harvey – induction of new member Shane Ellis  
Seven Paul Harris Fellows: Paul Harris commitment to peace around the world,
  1. Katie Wilson
  2. Geri Hecker +2
  3. Doug McArthur + 2
  4. Nancy Walker + 2
  5. Chris Murray + 3
  6. Pat Killoran + 6
  7. Loralee Burton + 7
Geri Hecker – Introduction of District Governor Martin Harvey
Rotary Review of President “Ravi” Ravindran and Vanathy
  1. Goal is for clubs to be vibrant
  2. 1.2.Million members
  3. Grow each year  by 100,000 and lose the same number
  • June 30 2012 2199
  • July 1 2015 1943
  • Reduction if 260 member nearly 12 %
Fellowship and fun and to positively impact the community
How do we make the club vibrant?
Engage, ask, wear our pins, welcome, branding, and enrolled in “my rotary”
Rotary Foundation – make it a charity of choice
  • Sustaining members
  • Recognition pins
  • Benefactor  Bequest Society
Polio Plus –World Polio day is October 24 2015
Rotaract 18 – 30- Interact, 12 – 18 Early Act ages 6 – 12
Rotary Day, Global awards
District 5360 Conference Canmore   May 13 – May 15 2016
Closing comments by Martin Harvey - Pass on the Gift of Rotary
Marble draw – Bev Lanz
4 way test
Meeting adjourned
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August 31 2015

August 31, 2015 Opening Introductions Ed Sandu - Lora lee Burton Shane Ellis – Pat Killoran Housekeeping items – Draw with marbles – Announcements: October 7 Strat plan – venue to be determined Black Tie up date - Gerri Hecker • Tickets sales – 40 to date • Progressive dinner District governor – Martin Harvey Present at September 14 Meeting • Paul Harris will be presented • Induction of new members Doug MacArthur will look after the Malawi exchange student Murray Pritchard – Malawi • Hydro electro project is on its way. Balance transfer has been done • Hospital update – flooded, all electronic equipment has been lost. September 28 Annual Society Meeting - Bylaws to be passed, review financial Review of committee profiles and terms of reference • Foundation, Membership, Community service, Fellowship, Youth, Fundraising Public Relations Sgt at Arms Closing
August 31 2015 Cathy Maxwell 2015-09-07 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Club of Lethbridge - Black Tie Gala Patrick Killoran 2015-09-04 00:00:00Z 0

August 24th Minutes

Posted by Jessica Petrik on Aug 23, 2015

August 24th, 2015

Opening/ Anthem:

-  Duran Green


  • Tara Lennox guest of Cheryl Dick


  • Geri Hecker & Nick Nicolacopoulos – Black Tie event Gala reminder, please help if you can they are taking over for Sherry.
    • October 24th at the coast….Mulan Rouge is the theme.
  • Shanaley Galts – please see her in regards to raffle tickets for the Black Tie Gala. If you can’t come you should purchase a ticket. The raffle tickets are for a 7 day trip to Paris valued $7500.00 they are going for 125$ each. Please take a book and help out!
  • Duran Green – in regards to RIPEN. We have no kids to send as of yet. The program runs from September 24 -28th if you know of anyone please contact Duran. We have 5 available spots still.  Duran also would like to announce that he will be taking this next year off rotary to spend his time traveling with his newly retired wife. If she gets sick of him earlier he will be back sooner.
  • We need host families for a student coming in the next few weeks. Please if you can host let us know.


Sergeant at Arms – Dale Martin Jr.

  • Bruce McKillop & Chris Yauck Whoop up days are over no need to continue to wear the plain shirts. Matching pairs of Tom DeJager & Austin Fennell got caught in plaid as well.
  • Nick Nicolacopoulos – fines for acting like president
  • Karen Gunn – fined for golfing in the rain. “it’s a fair weather sport”
  • Clint Dunford – fined for jumping on the Blue Jay band wagon, and everyone needs to pay a buck for the Bulls.
  • Duran green – Mad at him for leaving us for a year. “ Happy Wife,  Happy life”….
  • $5.00 for Dennis Chinner & Robin Hood for RBC involvement.


Happy Bucks –

  • Derrell Alexander – spent some time in castle and is happy for how beautiful it still was.
  • Alex Jessop – just came back from Vacation with his wife and kids, had a great time in Cyprus Hills
  • Wayne Stewart – Harvest Supper
  • Clint Dunford - $5.00 for a happy life Chuck James. Dale told us a funny little story of while he was waiting for the ambulance he needed to check to make sure they all had valid driver’s licenses before he got in.
  • Bev Hosack – 25th wedding anniversary
  • Allan Friesen – help support him to walk a mile in her shoes.
  • Stephen Graham – got some hardware from being in the dragon boats in Calgary.
  • Phil North – thankful for the grad students joining us today, and for fishing with his son and grandson.
  • Karlen McDonald – happy for her daughter getting to curl go see the “rock”
  • Joyanne Mitchell – Nov 13th our 1st ever Philanthropy day



Dr. Helen Kelly of the university of Lethbridge introduced the 3 winners from the 3MT contest in which they competed regionally. These students have 3 minutes to explain a full years research using only 1 slide in PowerPoint and no special effects.

Our first speaker : Rudraksha Dutta Mujumdar who spoke on: Understanding the structure of heavy oil, asphaltens using advance nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

Our second speaker: Kartik Lyer who spoke on: Brain Stimulation enhance memory by modulation of sleep brain activity.

Draw winner : Karen Gunn

Shane Ellis, proposed by Patrick Killoran, classification Utilities​

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District 5360 Flood Relief Fund

Posted by Patrick Bilyk on Jul 11, 2013

District 5360 Flood Relief Fund

Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!
District 5360 is accepting donations to benefit those communities most affected by the flooding in Southern Alberta. Those wishing to donate to specific communities are invited to make their donations directly to the local Rotary Club, or to indicate their wishes when donating through the District. Please note that some clubs, including High River, are not in a position to issue charitable receipts at this time should one be required.

Donate on line or mail a cheque to:

       Rotary District 5360 Inc - Flood Relief Fund
       4 Parkdale Crescent NW
       Calgary, AB   T2N 3T8

       Attach donation form and mark memo area on cheque: Flood Relief
       (Registered Charity #88939 5398 RR0001)
       Tax receipts will be issued for donations over $25 if full mailing address is provided.

District 5360 will work with the local Rotary Clubs in each affected community to disburse donated funds. The proceeds of the fund will support flood relief projects in the affected regions through Rotary Clubs in Calgary, Canmore, High River and Medicine Hat.

If you have questions, please contact:
       PDG Mike French
       Phone 403-850-6421

District 5360 Flood Relief Fund Patrick Bilyk 2013-07-12 00:00:00Z 0
Lethbridge Herald/Rotary Club of Lethbridge Citizen of the Year Stephen Graham 2013-04-26 19:29:54Z 0

3 New Members Inducted

Posted by Stephen Graham on Apr 07, 2013
Welcome (or welcome back) to Mike Marcotte, Kent Prestage, & Scott Ross our newest members. Make a point of meeting these new Rotarians.
3 New Members Inducted Stephen Graham 2013-04-08 00:00:00Z 0
10 Paul Harris Fellowships awarded in March Stephen Graham 2013-03-25 00:00:00Z 0
Lobsterfest May 11, 2013!! Sherry Davis 2013-03-14 16:59:46Z 0
Laptops arrived in Malawi Stephen Graham 2013-03-04 00:00:00Z 0
Sophie In Spain Stephen Graham 2013-03-04 00:00:00Z 0

March is Literacy Month in Rotary

Posted by Stephen Graham on Mar 03, 2013
ImageIf you are reading this, consider yourself lucky.
Rotary is involved in improving literacy in so many ways, from providing books to providing light so that people may read at night.
March is Literacy Month in Rotary Stephen Graham 2013-03-04 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary's effort to eradicate Polio marches on . . . . . Bernie Carriere 2012-07-30 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Clubs worldwide meet US$200 million fundraising challenge Bernie Carriere 2012-01-17 00:00:00Z 0
The "Challenge to End Polio" update. Bernie Carriere 2011-12-13 00:00:00Z 0

November is Foundation Month!

Posted by Bernie Carriere on Nov 23, 2011

There are as many reasons to support The Rotary Foundation as there are ways to do good in the world.

By contributing to the Foundation , you help support the Foundation's six areas of focus, which help to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty. By giving US$100 a year through the Every Rotarian, Every Year  (EREY) initiative, you become a Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member. Contributions to EREY are the primary source of funding for Foundation programs.

Here are a few ways your contributions are making change possible.

November is Foundation Month! Bernie Carriere 2011-11-24 00:00:00Z 0
October - Vocational Service Month - World Polio Awareness Day, Oct 24 Bernie Carriere 2011-10-03 00:00:00Z 0
Reflection as we near anniversary of Sept 11th. Bernie Carriere 2011-09-07 00:00:00Z 0
Stats of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International Bernie Carriere 2010-12-04 00:00:00Z 0
Progress of the US$200 Million Challenge for Polio Eradication Bernie Carriere 2010-12-04 00:00:00Z 0
December is Family Month in the Rotary Calendar. This week's Foundation thought is about . . . . . Bernie Carriere 2010-12-04 00:00:00Z 0
End of Year Rotary Foundation Donations Bernie Carriere 2010-12-04 00:00:00Z 0
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Posted by Bernie Carriere on Oct 04, 2010
Most clubs have an embarassing problem with Early Leavers or "Scooters" and this bit of tongue-in-cheek humour needs to be spread throughout the world of Rotary as a clarion call to those who have joined any organization just for saying they are a Member and don't really fulfill ALL of their obligation. To be a Member of anything, one must ATTEND the meeting and that means ALL of the meeting. So, if you are a "Scooter", this one's for YOU. The following is with apologies to that "other" great Canadian poet, Robert Service. The Cog is the RC of Calgary weekly bulletin.
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Copy of October 6, 2014 Bulletin

Posted by Brandie Lea

October 6, 2014

President Nick - Announcements:

Juran is in the hospital with knee replacement and in pain. So keep him in your thoughts and perhaps stop by for a quick visit.

Though there is a great line up of speakers coming up, Ramon needs more suggestions. Starting January 1, 2015 there will be a vocational speaker from a club member each month.

Back Tie Gala:
Foster & Sons Jewellers and Lethbridge Volkswagen are donating another Rolex this year. Also, there is a variety of New York entertainment to look forward to for the Gala.
Please work hard to sell raffle tickets. Event tickets can be picked up from Amber Rebbit.

Darryl Alexander - funds from the gala are a huge chunk of funds that we use for doing good in our community. For the event to sell out we need to sell 352 tickets. We are at 169 right now. And… we only have 30 recorded raffle tickets sold. This is urgent!!! Please take two seconds and let someone know you are coming if you plan to attend. If you are not able to join us, don’t forget to buy a raffle ticket.

Lina's Highlights:
Lina met with other exchange students over the past week.
They went to a pizza party and she attended her first football game.
Sherry’s threw a 9th birthday party at the bowling lanes so Lina had an opportunity to attend that and had a good time as well.
She also went to a play with Shilpa called Jakes Gift.

Sergeant at arms Charles Funk:
Fines will all the blondes stand up (Brandie Lea went blonde and resembles someone in Hollywood that Charles knows from curling), shorts only for July or Aug (Darryl Alexander is still wearing shorts!)... Someone asked "Are those your legs or are you riding a chicken?" Darryl, I think they are all just jealous!

Ed Fetting – thinks that Darryl’s legs are an insult to the chickens because he processes 80,000 chickens a day.

Shanaley Galts - is now a proud Canadian because she passed the test! Congratulations Shanaley!

Clint Dunford - just learned that the Bulls Baseball club will have Darryl Sittler and Lanny McDonald coming for their dinner. Stay tuned for dates and more information!

Phil North- was happy to be on the ice with his son and grandson yesterday morning

Dawn Leite- went to Cuba last week and it was very hot at 45 degrees for her cousins wedding. There were only thunderstorms in the evening – luckily no hurricanes. She also appreciated more the availability of water. You don’t realize how much you appreciate it until you don’t have it. She has had lots of water since she has been back.

Dale Merchant - Beth went through hip replacement on the same day as Juran. She was discharged on Saturday and seems to have had very little pain. Dale stopped to see Juran while there and Juran’s knee was bigger around than Beth's waist!

Chris Yauck- He attended the Harvest Moon Ball for St. Michael's Foundation over the weekend and had a great time.

Pat Killoran – was able to represent the district president in Oklahoma and was treated very well. They asked him what the weather was like back in Canada and he was happy to report that it was 88 here and 84 in Oklahoma!

Brandie Lea – her hair color is not the only change right now. She has also accepted a position with the University of Lethbridge and will no longer be with the St. Michael's Foundation.  She will be raising funds for the new Science Building at the University.

Darren Newberger - changed his hair and is proud to be Canadian.

President Nick - Oct 24 is world polio day.
He hopes to tie it in to the Black Tie Gala and plans to do something on Friday evening as well.

Ramon Ramirez introduction of guest speaker
Jenalee is the president of kids help phone. She has been working in not for profits for 7 years and with Kids Help Phone for 2. She joins us from Calgary. Her position is Manager of community events and fundraising.

Kids Help Phone gives kids a trusted person in their life to help them ready themselves to talk to a parent or other adult and inform them of what is going on in their life.
They can talk to someone in English or French.

One misconception about Kids Help Phone is that they have volunteers, but the counselors are actually paid professionals.

In 2002 they began offering online services. They have 4 websites by 2010 with various aspects (English French or age specific). Live chat is also available.
There is also an app available to them called "Always There".

On the websites they have a map that shows resources around the individuals location. They can view a list of topics for the services they are interested in and see the location of the various locations for the services of interests.

Regional stats - kids from 181 communities in Alberta contacted kids help phone.
Calls from Alberta are 10% or 58 kids call their service each day.
As for the "Ask us" option for online posts, 15% of them are from Alberta.

Funding another misconception is that they are a government funded organization. They rely heavily on funds that they receive through businesses, and fundraisers.
One of their fundraisers is "Lets walk so kids can talk" which happens in 3 communities in Alberta - Calgary Edmonton & Red Deer. They would like to start it up again in Lethbridge.


Q & A:
How do kids find out about this? They do school mail outs to over 200 schools. They also do presentations in schools. They only usually do presentations if the school asks for them.

What is the biggest concerns? Students that are contemplating suicide, struggling with school issues, homework issues etc. Mental health is a big challenge that young people contact them for.

When the counselors opens a case, is there follow up? There is no follow up by Kids Help Phone. If the youth calls in more than once, they are not guaranteed to get the same counsellor. That is part of the confidentiality. The councillor will not end the conversation until they have given the young person on the line resources to help them.

How do you track the outcomes from the calls? There is no real way to follow up so they often ask the young person in advance if they would answer a few questions about how the service has helped them with their challenges.

What about confidentiality with kids and the web based conversations? They do not keep the chat records or phone records. Only two people can see the numbers are calling in from which is mainly used for statically reporting.

Winnerof the Draw - Darryl Alexander

There is no meeting next week due to Thanksgiving!
Have a great long weekend next week.

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August 17 2015

Posted by Cathy Maxwell

August 17, 2015 Rotary Meeting

Opening – Anthem, Grace

Introduction – of guests:

  • Ashley Lehto  ( Out of Bound Student)    Murray Anderson
  • Bruce Anderson - Kim Davis
  • Donna Bilyk – Patrick Bilyk

Visiting Rotarians

  • Mac Leblanc - Lethbridge Urban Spirits

Video – President of Rotary International – Rotary Global Rewards Affinity marketing program which can be accessed by smart phones


  • Malawi teacher billets required
  • August 29 assembly meeting. Membership will hear from each Director on their portfolio 
  • Strategic Planning session slated for October 7 District, All members invited. Governor from Calgary will be present to facilitate
  • Black Tie Meeting held after today’s meeting
  • Induction of new members and Paul Harris for September 14 2015
  • Costa Rica – money went for medical equipment
  • Casino October 16, 17 – Steven Graham thanks to all who volunteered
  • District Newsletter Please read

Vocational Talk - Allan Friesen -   Certified Employee Benefit Specialist

Sgt at Arms Clint Dunford:

Happy Bucks

Review of “Year of Service Analysis” graphs

Draw after 8 weeks for $110 – Winner Chris Yauck

  • Format change – use of different colors of marbles in hopes to create some excitement

Closing Comments

Meeting adjourned 1:15

New member proposal: Shane Ellis, proposed by Patrick Killoran, classification Utilities. 

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Meeting Minutes - Aug 10, 2015

Posted by Brandie Lea

Rotary Minutes – August 10, 2015
President Pat K. was away so Nick N. welcomed.
O’ Canada led by Stephen G.
Alan F. welcomed guests and visiting Rotarians


Black Tie Gala
Please consider letting your name stand as Co-Chair for Black Tie Gala with Nick.
Sherry D. has been in this role and has it very well organized thus far.  She has come into health challenges and will not be able to continue as co-chair at the moment.  If you have interest in becoming involved in one of our greatest events, please let Nick N. or Greg K. know.  Take care Sherry, we hope you are doing well.

We need at least 5 more volunteers.  This is a guaranteed $30,000 for our funds so contact Greg K. if you are interested and able to help out for a few hours.  It will be a fun and easy couple of days and really help our Club Funds increase.

Dates of the Casino are October 16th & 17th.

If you don’t want to come alone, bring your spouse or a friend – the more the merrier!
URGENT – if you are interested Greg needs to know by Thursday!  There is a form to fill out.

Membership Dues
These are due and can be paid to Carol.  ASAP please.

Malawi Teacher Project
We are co-sponsoring a teacher from Malawi in conjunction with the University of Lethbridge.  The teacher is coming here to take a 7 month course and his tuition, books, fees, transportation, etc will be covered as well as a small monthly allowance given.  The teacher is required to stay with the APU school for at least two years and has committed to do so.

While here he will have two mentors – one from our Rotary club and one from the University.

Past Rotarians of the Year
This year a pin was given to our Rotarian of the Year so extras were ordered for our past recipients.  Stephen, Loralee, Robin & Murray were presented with the pin today.

Vocational Talk – Alex J.
Alex grew up in Ontario in the middle of a soy bean field.
He currently works at CIBC.
He and his wife have two kids.
His hobbies include beer brewing, renos & woodwork.
His sister was a Rotary exchange student so Rotary has been in his life for a while.
Alex looks forward to being able to help out with impacting local and international initiative.

Shannon P. is moving to Airdrie for a new position.  We will miss you.  Good luck in your new role!

Chris E. won the draw.
Adjourned at 1:15 pm

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Rotary Meeting - November 25, 2013

Posted by Brandie Lea

Rotary Meeting November 25, 2013

President Patrick Bilyk began the meeting at 12:15


There are still shirts available for $30 from Pat to support High River.


Seniors Dinner - Joanna Kappel

Sign up please to assist with the Seniors Dinner

We will have about 420 seniors, we are a bit down from last years 450.

It will take place on Dec 8 at the Lodge. 

This Saturday there will be a gift wrapping, please join us if possible to help wrap 420 gifts.  Spouses and children are welcome to come and assist at both the gift wrapping and to volunteer for the dinner.


Christmas Party Update Shanaley Galts

The family Christmas Party will take place on Sunday, December 15 here at the Lodge from 1:30 to 4:30.  There will be gifts for kids, as well as crafts, snacks and caroling.

It will be a great time for all.  Crafts will not be age specific so everyone can come to participate.


Sunrise Club Raffle - Don McGinnis

Their club had to cancel the Vegas night, but they still have the door prizes available to win and will be raffling them off.  They have a wine fridge fully stocked with 36 bottles, a trip to Mazitland and Vegas, as well as tickets to Blue Rodeo.  Please contact Don if you would like to purchase tickets.


Shelter Box Fundraiser Charmaine Bonifacio (Rotaract Director of Membership)

The location that the Typhoon hit is Charmaine's home town and the aftermath is quite sad and tragic.  There is no food, electricity or structures.  Most of her family was safe, but they struggle because they lost everything and many people are still missing.  They did loose one beloved family member.

Shelter box has a great potential to help the survivors and they are doing a fundraiser to assist the victims in teh Phillippines.  The U of L Rotaract Club has set up a shelter tent at the University and will be there for the next the days until Thursday.  Please come by and donate.  All three clubs have sponsored $1000 so that takes them to over $5000.


President Patrick presented Charmaine & Marc (Rotaract President) with $1000 to support their project.


Induction for New Members - Robin Hood

Paul Harrigan sponsored by Leslie Colburn-Swartz

Paul is from St. John New Brunswick and is the new manager of the Lethbridge Lodge as of March 2013.


Ramon Ramiriez sponsored by Shannon Preus

Ramon is a commercial account manager for the HSBC. He was raised in Paraguay.  At a young age he was very service oriented. He and his wife Amy have two children and a dog.  His father is also a Rotarian in Paraguay.


Exchange Student Update - Milan

Milan had two games over the weekend. One was a loss and one was a tie.  There were some fights that added to the excitement.

His mother back home also had her birthday so Milan had his whole class tell her happy birthday in Hungarian by video.


Guest Speaker Introduction - Joyanne Mitchell

Dr. Paula Burns is the president adn CEO of the Lethbridge College.

She is from Nova Scotia and we scooped her up from NAIT.


Dr. Burns

Paula is very pleased to be here and instantly felt at home when she arrived in Lethbridge.


The wine auction went well on the weekend so thak you to all that had been a part of that.


The Board of Governors at the College is very committed to the city and region as well as the college.  Dr. Burns was faced with challenges as soon as she arrived because there was a shortage of finances.  They saw it as an opportunity.  They have taken time to discuss what was needed to meet their needs.  They met with the board and then the faculty and asked where do we want to go and what they want to do.  They developed a strategic framework in career based programming in order to meet the job needs that are here.


They also have taken time to ask the college students why they were here.  The students responded with the facts that they like the small classes, the skills that they develop and that they are job ready once they are done.  Paula and her team want to be on the leading edge of education.


A few areas that they envision growth and change are as follows:

Collaborative partnerships the goal is to create unprecedented connections in Lehtbridge and the region.  This is a unique location where there is a university and college in the same area and it will work to our benefit.  They have found that the academic landscape is changing so they want to engage us as business people in how to change the way to learn.  If you have any suggestions and ideas, please feel free to contact her.


People Development their goal is to make sure they are able to have staff work in the areas they are passionate about and ensure that resources are available for people to do the work they enjoy that will add to the College.


Resource Innovation the College receives funding of 50% from the government.  They want to be innovative in fund development.  Questions are asked such as What are some of the entrepreneurial things they can do to inspire learning and development, but will also add to fund development.


Right now they are working on a plan and implementation strategy.  They are also working on extreme action learning.  Workers are leading the change as they are learning about the change.  The process and strategies emerge as they go.


Question- What changes might the government make to its funding formula to help the college?  Four working groups from the college are working with the budget and connecting with the government. The funding formula is from a community college perspective as opposed to the new regional focused Lethbridge College.


Question- What is the reason for clearing the soccer field?

They are redeveloping the soccer field, but it also has to do with the trades education they offer.


Rotary Moment - Doug McArthur

Reflecting upon the time that Doug went to a student exchange program conference in a different country.  It was a great opportunity to see the dichotomy between the extremely well off and very impoverished.   Rotary is one of the few organizations that can bridge a gap such as this.  We are very privileged to be part of an orgainzatin that can do so much good in this world.


Foundation Reminder

First $100 that the new members donate will be matched if you donate to the foundation. Any cheques towards the Foundation can be given to either Jim or Nick.


Sergeant at Arms - Charles Funk


Happy Bucks

Shannon Preus Is happy to have Ramon at Rotary and happy that Sea Hawks had a bi this weekend.


Mark LeBlanc Attended the Everest challenge this year at the University climbing wall for up hills both ways. People were still climbing at 3:00 in the morning. Mark was happy to see how well it did.


Murray Pritchard Gave $5 for Umbrella bucks to speak about the fundraiser at Henderson Golf Club to help with the micro hydro project in Nepal.  They have thousands of dollars of Nepalese work available to purchase such as woolen toques, and mitts, silk and pashmina scarves, handcarved chess sets, teas and spices, down jackets and mitts, buffs, Yaak wool blankets and shawls, children's wear, and singing meditation  bowls.  It will take place on Wednesday, November 27 from 4-9:00 pm


Sherry Davis Her son Nicholas had the highest math mark in grade 10. She also leaves for Maui this week.


Brandie Lea Is proud of her four children.  Two of them were on the honour roll and the other two were on the honour roll with distinction for their first report card period.


Joyann Mitchell She has a duaghter in Macau still remembered her mothers birthday.  Joyann was also very happy for the way that things went over the weekend at the wine auction for the college.


Nick N. Was happy for Riders Football.  Also for all the Rotarians for supporting his movember fundraising.


Lelie Colburn-Swartz She is happy to have Joanne with us as a guest and Paul as a new member.


Clint Dunford - Today we go to city council to present the bid for the 2019 city games.


Bridget Mearns Is happy to be back and will be able to spend more time with us again.  It is bitter sweet for her.


Bruce Glats The tec and mingle that the chamber put on this past week was great.


Bill Glover- Visited the Dr. this month and had positive results.  He is going on 17 years with someone else's heart.  He is now in the 5%.



Rotary moment & $10 - Andrew Foster

$5 - Karlen McDonald

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Another Successful Ambassadorial Scholarship

Posted by John Hoopfer
I am now the 2010-2011 Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar returnee from Melbourne, Australia!  I had a lovely time down under and wish that everyone could have shared in my experiences with me.  I successfully completed my Masters of Environmental Engineering with a focus on Water Resources at the University of Melbourne.  A major component of my degree was to complete a year long research project which was recognised by several seniors in the department and thus is now being converted into a journal article, where I will be the first author.  This journal acceptance process should take close to 6 months, so I am anxiously and patiently waiting to hear whether my article is going to be accepted.   An abstract of my project was also sent to the International Water and Congress Association conference being held in Busan, Korea, in September, 2012.  I am also currently waiting on its acceptance, and if successful I will attend and present during the conference.   
I met several Rotarians throughout the year.  I attended numerous Rotary functions, and completed 9 presentations over the year.  I attended my host club’s Rotary meetings at least twice a month and got involved in numerous of their activities that they held over the year.  I also became very close friends with the other scholars who were staying in Melbourne, and shared many of my experiences with them.  We were very fortunate to have on another while we were there. 
My time this past year in Australia was far beyond anything I imagined.  Aside from completing my degree, working on my journal article, and completing my Rotary activities, I was able to see other parts of the country; such as Sydney, Brisbane, Fraser Island, Whitsundays (where I went snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef), Tasmania, Adelaide, the Barossa Valley wine region, Yarra Valley wine region, Red Hill wine region, the Mornington Peninsula and other parts of countryside Victoria.  I found the country beautiful, and I fell in love with it immediately upon arrival. 
The city of Melbourne itself is spectacular and I got to attend many of the special events it holds such as the Australian Open Tennis tournament, the Grand Prix Formula 1, Derby Day horse races, the Melbourne Cup horse races, and several Australian football (footy) games!  Below is a picture of me getting ready to attend the Carlton Blues footy game!  I had to choose a team when I arrived I was told, so that was them!  Overall, the year was absolutely amazing and I can’t even put into words what a great experience it was for me.  I will forever be grateful to Rotary for giving me this opportunity to go over there, and meet so many other wonderful Rotarians, and make so many new friends.  I wish nothing but to give back to Rotary and will do so once I settle myself back into my normal routine of life again.  I look forward to sharing my experiences with all of you very soon! 
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April is

Posted by Bernie Carriere
The monthly publication called "The Rotarian" each member of Rotary receives by mail each month is one of Rotary's oldest traditions.
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Social Networking and Rotary

Posted by Bernie Carriere
Rotary International has adopted social networking as a useful tool in communicating with and informing Rotarians - and the rest of the wired world.
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