Greeter this week: Ramiro and Elly

What would you do if you discover that a 12 year old girl sleeps in the same bed as her 14 year old brother?
In Mexico, where families are large and bedroom space is scarce, this is common practice.
The girl happens to be a student we have sponsored for the past five years, through Project Amigo, so we offered to look for a solution.

The moment a local Mexican department store was clearing out mattresses we knew that this was our opportunity. 
With a van loaded with bunk beds, several mattresses, bed covers, and a large supply of pillows and bed sheets purchased at a bazaar, we drove to the village of Suchitlan in the mountains of Colima, where we found a very happy mother with tears in her eyes.
In no time the beds were assembled. What was a bare mattress before, now looked like a cozy sleeping quarter; One bunk bed for the two girls, and one for the two boys.
What a wonderful way to offer Service Above Self.
This is one of the many projects here in Mexico. 
This week’s program features Project Amigo.  Enjoy and come back soon.
Inspirational Moment 
We featured Alberta and BC, this week is Ontario’s turn.
Next week we will return to our National Anthem
Comments from our Guests and Members
“I enjoyed the Ted Talks video. It is interesting to hear about how the social media and the advancement of technology has helped spread the prevention of domestic violence, and specifically related to this video, the violence against women. 
Also, it was good to be informed of the Rotary conference happening in Edmonton. Since I am a student here, I am very interested in attending and learning more about Rotary and it's projects”.
Rashmani Chakrabarty, Prospective Member E-club Canada One
“The video presentations in this meeting were all excellent. I particularly enjoyed the song of thanks from the Philippines and the presentation on Casa Hogar. I look forward to their attendance in Alberta so that I can personally experience their talented performance.”
Robert Boyden, RC Canmore – D5360
“I enjoyed the Canadiana, but I missed the national anthem.
There is a lot of international Rotary activity in the Manzanillo and Colima area, where clubs have hands-on Mexican projects.”
Harold Witte, RC Edmonton Northern Lights – D5370
“The Paul Harris videos (Parts one and two was as a joy to watch and I look forward to watching three and four this week.”
Phillip Laitar, RC Woodstock ON – D7080
“Loved Dolly Parton's video on her literacy project. Definitely an idea for all Rotary clubs!”
Ginger Vikler, RC Sunrise – D6330
On Line Auction 
Part of what Rotary does is raising funds through our communities to support our charitable projects. Unlike many charities, 100% of the funds we raise go to support these projects. Rotarians all over the world provide the administrative framework to make this happen. 
Spearheaded by Doug and Doug, Our online auction is our effort to get unique and interesting gifts and services into your hands, and allow you to show your thanks by contributing to our projects in a fun and interesting way.

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A Little Humor 

New Members Corner
Our Founder Paul Harris Said.......
Rotary Minute 
Vacation, Fellowship and Service all in one!
Every year during the winter months, Project Amigo invites volunteers to come to Colima for a week of Humanitarian Work. A special Canadian Humanitarian Service Work Week has been designed for Canadians for the week of February 1 to 8, 2015
During this week you will deliver books to schools, do repair work at the migrant work camp in the mountains.
Visit the humble homes of the students, provide preventative dental health at schools, distribute clothing to poor children, visit an orphanage and spend a day at the beach with hundred plus children from the poorest area of Colima.
This is a great opportunity for members of the e-club to experience fellowship and offer Service above Self.
You too can be part of this. Check out our Rotary on-line Auction. Where bids will be accepted for participation in a Volunteer Workweek. A value of $1,200.00
For more information about the Project or the workweek, click HERE

More about the Workweek can be found HERE 
Thanks to support from Canadian and American Sponssors, thousands of the poorest of the poor children in Colima, have been given a chance to an education.
Hear from one of the many students.

Food for Thought 

WHAT IF… there's more than one side to every story?
RESEARCH SAYS: Our brains don't like conflict and disagreement, and they'll go to great lengths to avoid it. That's why we naturally gravitate towards things that we agree with or that reinforce our existing beliefs, and avoid those that oppose any of our beliefs. It's called cognitive dissonance, our tendency to search only for information that confirms our hypothesis, while ignoring information that refutes or challenges it. But this bias can lead us into error in work, life and politics. 
TRY THIS: What's a strong belief you hold? Think of ways the other side can be true as well.  
- Will Marré 

Speaker Program 
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