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ImageMy three years away from Rotary were a difficult time for me....
Finding Canada One was an excitement, which is hard to express. Gone was the emptiness I felt... a chance to contribute again.  I am always looking for meaning and purpose in things, I like old traditions but also new approaches. It occurs to me that Rotary USED to include singing as one of its activities, which built fellowship and some magnificent choirs, but I think that many people felt uncomfortable with that oddity and it has now largely vanished. However, I love music and I was trying like mad to find a song that we as a club could identify with, what is OUR purpose, what could we aspire to? Then it jumped out and hit me...old things be revived and enjoyed again...and the theme of PEACE
Cat Stevens had not performed in years and years. He had moved to Iran, become a mullah, not a rabid one but a hard working one, working for peace and relief and had changed his name to Yusuf. In 2006 he was asked to sing at the Nobel awards, for the Peace prize, being awarded to a member of the Moslem faith. He was a changed man from the days of his London youth, his voice diminished, but he brought a new strength to the youthful emotion of the peace message he used to espouse. As I listened to this clip of him, it seemed very appropriate to the purpose of Rotary.
So, no, we are not likely to get together online and start yahouling  the songs of our youth through the ether,  
I believe that we need common and familiar symbols under which to unite. We have all the Rotary symbols for this and that, but Canada One may need a club song.....I can think of none better than Peace Train.
Sing along if you wish.


 Inspirational Moment

The Power of Words
Submitted by Gord Lewis



With which this meeting is officially opened.

Message from your President

ImageWhen I first joined Rotary, I was also managing a business , leaving home at 7:00 am and often not returning until 9 pm. I didn’t think I had time for Rotary. But once I learned more about the good work Rotarians did in my community and worldwide, and the new friends I made, I realized, that it actually created a nice balance between, work, family and ME time. I learned so much and added another important aspect to my life; self development.

Even during my year as Club President, District Membership Chair and later District Governor, I managed to fit it all in, with some careful planning mind you.
Now I am retired from my business and should have more time for Rotary I find I do less Rotary work then when I
thought my schedule did not allow time to be good Rotarian.
So it all depends how important Rotary is to you.
I know, first comes family, and business, but the satisfaction and pride that doing good work in the world gives us it seems to want us to include it along with all the other priorities.
An e-club Rotary meeting lasts 30 minutes. That’s less than driving to a terra club and finding a parking space.
Average cost attending a Rotary meeting, including gas, lunch fines, Happy Bucks etc $20.00.
Wow, I would say people would stand in line to join our club wouldn't you?
I love Rotary and hope you do too!
(BTW I am only 4’11” tall, hence the image in this message).


Let’s hear from our Guests and Members

Each week we receive comments from guests and Prospective members, who attend our e-meetings. We like to share some of these comments with you.

“David Werrett classification was a great presentation from a great Rotarian whose life is true example of what it is to belong to Rotary”.
Jean Michel Crepin

“Through the Rotary minute, I now have a better understanding of the magnitude of Polio. I was blown away by the number of volunteers who have tirelessly worked to immunize India. Great work. Let's jump the final hurdle together!”
Shawna Balanko, RC Edmonton South – D5370

“I particularly enjoyed learning about the polio eradication program in India and was impressed how we, as caring adults, are helping the children of that country despite the many challenges and the setbacks along the way.

This is a wonderful meeting format and allowed me to attend while travelling on business and at the same time, as a new member, to learn so much more about the container program to which my home club is currently donating as well as the polio program worldwide. And the piece on the running tribe was amazing. Something I would not have learned without this meeting. Thank you so much.”
Kelly Railton, RC Abbotsford Sumas


Attendance Image
Many Rotarians do their best to keep their 100% and know exactly what’s going on in the club, District and the Rotary world. Regular meeting attendance keeps us engaged, educated, inspired and motivated. 

for some it is more of a challenge than for other, but we do encourage all members to aim for at least a minimum of 50%.


In the coming weeks we will start announcing attendance to bring our members closer together and engaged.
If you find a committee member or Rotary Friend missing from the list, why not give him or her a call and tell them about the great meeting they may have missed.

You may not see our members attending in person, but we are all together in spirit.

Board Meeting

Board meetings beginning in June will be held the second Monday of the month to avoid conflicts with summer long weekends. Our next Board Meeting will be June 10. All Board Meetings are open to all members. Watch for your GoToMeeting invitation soon.

"You make donations to support your terra club through fines, happy bucks and meals surplus.
How would you like to donate to support our e-club?"

We kindly ask, that all members and visitors joining us for a meeting, will consider making a contribution in lieu of the cost of a meal. You contribution will help us with projects our club participates in.
Your donation may be made on line via the Paypal button at the end of the meeting, the “Donate Now Paypal” button in the sidebar, or by sending a cheque to:
The Rotary E-club of Canada One
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A Little Humor

Submitted by Ramiro


New Members Corner

By Elly Contreras

This June, Ramiro and I will attend our 10th International Convention. Every convention has been an amazingly, inspiring, motivating and cultural experience for us. Imagine seeing 15-20,000 Rotarians and their family, from all parts of the world together, all with one common goal. To discuss and learn about ways making this world a better place.

We listen to world-renowned speakers, watch spectacular entertainment, make new friends and enjoy the warm hospitality from the host country. Of course we ensure we get to see some of the tourist attractions as well as we did in Thailand last year.

We can hardly wait for our trip to Portugal and meet up with our Rotary friends.
If you have never attended a convention, give it some consideration. Once you have attended one, you want to experience it again and again.
If you have specific travel destinations on your bucket list, there could very well be a convention in that area in the near future.

For 2014, Sydney, Australia has been confirmed, others such as Sao Paolo, Brazil are still tentative.
For location of future conventions CLICK HERE
Paul Falvo and Honorary members Tanya Wolff and Al Bergsma will be joining us this year. I hope you will join us in Australia.


CIDA Partners: A conversation about Polio with Dr. Aylward

Food for Thought
Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can reach. Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries and predecessors, try to be better than yourself.

Speaker Program
Get to know Charter Member Nicole Balan and watch her Classification Presentation

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