Greeter this week: Frank Yakimchuk
When planning your next vacation or business travel, why not try to match area Rotary Clubs to do some make ups. You should always be prepared for the differences that you find in any particular location. The cost for meals, the designated meeting places; An expensive Golf Country Club in the heart of Las Vegas with over 600 members versus a small Rotary Club that meets for Dinner at a Community Club, or one  that features a vast Wine Cellar such as in Clearwater, Florida with finger foods and standard fees for alcohol drinks.
Take the opportunity to observe the set up of the meeting and use the time to meet new people. Be prepared to tell them about your Rotary Club and the place you live. Make a point to be active with your new Rotary friends, if they have time for a happy moment, be ready to give a reasonable donation to the home Club and tell your story. Remember Rotarians enjoy visitors and look forward to your attendance. 
Now, stay with us for this week's Rotary E-club Canada One meeting program and please leave comments so that we can continue to improve where needed.
Frank Yakimchuk
Inspirational Moment 
This is your opportunity
In this part of the meeting all members have an opportunity to make announcements, report committee updates, fellowship events or any e-Club related items you wish to share with your fellow members.
Send your announcements to Program Chair Elly 
World's Greatest Meal 

During week commencing 23 February, Rotarians all over the world will be raising money for the final push in polio eradication by taking part in The World’s Greatest Meal to Help End Polio.
Polio has been eradicated from most countries in the world and Rotarians hope that India will be declared a polio-eradicated country shortly. 
The World's Greatest Meal was the brainchild of two Rotarians from either side of the globe - Mukesh Malhotra of the Rotary Club of Hounslow and Susanne Rea of the Rotary Club of Cairns Sunrise in Australia. The idea was launched on Facebook just before Christmas and has already attracted almost three thousand members from Rotary clubs spanning five continents. 
The Rotary E-club, under the leadership of Foundation Chair Ross Hallett also organized an event in Edmonton. For details please click HERE

For those not able to attend the Edmonton event, but would like to make a contribution to Polio Plus, please make out a cheque to Rotary Polio Plus and mail to Ross Hallett, 14011-90 Ave, Edmonton, AB T5R 4T7.   Please ensure your Rotary ID number is on the cheque. 
You may also donate on line HERE , but please send Ross Hallett a message so he can keep track of our contributions.
President Bruce Kleeberger challenges all club members to match his contribution of $100.00.

Funds raised by this event will go entirely towards Rotary International’s only international project; one earnestly supported by District Governor Betty. Every $1 raised will be matched by $2 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and will each immunize seven children. 
To take part, go to Rotary The World’s Greatest Meal FB Page to Help End Polio. 
Board Meeting
Our next fellowship and board meeting is Monday, February 3. All members are welcome to attend and encouraged to participate. Your opinion is important! Join us at 4:30 Pacific Time 5:30 Mountain Time. Contact President Bruce  or for directions to attend the e-meeting.
Support our E-Club
Your contribution for this meeting may be made on line via the Paypal Button 
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The Rotary E-club of Canada One
Box 9 Site 10, RR#2, Cochrane, Alberta, Canada T4C 1A2
We thank you for your donation.
A Little Humor 
Submitted by Chris Langley
New Members Corner
The history of our district

Rotary Districts were first established in 1915, at which time the Calgary Downtown Club was the only one in our area. In 1957, the present District was established as District 536 without change to the geographic boundaries of the original District. Since there were only 30 clubs in the District at the time, Governor Glen Peacock of Calgary initiated an extension drive, which resulted in eight new clubs, setting a District record. The Edmonton Club sponsored by the Rotary Club of Winnipeg was chartered in 1916.
In 1972 Northeast British Columbia was added, increasing the area of the District at that time to 893,065 square miles. In 1991, the year that the number of the District was changed from 536 to 5360, Spruce Grove became the 37th addition to the 30 original District 536 clubs. In 2004-05 there was more than one club in seven communities in District 5370: Fort St. John, Dawson Creek, Lloydminster, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Fort McMurray, and Camrose with two each, Grande Prairie with three, and not counting outlying areas, Edmonton with 15. 
In 1972, the clubs in the United States, Canada, and Bermuda were organized in zones for the purpose of electing directors to the Board of Rotary International. Zone 22, consisting of all Canadian clubs, cut across the 23 Districts to which these Clubs belong. Only seven of these Districts in 1998/99, including District 5370, have only Canadian clubs, the remaining 16 being international in scope. 
In 2009 Rotary International embarked on a worldwide zone realignment, resulting in Zone 22 being re-named Zone 24 and the total number of districts is now 16.  Zone 24 is partnered with Zone 32 in Northeastern USA.
During the tenure of DG Bill Young (1977-78) the geographic dimensions of the District prompted the first consideration of redistricting. It was not until the early 1990s, however, that a committee of past District Governors began to study the matter seriously, under successive chairmen PDG Frank Totino and PDG Alan MacLean, respectively. After careful consideration of twelve different "redistricting scenarios", the committee recommended splitting District 5360 along an east-west line of demarcation across the existing District (being the 52nd degree, 45 minute parallel of latitude, north of Ponoka, Alberta). This recommendation was adopted by a vote of the clubs attending the 1995 District Conference in Lethbridge and, following a subsequent vote of approval by the RI Board of Directors, the clubs north of the line across the old District became members of District 5370, effective July 1, 1998; those clubs south of the line became members of the new reconfigured District 5360. The equitable division of assets of the former District between the two new Districts was agreed to by vote of the clubs at the 1997 District Conference in Banff.  The current 5370 District includes 1.347 million square kilometers (520,000 square miles), more details can be found in the Rotary Global History Fellowship, or HERE
Rotary Minute 
This week we’re staying focused in the January Theme: “Rotary Awareness Month”
Using Facebook Effectively for Success
By Immediate Past District Governor Kevin Hilgers
We are all looking for ways to connect and engage with fellow Rotarians. Facebook is one such way, and in fact, most of us are believers that it’s a fantastic way to retain and grow membership. Our Zones have a site: have you “friended” it yet? Check it out HERE

Following are a few easy tips to help you use Facebook more effectively, both on the Zone site and also on your District and club Facebook sites.
READ MORE in the January Version of the Zone Newsletter HERE (Go to Page 3) 

Food for Thought 
Speaker Program 
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