Posted by James (Jim) Ferguson
Greeter this week: Frank Yakimchuk

Recently, I spend part of a Saturday morning at the home of the Rotary Club of Red Deer East who were taking part in a Membership Training Session, Priority #1 by way of an on site computer connection. It was a pleasure to watch their former President and Past District Governor(District 5360), Neil Berg who was role playing from Calgary with the following Rotarian and Educator in the lead:

"Jim Adamson from Wenatchee WA is an engaging and powerful speaker. He has spent his entire life focused on helping people as a Career Counsellor and Training Consultant".

I took away some powerful tools from the program, I also had an opportunity to meet new Rotarians and in a small way spread the word about our Rotary E Club of Canada One. Fellow Rotarians please get out and make an occasional visit to the Rotary Clubs in your own back yard, they may offer training or great Fellowship at the very least.

Inspirational Moment
Submitted by Sharon Blaker


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 Much to enjoy! Help for Heroes with cute little Tempy was a great start. Sean's Rotary Foundation talk (nobody likes it) and "the why" of Rotary rings so true in my experiences at my home club over the 35-plus years of membership there. The Highway of Heroes brought tears to my eyes. The book project is inspiring, as well as daunting. My visit today gave me lots to think about. Thank you.
Fred Nesbitt, RC of Albion, NY, D-7090

I have read that 38% of Guatemala's gross national income comes from Guatemalans in the US sending funds back to their families. If those Guatemalans are forced to return to Guatemala, not only will the 40% unemployment rate rise, but their families will be thrown back into poverty.
Vicki Horsfield, Rotary E-Club of Canada One, D-5370

Dananjaya message is short but so inspiring. I would not have had the life I had without constructive criticism and support from humble people. In this jungle that is our world, there are just too many people who will try anything to break you.
Jean Michel Crepin, Rotary E-Club of Canada One, D-5370

Dananjaya Hettiarachchi; World Champion of Public Speaking 2014; December 4 -10th, 2017
"If you have great people in your life, no matter how broke, how lost or how broken you become, they can piece you back together again."
This was my first e-club meeting, and it was good to hear the reminder that we need people in our lives to help us through the hard times. It's one of the nice things about Rotary in that you have a huge group of people invested in your success. I will definitely let my club know that while an in-person meeting is best, an e-club meeting fills the gap when I can't get to my meetings in person.

Michelle Sylvest, RC of Nelson, BC, D-5080

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News from the Rotary E-Club Family
Meet our two newest members!

Delwen Stander (Chilliwack, British Columbia)
Previous member of our club was re-inducted.
Sponsored by Sharon Blaker
Delwen will serve on the Foundation Committee

Christopher Harper (Calgary, Alberta)
Former Member of the Rotary Club of Calgary
Sponsored by David Werrett.
Chris has been invited to serve on the Communication Committee
Welcome, Chris and Delwen!

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Rotary Minute
This video is a little old, as Vocational Service Month is now January 2018, but worthwhile to have a look at again!

Food for Thought
Submitted by Elly Contreras

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