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The meeting for June 2 will be on ZOOM.  Members will receive a Zoom invitation.
Traditionally, the week before our annual fundraiser, the committee updates the club on the progress, and asks for volunteers for the final activities. The "21st Annual Reno Crab Feed - Crab Free" committee will be a panel and want your questions!  This year is definitely a new experience for us all, and we are excited to do something bold.  If you are not participating yet, this is the time to step on up!  Members, there is still much to do!!
The past twenty years of the Reno Crab Feed presented by Reno Central Rotary have been in-person events, with crab, and other delicious food, plus yummy beverages, Hawaiian shirts, and music.  This year, not only we have transitioned to on-line club meetings, but our committee has looked to technology for help.  It's all new for most of us, different, and maybe a little scary.  But the technology is available, and we are learning.  It's an exciting time for those who are willing to see a challenge as a positive thing. Isn't that what we tell the kids?  Try something new!  We, too, have opportunities for growth, creativity, and we get to remember the nervousness of a new job.  If you're still reading, maybe you agree that we are still "Crabby For A Cause!!!", even if it does not involve real crab this year.
Our club, Reno Central Rotary, has a BIG fundraiser, in one week!  Our membership seems to step up when the need is greatest for our community, youth, the world, and our fellow Rotarians.  If you are not doing something yet for our fundraiser, now is a great time to step up!  
Thank you!!!
The Reno Crab Feed has gone virtual - so everyone can attend!!!
For 20 years, the Rotary Club of Reno Central has raised funds for the work we do in the community with a massive crab feed.  This year, rather than cancel our 600-person event all together, we only cancelled the in-person part.  And the crab. 
The 2020 Reno Crab Feed is virtual, crab free, and is going to be lots of fun.  Despite the pandemic, we are grateful that local businesses have come through with some great donations.
The auction preview will begin June 4, and the Auction will run from June 8 through June 12.
Register here: https://bit.ly/3cQDCn2
If you would like to learn more about Rotary and what we do, any Rotarian would be happy to brag.  We will also be having some virtual activities throughout the week of the event on our Reno Central Rotary Facebook Page.
The Rotary Club of Reno Central Charitable Foundation was established to serve as the Club’s charitable giving entity.  Proceeds from the Club’s fundraisers are used to fund Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) qualified charities and projects that focus on:
  • Youth Service - Scholarships, leadership training, and other projects that support under-privileged youth.
  • Local community services - Financial literacy training, paths our of homeless and under-privileged, disaster relief, Veterans, and more.
  • International services – Projects that help promote health, literacy, clean water, growing local economies, and more.

Coffee processing equipment arrives in Periera Perla del Otun, Colombia thanks to a Global Grant our club helped support.
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