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The purpose of the blue badge checklist is to enable you to become familiar with the Rotary Club of Reno, Central, other members of the club, and other Rotary Clubs in the Reno-Sparks area.  We have discovered that people are more active in the club if they make an effort to learn about our club and other clubs in the area. If you work on completing all of the tasks/events listed in the checklist as soon as possible, you will soon feel you are a part of the club.

Once you have completed the checklist, your temporary red badge will be replaced with a permanent blue badge.


Your sponsor should help you with any questions you have.  Your sponsor is not required to complete the checklist events with you (for example, your sponsor is not required to attend a board meeting with you), but your sponsor should be willing to do so if you request his or her assistance.  As you complete each item on the checklist, simply mark the date on which it was completed.

You should complete the checklist no later than four months after your induction into the club.  Once you have completed all tasks, advise your sponsor and club president and arrangements will be made to obtain your blue badge.

The checklist can be downloaded by clicking the link on the left.