Our 2020/21 Handover Ceremony

Posted on Jun 27, 2020
                         2019 - 2020 YEAR                                       2020 - 2021 YEAR
2020-2021 Committees
1. Membership 
Julie (Chair)
Sheba O'Brien
PP Digby Ambris
PP Konrad Wagner
President Leathon Khan
2. Foundation
PP Selma St. Prix (Chair)
PP Chester Hinkson
Julian Charles
President Leathon Khan
3. Youth Services
Ian Mitchell (Chair)
Riquette Bonne-Smith
PP Tim James
PP Doddy Francis
Paul Lambert
President Leathon Khan
4. Public Relations / Image
PP Timothy Moffat (Chair)
PP Soraya Warner-Gustave
Roger Hare (Social Media Strategist)
President Leathon Khan
5. International Service
PP Albert Daniels (Chair)
PP Gordon Julien
PP Leevie Herelle
PP Malcolm Charles
Peter Kent
President Leathon Khan
6. After-Meeting Fellowship
PP Malcolm Charles (Chair)
PP Doddy Francis
Francis Bell
President Leathon Khan
7. Club Administration
Keturah Donai (Chair)
PP Charles Serieux
PP Gloria Williams
Everton Sealy
Marcus Joseph
President Leathon Khan
8. Fellowship and Fundraising
Sean Devaux (Chair)
PE Ginelle Nelson
Mary Dix
Riquette Bonne-Smith
PP Tim Moffat
PP Gordon Julien
President Leathon
9. Community Service
Steve Johnny (Chair)
PP Azmina Long
PP Keith Scotland
Julie Bonnett
PP Brad Paul
PP Joe Simmons
Jeremiah Jonas
President Leathon Khan
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Other Matters of Interest

Posted on Jul 28, 2017
Assistant Governor Konrad briefed the club on the work currently being done by The World Pediatric Project, and circulated an assortment of bulletins for the interest of Rotarians.
World Pediatric Project was founded in 2001 as International Hospital for Children, with the mission to link worldwide pediatric surgical, diagnostic and preventative resources to heal critically ill children in developing countries.
Rotary Branded Gent's Wear
Past President Digby caught sporting this trendy looking Rotary branded shirt.
Directors' 2017/18 Plans
President Joanna indicated that Directors should be meeting with their respective committees and will be presenting their plans for the new Rotary year at next Friday's luncheon meeting on August 4, 2017.
CONFERENCE 2018 - 25 to 28 April 2018 Paramaribo, Suriname
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Past President & Treasurer Frank Wins Grand Prize

Posted on Jul 28, 2017
Past President & Treasurer Frank Myers was the lucky winner of our grand prize of a Samsung J5 (6) Smart Phone Compliments Digicel. Now who can beat that smile as President Joanna presents his prize?
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Rotarian Peter (Perdo) Barnard Celebrates His 88th Birthday 2017-07-28 04:00:00Z 0

Handover '2' Fellowship - Past President Selma's Special Awards

Posted on Jul 22, 2017

> > > Rotarian Ginelle Nelson was adjudged  'Director of the Year' 2016/17 for her sterling work as Youth Services Director. She was instrumental in launching several new Rotaract and Interact Clubs and the first Early Act Club in District 7030.

Approximately 160 new junior members joined the Rotary family in 2016-2017.

Three new Clubs were formed:

1. Rotaract Club of South St Lucia,

2. Sir Arthur Lewis Community College Interact Club with over 75 members,

3. Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary EarlyAct Club with 30 members, the first of its kind in the district.

Additionally, new members were inducted at the SMC Interact Club (approx 30), SJC Interact Club (approx 45) and Castries Comprehensive Interact Club (approx 30).

Also, the RI Standard Interact Clubs Constitution was introduced to all Interact Clubs. 

Well done Ginelle!

Past President Brad Paul celebrates his 50th Anniversary of outstanding service to the Rotary Club of St. Lucia. He was honoured by Past President Selma St. Prix for his distinguished and unwavering service to Rotary. In his absence Past President Ira (Joe) Simmons accepted the award on his behalf.
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Mobile Blood Bank Saves Lives in Saint Lucia

Posted on Jul 07, 2017
By Malcolm Charles, past president of the Rotary Club of St. Lucia
One day while visiting with my mom over lunch, I heard over her portable transistor radio a call for people with Type O positive blood to come to the local hospital to give blood in preparation for a patient surgery later that day.
I asked my mom if she knew my blood type, because I didn’t. But she didn’t know, either. So I drove to the nearest health clinic in her area to determine whether I might be of help and ask what happens if (emergency) blood donors do not come forward or what provisions are in place to collect and store blood in advance.
I learned that the hospitals did not have adequate blood storage facilities, and that they would lose patients if no one came forward with the right blood type. I also learned that there were no budgetary provisions for a blood collection and storage system.
It entered my mind, as president-elect of my Rotary club, to explore some sort of blood collection system. I conferred with the medical establishment in my area, of which the then chief medical officer was a member of my club. I decided to attend the RI Convention in Munich, Germany (June 1987). By providence or sheer coincidence, I was greeted by a display of special purpose vehicles organized by Mercedes Benz, including one that was a mobile blood bank.
To cut a long story short, I collected various brochures, and returning to Saint Lucia, visited with the Mercedes dealer, where my club got a couple quotes and government concessions. We summoned a meeting of the incoming board, and set out plans for a fund raising car raffle. Under the direction of our very able service director, we pounded the pavement across the island for months until we reached the point where we could place an order for Saint Lucia’s first Mobile Blood Bank Service.
The mobile unit was incorporated under the Government Ministry of Health, in collaboration with Rotary, and according to a former chief medical officer for the island, continues to save some 2,000 plus lives a year to this day.
As a Rotarian, I am proud and honored to have been able to make a difference through Rotary to the many persons in our island community.



RI Convention 2018 Toronto

You’ve barely unpacked from Atlanta, but it’s not too soon to start thinking about next June, when the Rotary International Convention will be held in Toronto.
Toronto is a cosmopolitan city. Over 140 languages and dialects are spoken there. Half of Toronto residents were born outside Canada, and immigrant communities shape the city’s personality.
Forget your assumptions about Canadian food; it’s more than poutine and maple syrup. Toronto has become a culinary destination city, with the cultural melting pot reflected in the fusion cuisine at many restaurants as well as authentic regional cuisine from around the world.
As you are strolling through the streets of Toronto, you might get the feeling that you’ve seen them before, and you probably have. The city is a center of film and television production, and streetscapes have been used to stand in for New York (Moonstruck), Chicago (Chicago), Boston (Good Will Hunting), and even Tokyo (Pacific Rim).
Toronto is a center of the performing arts. The National Ballet of Canada, Canadian Opera Company, Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and dozens of theater companies call the city home. 
In Toronto, you really can find inspiration around every corner.
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Recent and Current Club Projects

Posted by Albert Daniels

There are 3 Rotary Clubs in Saint Lucia the Rotary Club of Saint Lucia, the Rotary Club of Saint Lucia South and the Rotary Club of Gros Islet.

Some of our recent projects were:

  • Assistance to victims of Hurricane Tomas. We erected app. 100 temporary shelters and distributed “Aqua Boxes”, water filters.
  • Assistance for Haiti Earthquake victims, this continues.
  • Donation of  a Mobile Blood bank, the 2 unit.
  • Donation of a vehicle for the Salvation Army
  • Provison of a classroom at the school of the deaf
  • Nationwide wheelchair distributiuon (hundreds andmore than once)
  • Schools text book program
  • Construction of a new maternity ward at St. Jude’s Hospital
  • Ambulance for the Saint Lucia Red Cross
  • Provision of a car for Cornerstone Home

Current and ongoing projects:

  • Provison of a Mobile Youth Counceling Clinic to be operated by the Planned Parenthood
  • Organisation, NSDC, RISE Saint Lucia Ltd.. Belfund and the Ministry of Health
  • First Move Chess in Primary Schools starting in September 2012
  • Tree planting in cooperation with ARC in Dennery
  • Worldwide environmental projects in cooperation with World ARC in South Africa, Bali, Australia,  Brazil etc.
  • Joint EC$ 500,000.00 Water Project in Babonneau
  • Joint Annual Rotary Camp d-life for diabetic youth
  • Fruit tree planting in all schools and health centres island wide scheduled for June 2013
  • Operation of Rotary food bank for app. 40 households
  • Annual feeding of homes persons
  • Christmas hamper distribution to app 50 - 75 households
  • Rotary Calabashers charity concerts and donations
  • Rotary International Group Study Exchange
  • Sponsorship of Rotaract and Interact youth organizations
  • Annual “Easter Anti Drug Camp” for youth at risk
  • SALCC Technical and Vocational Awards of Excellence
  • Community vocational Award to 1-3 Saint Lucians
  • Contributions to “End Polio Now” through the Rotary Foundation
  • Maintenance of Four way Test Signs in schools islandwide
  • Vocational talks in Secondary Schools
  • Doctors in Action
  • School feeding at La Croix Maingot Primary School
  • Annual visit and lunch with the 100 students at Dunnottar school
  • Donation of sporting supplies and a lap top to the Babonneau Secondary School
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Welcome to our new website!

Posted by Ian Mitchell
We are all excited to see how ClubRunner will revolutionize the way we manage our day to day club activities, as well as communicate more effectively.
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